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QR Code Guide for CPGs


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A guide to using QR codes on consumer electronic product packaging.

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QR Code Guide for CPGs

  1. 1. Interactive Packaging A Guide to Using QR Codes on Consumer Electronics Packaging Presented by:
  2. 2. The Purpose In This Guide You Will FindThe purpose of this guide is to help consumer electronicscompanies integrate QR codes into their packaging toincrease engagement, learn who their customers are, andincrease customer lifetime value. Relevant StatisticsWhat is a QR Code? Benefits of Using QR CodesQR code (“Quick Response Code”) refers to a simple matrixbarcode that connects real world information to interactiveand engaging experiences on the web. These codes originated Use Casesin Japan and have rapidly spread into consumer packagedgoods, pharmaceuticals and advertising. Best PracticesWith the help of a simple scanner application, any mobiledevice with a camera can now read a QR code and perform a Real World Examplesvariety of functions. Mobile barcodes are real world hyperlinkswithout the burden of reading, memorizing and recallinglong complicated URLs.
  3. 3. The Numbers Mobile Activities Performed In The Retail EnvironmentSmartphones now account for 54% and 62% of mobilephones in US and Canada respectively. Unlike any otherchannel, a smartphone is individual, time conscious andlocation aware. Consumers use their smartphones for varioustasks in the retail environment such as comparing productsand sharing with friends and family. 46% of all QR code scanscome from product packaging, so make it count. 1 IN 5 PEOPLE MAKE A PURCHASE AFTER SCANNING A QR CODE 1. comScore, Inc., MobiLens, CA, Persons 13+, Dec 2012 2. CMB Consumer Pulse
  4. 4. The Benefits 1 Real estate on packaging is limited; extend your message beyond the box.QR codes add a new dimension of interactivity to packaging. 2 Inform customers about special offers on complimentary products. 3Today you can find QR codes on everything from appliancesto headphones. When used correctly, they can aid with in- Demo a product that can’t be opened instore sales, product setup and post-purchase follow up. the store through video. 4 Encourage customers to share their purchase through social media. 5 If there is a complimentary app, send them to the appropriate app store automatically.
  5. 5. Make QR Codes Work For You
  6. 6. Demonstrate Through VideoMost packaged products can’t be opened in the store; a videodemo can reassure the customer in their selection. This is alsoa great opportunity to demonstrate advanced features thatare difficult to explain through written word.
  7. 7. Provide More InformationExtend the product’s packaging with a QR code that givesconsumers access to detailed information they are lookingfor, without cluttering the package real estate.
  8. 8. Connect Through Social MediaGive your customers an easy way to share your products withfriends and family through social media.
  9. 9. Reward With Contests & GamesGet consumers excited about their purchase and encouragethem to share with their friends and family by giving themthe chance to win a complementary product or service.
  10. 10. Support With Relevant AppsTake users directly to the appropriate app store where theycan download your app or a third-party app that’s relevant toyour product. This is particularly useful if you have multipleapps for various operating systems.
  11. 11. Guide Through Set-up or InstallGuide your customers through the setup process with a simplevideo or step-by-step instructions. Make the experienceinteractive and reduce the cost of printing multi-page andmulti-language instruction manuals.
  12. 12. Expedite Product RegistrationIncrease participation by giving customers a more convenient,mobile-friendly registration form. Each product model shouldhave a unique QR code so that the process can be automatedas much as possible.
  13. 13. Best Practices
  14. 14. Best Practices Provide Value - Make sure the content is relevant to the time and place of expected engagement. Offer Incentive - Reward the consumer for taking the time to engage with your product, or share it with their friends.The rapid growth of smartphones and the use of QR codes Design for Thumbs - Screen real estate is limited so be strategic with your copy. Buttons should be thumb friendly.has created fertile ground for brand engagement, howeverthe user experience after the scan is often overlooked. Optimize for Mobile - Make sure your mobile landing pageHere are some ways you can ensure that your customers get loads fast, this means using mobile-optimized graphics.the most out of your brand’s mobile experience and that youget the best conversion. Make It Direct - The QR code should lead to product specific content. The consumer shouldn’t need to search. Keep It Simple - Whenever possible convey your message with an image rather than a dizzying block of text. Include A Call-To-Action - If the purpose of your landing page is engagement, remember to include a call-to-action.
  15. 15. Real WorldExamples
  16. 16. CISCO NetworkingWireless Router: Information Placement: On the side and at the Mobile optimized bottom of the product Product Specific Context: Indicates what consumers Provides Value should do with the code and why Good Placement
  17. 17. Zagg Screen ProtectorInvisible Shield: Demonstration Placement: On the back, near the Mobile optimized top and easy to spot Product Specific Context: Indicates what to do but Provides Value not what to expect Good Placement
  18. 18. SamsungSmart TV: Guide Placement: On the front and near Mobile optimized the top Product Specific Context: No information for the Provides Value consumer on how to scan or why Good Placement
  19. 19. Thank You Gauge Mobile Solutions Inc. P. 1-855-264-8602 E. F. T. @gaugemobile