QR Codes - The Basics, plus recommendations for how to use them


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This is a presentation that was orginaly produced to share with our Agency. However, it came out so well, we thought we would share on slideshare. This is a good overview of QR codes, Microsoft tags and how to use them in support of your online marketing efforts.

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QR Codes - The Basics, plus recommendations for how to use them

  1. 1. QR Codes:The Bridge Between Offline and Online
  2. 2. Agenda Definition Quick Background QR codes vs. Microsoft Tags Static vs. Dynamic Real World Examples: Pros and Cons Brand Examples Our QR Campaign
  4. 4. What are QR Codes?A Quick Response (QR) code is a two-dimensional code that can be scannedby smartphone cameras toautomatically pull up text, photos, Scan or visit:videos, music and URLs. http://bit.ly/ig0hnB.qr for more information
  5. 5. Quick Background Born out of necessity, bar codes could only store limited amount of information Developers tried to expand on the current number of bars within a bar code and how positioning resides in order to allow larger data capacity Created in 1994 by a subsidiary of Toyota, Denso-Wave. Initially used for tracking parts in vehicle manufacturing.
  6. 6. Bar Code vs. QR Code: Data Capacity A total of 7,089 characters can be encoded in one symbol alone. The typical barcode can only hold a maximum of 20 digits, whereas the QR-Code can hold up to 7,089 characters
  7. 7. How does it work? Smartphone QR Reader (mobile app) QR Code
  8. 8. Marries offline and online contentDirect users to various informationand locations via easy to use“scanner” applications.
  9. 9. Where are QR codes applicable? Magazines Business Cards Posters Shirts Storefront Windows Billboards Etc.
  10. 10. Codes vs. TagsMicrosoft Tags QR Codes http://tag.microsoft.com http://en.wikipedia.org/wi Consistent reader ki/QR_code Free to sue Open-source allowing for Built-in Analytics many types of readers
  11. 11. Static vs. Unique – whats the diff?Static QR Codes Unique QR Code Intended for public use (not Intended for a specific targeted to an individual) individual Serves up generic content Serves up generic or highly that is available to a public personalized content audience Provides advanced Provides basic reporting: reporting / data number of scans, time of scanner’s name/address, time/date of scans, repeated scans, phone’s OS, conversions each scan, phone’s OS Great for use in direct mail campaigns and other personalized marketing collateral Great for use on billboards, store signs, POS materials, in mass media/print
  12. 12. Static vs. Unique ExamaplesStatic QR Codes Unique QR Code
  13. 13. Pros and ConsREAL WORLD APPLICATIONS
  14. 14. Example Implementation TypesQR Code Usage Resulting ActionCoupon Distribution User acquires coupon digitally & instantlyApp Installation User is instantly navigated to the app storeContent Distribution User is instantly navigated website, video or other digital contentSocial Engagement User “shares”, “checks-in” or “likes” on specified social networking platform.Content Participation User is entered into a contestMany other applications:• Bookmark a URL • Create contact (vcard / mecard)• Make a phone call • Create vCalendar Event• Send SMS • Find on Google / Bing Maps• Send Email• Send Tweet
  15. 15. Use QR Codes AppropriatelyUse QR codes appropriately with all considerationsaccounted for, otherwise your campaign will fail
  16. 16. Considerations Placement / Visibility Ease of Scanning Incentive / Benefit to Scanning Visual Differentiation from Other QR Codes User experience based on scanner used Entire Experience Post-Scan Track Usage of Tags / QR Codes Use campaign tags in URLs prior to generating QR codes
  17. 17. Placement / Visibility / DifferentiationWhat context is the user in? Mindset? Time? Environment?
  18. 18. Ease of ScanningCan someone scan a code displayed on a moving bus?
  19. 19. Incentive / Benefit to ScanningWhy should someone scan your QR code?
  20. 20. QR Codes on WebsitesIf QR Code is displayed on a website: Provide a clickable link to download the reader Provide an alternative for those without smartphones
  21. 21. QR Code Generators Many QR code generators Exists http://2d-code.co.uk/qr-code-generators/ How to use Bit.ly QR codes http://mashable.com/2010/10/13/bit-ly-qr-codes/ 2-d Codes: 10 Commandments for Marketers http://mashable.com/2011/01/28/qr-code-business-tips/
  22. 22. QR Code Design RecommendationsBest Practice NotesAdd Color Palette Does not have to be standard black and white in order to be scanned. You can embed multiple colors and apply a color gradient without affecting scan ability.Soften Edges Softening up the edges will definitely make the code appear more friendly and approachable.Incorporate Placing an image in front of the code, you imbue theDimensionality code with a sense of depth. An ordinary barcode suddenly becomes a form of artwork,Generate with Up to 30% of a QR code’s data can be missing or30% Error obstructed, and still be scanned. QR codes can be generated with 0%, 10%, 20% or 30% error correctionCorrection rates built in.
  23. 23. QR Code Art & Design
  24. 24. More Info QR code info: https://www.box.net/s hared/9j2exv41k7http://www.slideshare.net/PSFK/psfk-presents-future-of-mobile-tagging-report
  26. 26. Starbucks Startbucks allows customers to pay using a mobile phone application. The QR code is scanned by Baristas to make the transaction.
  27. 27. Audi Audi commemorating 100 years of car manufacturing by building a QR that was 159 square meters. The QR code was promoted by a video. The code led users to the Audi’s mobile site, which included a flash introduction that notified users of the milestone.
  28. 28. UNICEF Microsoft Tags are added to water coolers. Scanning the Mobile Tag will launch an application that will show some of the areas where UNICEF is conducting clean water campaigns. Clicking on a locale will show the user the same water cooler jug, except this jug will be filled with the water from the location rather than the pristine, clean water they’re lucky enough to have in their office. It will also display facts about water use in the destination and offer the user a chance to donate. As more funds are donated to a given campaign, the water jug displayed will become clearer. Once the fundraising target has been met, the water will become as clear as the water in the office water cooler.
  29. 29. Calvin Klein Jeans QR Codes promoted on billboards Codes link users to a video of their new campaign. The mobile page includes links to Calvin Klein’s Facebook Page and Twitter account.
  30. 30. Neatorama & Mental_Floss QR Codes Scavenger Hunt. @neatorama and @mental_floss tweets starting locations at 1030am. When followers arrive. They scan the QR code for the next location. Random prizes are given out to individuals throughout the hunt.
  31. 31. QR codes in actionOUR CAMPAIGN
  32. 32. The QR Code Campaign Approach Discovery & Logistics Creation Execution Maintenance Strategy Goals Internal Resources Create Launch Maintain Audience Timeline DACs Promote Measure Baseline Media BuysKeyword Research Alignment
  33. 33. Our Campaign: Discovery & Strategy Define Goals Education team BOL on QR Codes Drive awareness of the brown bag presentation Encourage sign ups via online form (conversions) Brainstorm on getting team members to sign up for our QR presentation Word of mouth Outlook invitations QR Flyers
  34. 34. Our Campaign: Logistics Generate QR codes Create flyers Write emotional, educational, humorous, offensive statements enticing the individual to scan the code Create Marketo landing page / emails Baseline analytics
  35. 35. Our Campaign: Execution Place flyers in 4 points around the office Main entrance door The Pit Mike’s office window Door to the hallway (west end of the office, close to Thad) Send confirmation emails Upon sign up Reminder to attend, 1 day before presentation
  36. 36. Our Campaign: Results
  37. 37. Our Campaign: Results 29 total scans 6 Brown Bag 14 scans 6 scans signups ? Number of attendees 6 scans 3 scans
  38. 38. Our Campaign: Lessons Learned Scanning QR codes is a task. An extra step. Need a unique message to grab the individual. What’s in it for me? Make sure you baseline your campaign No way to block specific mobile devices from registering via analytics (testing) Sabotage is real! Coloring in dots on QR code Pasting other QR codes onto your flyer Copycats
  39. 39. Our Campaign: Lessons Learned Sabotage is real!
  40. 40. Thank You! Questions?QUESTIONS ???Note: Slides from today’s webinar will be sent to all attendees. @BOLSocial Request a 1-on-1 Strategy Lab http://www.businessol.com/labs