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Winning With APIs


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Published in: Technology, Business
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Winning With APIs

  1. 1. Winning with APIsand the advent of the NFL’s West Coast Offense Presented on January 27th, 2011
  2. 2. BIOGRAPHYMike Debnar brings 20 years of experience bridging consulting,technology and e-commerce to build effective multi-channelstrategies and retail platforms. Prior to Apigee, he worked acrossoperations, merchandising and marketing to implement multi-channelretail strategies. Mike has also managed systems implementation andintegration projects for a variety of retailers and distributers.BIOGRAPHYJohn Shields is a Senior Application Architect and Mobile SolutionsPractice Lead for Credera, a business and technology consulting firmbased in Dallas, Texas. With over 15 years of experience, he hashelped some of the world’s most recognized brands develop anddeploy sustainable internal and customer-facing solutions thatmaximize their IT investment. John has experience in verticalsincluding retail eCommerce, airline and travel, manufacturing, andInteractive marketing.
  3. 3. Winning with APIsand the advent of the NFL’s West Coast Offense
  4. 4. Game Plan• What is an API - invention• West coast offense analogy change your game• Why it’s important to your future• Run some plays - here’s how to use APIs• What now? next steps
  5. 5. Invention Knowledge liberated Gutenberg Printing Press
  6. 6. API = APIs are reusable, well defined system interfaces that can be used to develop on multipledevices with multiple partners and across multiple channels. Reduce development time Faster Speed to market Foster Innovation
  7. 7. It’s an API world but not everyone knows yet...Apple’s iPhone “built on APIs” App APIs Services API Operating System Hardware Enterprise Data
  8. 8. “Air Coryell”
  9. 9. West Coast Offense
  10. 10. API “Billionaire” Club
  11. 11. Over  170  customers,  10,000  developers,  80  countries Page  
  12. 12. Opportunitydistribution and streaming to millions of connected consumer devices Challenge: concurrency and scalability Apigee Enterprise for: high-scale management of traffic to millions of Xbox clients cloud deployment
  13. 13. Opportunity  “connect  with  customers  wherever  they  are”  with  affliate  marke5ngChallenge:onboard  APIs  and  developersvisibility  into  API  traffic5me  to  market  Apigee  Enterprise  for:  developer  managementAPI  analy5cs2  week  deployment  (cloud) Page  
  14. 14. Grow Your Business with APIs New Channels Understanding New ways to reach customer behavior is customers are being changing as the invented daily. Mobile,customer drifts across 3rd Party Software,multiple channels and Social Networks, devices Reach More Location Based Customers Marketing Partnerships Acquisitions Gain Sell More Customer Insight API to Each Customer Smoothly Transact with Transacting across Customers Seamlessly offer your customers your complete channels product and services offering New Brands
  15. 15. New ways to connect with customers
  16. 16. API Centric View of Connected Devices !"#$%&"%()*+,-+!"#$%%+
  17. 17. Mobile Play Enterprise Systems API Store Locator Product Catalog Inventory Reviews Weekly Deals
  18. 18. Enterprise SystemsPartner Play API
  19. 19. Enterprise Play Enterprise Systems API
  20. 20. Innovation Play Enterprise Systems API
  21. 21. API Project PhasesInternal Partner OpenDevelopment Development DevelopmentMeet demand for mobile & Deliver on backlog of business Inspire worldwide community ofsocial apps: iPhone, iPad, development opportunities. application developers to create newAndroid, facebook, Twitter profit opportunities.
  22. 22. Channel Evolution Social Stores Website Mobile Commerce Phone Affiliates Social CatalogLegacy Channels API Channels This is the opportunity G&A per channel
  23. 23. Game Summary 1st Quarter TD 1:45 Google passes the ball for over 5 billion API transactions per day. Big touchdown!2nd Quarter TD 11:23 Mobile devices run away for a big score. Over 10 billion devices by 2015.3rd Quarter TD 14:23 Great brands score often with mobile, partner and enterprise plays.4th Quarter Apigee and Credera team up to help you win with APIs. API TD 3:23 Discovery and Training Camp offered to help you score and win.
  24. 24. We can help coachWith our API Discovery Engagement or 2-Day Training Camp API 2-Day Assessment API Discovery
  25. 25. Ques7on  and  AnswerContact Apigee•• Email: Mike Debnar• Phone: (408) 343-7300 (972) 741-2702• Follow us on Twitter: @apigee Twitter: @mdebnar• Blog: http://blog.apigee.comContact Credera• John Shields• Email:• Phone: (972) 759.1836• Follow us on Twitter: @credera• Blog:
  26. 26. A A A A A A2- 2- 2- 2- 2- 2- + Thank  you  :-­‐)A A A A A A2- 2- 2- 2- 2- 2-
  27. 27. About CrederaOur Company Our People • Full-service business and technology consulting firm • Credera’s professionals possess a unique combination of deep technical expertise with extensive business • Provides business and technology solutions that offer backgrounds measurable value to our clients • Backgrounds include business, technology, and strategy • Delivers value by leveraging our people’s accumulated management consulting with some of the most well- industry and management experience with their deep known and respected consulting firms in the world (e.g., Accenture, Booz Allen, PWC, Andersen) technical expertise • Have served many influential corporations in a variety of • Established in 1999 industries over the past 20 years • Offices in Dallas, Austin, Denver Sample ClientsOur Services • Management Consulting • Technology Solutions • Business Intelligence
  28. 28. About Apigee