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How to get ready for moving to the social media marketing
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How to get ready for moving to the social media marketing


How to get ready for moving to the Social Media Market

How to get ready for moving to the Social Media Market

Published in Business , Technology
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  • 1. Business Social Media How to get READY for moving To the Social MarketMahmoud Farrag UX Design Lead
  • 2. companiesJUMP into SocialMedia … --‐ I need a Facebook page --‐ and hummm, 10,000 fans --‐ and a blog please…
  • 3. Yet Most …Fail to PlanProperly
  • 4. No call to action, No Engagement… No interaction. Low # of tweets… and often treat social media as another channel…
  • 5. Plus, many are still confused
  • 6. So… Why and How social media is affecting your businessSocial Media functions?
  • 7. What is social media?
  • 8. What is social media? • The technical definition: web sites and online tools used to publish, share and spread ideas among groups of people. • The behavioral definition: social media is the democratic of content, the shift from broadcast (one to many) to conversation (many to many).
  • 9. More simply: “Social media is people havingconversations online.”
  • 10. ‘Everything has an open Comment box’All Media is Becoming Social media
  • 11. Why Social Media?
  • 12. ‘Everything is now sharable’
  • 13. The old communication modelwas a monologue.
  • 14. The new communication modelis a dialogue.
  • 15. shift from broadcast (one to many) to conversation (many to many).
  • 16. and more and more PEOPLE ARE INTERESTED IN INTERACTING WITH BRANDS Leading to many many conversations!
  • 17. Average Facebook session lasts 37minutes, Twitter 23 minutes.More than 400 million people useFacebook daily.
  • 18. >50% of socialnetwork usersare connectedto brands.
  • 19. People connectonline with their offlinefriends.People love to connect topeople.
  • 20. Customers like to be involvedwith companies. Sharing ideas,thoughts
  • 21. People like toconnect throughstatus..Checks..Chats..are most frequentactivities onsocial networks
  • 22. People prefer toshare positive brandexperiences on socialmedia
  • 23. People are willing to SOCIAL NETWORKERSProvide feedback whileusing a brand/product! 61%
  • 24. People become a fan onFacebook because they likethe product, not because ofadvertising.
  • 25. 36% posted contentabout a brand onsocial networks.
  • 26. 38% of internet usershave smart phones.They are more interactingusers of social networksthan people without asmartphone.
  • 27. On average, peopleinstall 25 apps on theirsmartphone, but onlyuse 12. Most used appsare social network apps.
  • 28. 56% of connectedsmartphone users followa brand on social media
  • 29. and… those peoplegive access to groups of people…
  • 30. 4 Billion. The number of images hosted on Flickr.That’s 13x more than the National Library.
  • 31. 95%Companies usingLinkedIn to findand attractemployees.
  • 32. So, How to start?
  • 33. See Speak..the power of the Listen .. with yoursocial media in ..to what consumers directlyinfluencing consumers are through deepconsumers and really saying about engagement.affecting your your brand.brand. .. and understand .. how often your their needs and get.. what consumers brand is mentioned consumer insights.are saying about and in whichyour latest context.campaigns &activities.
  • 34. Case Study: Coca cola Egypt Primary Business Need Improve customer insights To better fit communications and service innovations.
  • 35. See & Listen
  • 36. Analysis
  • 37. Report
  • 38. Speak
  • 39. Results
  • 40. @MaFarragMahmoud FarragMahmoud-farragmfarragmfarragmfarrg