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  • Media has always been consumed across many platforms. What’s changed in recent years is that digital media is being consumed not just on PCs, but also Interactive TV, and mobile, not to mention new forms such as game consoles, slate/tablet computers, portable video players, and on.Media is also becoming more interactive. Gaming is becoming a bigger component. Social is ever-present and changing the way we find and share.And TVs are becoming more like PCs – reaching far beyond broadcast and gaming to become the home’s central entertainment device.For marketers this presents an urgent challenge: media planning needs to catch up to consumers and span across these digital screens.
  • 1.4 Trillion in online –influenced sales by 2015.51% of Americans have smartphonesEveryone must take notice of this trend in customer behavior
  • Flip Digital stuff and people stuff Overall, I’ve seen two key trendsConsumers have become more digital:If Windows Live were a country, it would be the 3rd largest in the world70% of 18-34 year olds watch TV on the webAlmost ½ (46%) of US retail spend is influenced by the webGlobally, digital is becoming more ingrained in peoples lifestyles through smart phones, PCs, gaming devices, etc.The proliferation of digital has made things incredibly complicated for marketersThe fragmentation of media and proliferation of consumer screens has complicated what used to be simple marketing plansSocial media has made one-way brand communications a thing of the pastAnd marketers are struggling to make sense of the masses of new dataAprimo Notes:Tighter budgets require…Better decisions on allocation of budgets and resources across marketingImproved productivity and efficiency of all marketing processesMore accountability demands…Measurement and tracking of resources, budgets and ROINoise is everywhere, relevancy is king…Right time with the right offer
  • Great Expectations (The consumer is anonymous)Why all the fuss about personalized experience and self-service? Over the last fifty years, technology has made shopping efficient but really impersonal. Back in the day you went to the corner butcher who knew who you were, knew what your order was and he’d put it on your tab. Today, on-demand access to information has created a more efficient, savvy shopper and fueled high expectations. However, when the consumer walks into a store, they can become invisible.
  • It doesn’t have to be that wayIt doesn’t have to stay that way. In fact it can’t for businesses to survive. If retailers don’t deliver, the store is reduced to serving as a showroom for the brand website, rather than a venue for an experience that deepens brand loyalty.We can re-personalize shopping again in order to bring the consumer back in and deliver relevant, immersive experiences.
  • From Physical to Integrated Digital MarketingMaking the point of Connection with Patented Smart QR Code……Microsoft’s Tag Process converts the QR into usable and connected data to drive the remarketing system.
  • Work on a lot of phones Device ID to enable personalizationLocation information increase relevancy Device Specific Targeting – App Download TAG gets scanned and an experiences is launched Web redirect points to the target
  • Tag 2D barcodes work with artwork and brand IDSmaller, can be fully customized with a branded backgroundEasier for consumersTags work significantly better, faster than QREasy Reader downloadNot every QR code can be read by all QR code readersFree valued-Added ServicesTags come with built-in reporting; heat-maps showing where Tags are scannedDevice ID, which allows for multiple linked interactions over timeFlexible  Can change the URL associated with a Tag at any time.  De-facto Standard in magazine editorial and advertisingRoadmap
  • Impressive numbers….but where does the QR code take you now?MarketLinks QR connection starts the entire information connection process It reports the process on every transaction in a Dashboard fashion Management can dictate It can trigger a Business Intellegent response personalized to the named client and do so in an instant.
  • Catalogues
  • In stores/retail
  • Printers and Marketers can now produce a tag themselves for everything else on the chart except couponsbut all the money is behind the coupons. This is where you have to have to have an offer system in place to conduct the transaction. This is much more complex than simply creating a code. You must redeem the coupon.
  • FRAME THE PROBLEMPeppers and Rogers – IDIC Framework for 1:1 MarketingIdentifyDifferentiateInteractCustomize
  • With Intelligent 1 to 1 Marketing you drive the conversation to the customer at a relevant time – when they are shoppingThrough Social they can discuss products and read reviewsIn retailers applications they can make shopping listsMore and more – shoppers are using the Internet to compareMany retailers are offering loyalty cards as incentives.People are using online blast coupons from daily deal companiesGroup deals are popular from companies like GrouponAs we are seeing with Google Wallet, Isis and even paypal the next revolution is going to be payment with your phone. But until then people ARE shopping with their phones in droves today.
  • With Aprimo we marry the data from all your customer data sources.Inbound inquiries through web and search.These create outbound campaigns through email, direct mail and the call centerWe are able to connect to the new user generated mediums of Blogs and Social MediaNow in partnership with Microsoft Tag we can bring in the physical channels of print, retail signage and catalog. Labels - clarify how the information is received:First we need to distinguish what information is fed through an adapter, and what information goes directly into the data warehouse. Straight into the data warehouse (orange cylinder) - Email, direct mail, call center, catalog (perhaps make the words on the actual discs, instead of having the gold/silver discs randomly placed). These discs link straight to the data warehouse.Blogs, websites, banner ads, search, social media - feed into the adapters, which then feed into the IWI orange cylinderAnimation - clarify the process:We need to clarify what happens in the process. Here is an example: website data flows through an adapter, which then feeds into the data warehouse (orange cylinder). After which, marketing (which should be on top of the data warehouse, not below as it is now) then lights up because for the first time this website information is measured and combined with the other marketing info. So the final step is that then the information is used to effect something offline (like call center). So the animation would be that “website” lights up, sends info through an adapter and into the orange cylinder data warehouse. This lights up the marketing disc on the top and the “call center” lights up (because the call center in some way use marketing info directly from the website).Does that make sense? So could we do a few scenerios like this?another could be blogs lights up - goes into the adapter-into that data warehouse - marketing lights up - and then catalog lights up
  • With the rise of all these new channels the customers are expecting that marketers know them across channels.Increasing consumer demands, expectations and choiceThey expect:Privacy – “Don’t abuse my personal information.”Relevancy – “Prove you know me.”Expediency – “Don’t waste my time.”Emerging customer-initiated technologies/channels require real-time decisionsOnline, Social MediaMobile- Emerging as preferred access deviceComputerization of interaction devices (cars, GPS devices, fuel pumps, ATMs, slot machines, set-top boxes, etc.)With Aprimo all the marketing data is stored in a centralized system – not data silos. This way the organization gains a centralized view of the customer.
  • We are going to have a quick intro to Aprimo. So Aprimo gives you a tool set to run your Multichannel campaignsMarketing Task and Data integration with the Marketing Operations Module.And all of this is going to have Dashboards and Reporting so that all relevant parties in the organization can understand the effects of marketing campaigns.
  • It starts with an easy to use – wizard driven tool to build your communications plans and segmentations.The interface is intuitive and was built with the marketing person in mind to build out the interactions that you want to have with a customer and the rules to follow with different segments of customers.For instance a loyal customer might get different communications than a prospect you wish to aquire.
  • All the tasks of your marketing department can be designed, assigned and tracked through marketing operations.An example is writing the copy on an email which needs to go to legal for approval before it goes into production.
  • An important component of the Intelligent 1 to 1 Marketing Campaigns is the ability to use Aprimo as a Tag Repository.You can organize Tags to different campaigns and associate them with the appropriate offer.
  • So this is what will the customer see. They will scan the tag either in in-store signage or in a piece of direct mail. It could even be in a newspaper or catalog and different users would get different offers off the same tag. - This is the beauty of Microsoft Tag vs. QR because they can store id information.Then they will see all their offers – this is an example we did at the recent Teradata Partners Conference and you could redeem coupons at local restaurants around the San Diego Gaslamp district.The customer can thumb through and check off the offers they want to redeem – it’s like clipping coupons digitally.Then the customer will see how to redeem.Sometimes they can enter a code at the register, sometimes the mobile app may generate a 2d code. Paul can talk more about the redemption methods as well as they are doing some cool stuff at the Microsoft Cafeteria in Redmond.
  • Extensive and Pervasive analytics. This is what drives your revenue and profit. The ability to watch what is working and quickly begin driving new campaigns. I have heard so many stories from marketers who say no one will listen to us but we did a regression and we know that something is true like if you raise marketing budget in a city you will get an x% store lift.There is a great quote from a Silicon Valley founder which says:When two people are in an argument the one with the strongest personality winsWhen one person has the numbers the person with the numbers always winsAnd when both parties have the numbers there is no argumentWhen you start looking at how to move inventory, cross-sell and target segments then you really start to make more money. You just can’t do all this by hand as you start to send multiple offers to people with rules. And this type of analysis and re-targetting is exacly what has made the digital marketing world so efficient over the past 15 years.And now you can get the measurability of the digital world now in the physical world.
  • So in closing Intelligent 1 to 1 Marketing works across your existing systems.You can have a mobile, social and local marketing plan today.As you drive Intelligent 1 to 1 Marketing you will see measureable results and ROI contributing to the bottom and top lines of the company.Engaging with your customers across all these channels and the marketing department will become the voice of the customer.
  • Centripetal media aprimo - microsoft intelligent 1 to 1 marketing - short deck

    1. 1. Intelligent One to One Marketing –Scan It Baby! How Tags Are Revolutionizing Digital MarketingDave Motheral – AprimoPaul Cunnington - Microsoft
    2. 2. Agenda• The Challenge to Marketing: • Digital in a Physical World • Consumers are seeking solutions which are mobile, social and local• Microsoft Tag – Different because it ID’s the customers • Allows you to create more immersive conversations for the customer.• Intelligent 1 to 1 Marketing Overview • Integrated Marketing Management Overview • The Future Will Be (is) Interactive• Screen shot demo – Aprimo Integrated Marketing Management• Integrated Analytics – The key to more revenue and profit• Q&A
    3. 3. DIGITAL
    4. 4. Where is the consumer going?
    5. 5. The World Is Rapidly Changing Everything is digital But people live in the Real World
    6. 6. The customer is anonymous.
    7. 7. It doesn’t have to stay that way.
    8. 8. Bridging the Digital Divide How When Where Tag Creation & Management APIWho Scanning SDK Data API What
    9. 9. The Microsoft Tag Platform Differentiators: • Location information • Tag Device ID • Social Sharing
    10. 10. Consumer oriented format
    11. 11. Microsoft Tag | Momentum5 Billion+ 250,000+Tags have been Active Tag accountsprinted since the linking to interactiveJanuary 2009 launch digital experiences200 Million+ 450,000Magazine issues Scans have beenhave featured Tags activated in a singlesince August 2010 magazine issue 11
    12. 12. Catalogues
    13. 13. Retailers
    14. 14. Biggest uses of Tags in the Marketplace Coupons Templetised Web Sweepstakes / Contest Video Mobile Commerce Social Media Games / Scavenger Hunt
    15. 15. Centripetal Intelligent 1 to 1 Marketing - Mobile, Local and RELEVANTProvide Customers with custom offers based on theirprofiles and purchase history on their mobile device.
    16. 16. Centripetal Integrated MarketingManagement Overview Dave Motheral
    17. 17. IDIC Framework for Marketing
    18. 18. Proper method to build campaign strategy
    19. 19. With Intelligent 1 to 1 Marketing you drive theconversation to the customer on their mobile.
    20. 20. Intelligent 1 to 1 Marketing Overview Measure Campaigns over Multiple Points of Redemption CFO & Analytics & CEO Multi-Channel Marketing Reporting & Marketing Planning Business Insights Communications Post-Analytics Azure Cloud N e t Customer Database Encryption 3rd POS C/D card partySweepstake Mobile Mobile Survey trans Web Social Syndicate Email opt-s/ coupons Applications Data Gift card Data Data d Data inSwipestake Prepaid cardss Special Programs
    21. 21. Getting Insights from all yourcommunications channels – digital andphysical
    22. 22. Making Real-Time Decisions on that Insight1. Everything Begins and Ends with the Customer… Customer Prioritized / Personalized Channel Content, Message, Offer 2. Customer Interacts with a Channel 4. Returns offer 3. Begin 5. Continuous learning Processing and updated models Dynamic Business Real-Time Arbitration Profiling Rules Analytics  360 degree view  Campaign activation  Automatic real-time  Align customer  Demographics and qualification targeting interests and  Transaction data  Offer governance  Likelihood estimation organization objectives  Contextual  Offer history  Collaborative filtering  Support several out-of-  3rd party statistical box and custom  No data arbitration schemes replication model
    23. 23. The Future of Marketing Will Be (is) Interactive Integrated Marketing Management23
    24. 24. Centripetal Integrated Marketing Management Overview Intuitive User Task & Data Interface for Integration Managing with Multi-Channel Marketing Campaigns Operations Support for Flexible Email Delivery Solutions Real-time Decisioning Integrated and Delivery Web/Social Insights Extended Reports and Executive Dashboards
    25. 25. Easy to use Multi-Channel CampaignManagment • Productivity aids allow users to start new tasks from anywhere in the application – Auto-populating Segment Plans & Communication Plans – Providing direct Whiteboard and Grid access to . Segments and Communications
    26. 26. Brad BranderMy Activities Big valentine’s Day Sale Direct Marketing Brander, Brad Define Communication 789 Big Valentine’s Day Sale Tasks can be designed, assigned and tracked in Marketing Operations…
    27. 27. Tags for offers are loaded in the AprimoMarketing Asset Management System
    28. 28. Self-Service Marketing to Execute OfferCampaigns User enters offer data in pop up box.
    29. 29. Aprimo Offer ExchangeView and redeem mobile offers
    30. 30. Extensive and Pervasive Analytics Integrated Analytics to drive revenue and profit• Guided analytics for business users • Sophisticated analysis of customer behavior, propensities, sales, demogr aphics and trends • Percentile Profiling Select • Behavior Analysis and save • Cross Segment Analysis • Affinity Analysis • Pattern Detection • Time Series• Findable, reusable calculations that are selected for display in a chart or grid• Flexible and intuitive graphical analysis used for selection and targeting, as well as measuring All Analytics result in reusable application “objects” that can provide campaign effectiveness insight & history
    31. 31. Optimization – How you Choreograph & Manage so many Simultaneous Messages• Prioritizing and Coordinating ALL Communications & Offers Across ALL Channels • Managing and coordinating resources and channels • Extensive personalization of offers and messages • Limiting communications based on policies, recency and frequency
    32. 32. Summary –• Centripetal Intelligent 1 to 1 Marketing works across existing systems.• Add Intelligent 1 to 1 Marketing to your existing print campaigns to create: • Mobile • Local • Social• ADD MONETIZATION to your marketing campaigns• Understand your customers and drive a continuous Intelligent Conversation with them.• For more information call:• David Motheral – david.motheral@centripetal3.com• Phone: 817-832-2988