Future of Social Media Marketing


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We keep hearing about Social Media and its importance everywhere around us. "What is the future of Social Media Marketing and how brands will benefit from it in future?" was the question I had in my mind and this is what I could find.

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Future of Social Media Marketing

  1. 1. What is the future of Social Media? © Copyright 2014 Jagriti Prasad
  2. 2. Social Media is World Media © Copyright 2014 Jagriti Prasad
  3. 3. Social Media is boundary - less © Copyright 2014 Jagriti Prasad
  4. 4. Social Media is for all age groups © Copyright 2014 Jagriti Prasad
  5. 5. Global Data Snapshot Total world population – 7,095,4786,818 Urban – 52% Rural – 48% Internet Users – 2,484,915,152 Internet penetration – 35% Active Social Media Network Users – 1,856,680860 Social Networking penetration – 26% Mobile Subscribers – 6,572,950,124 Mobile Penetration – 93% Sources – US Census Bureau, Internet WorldStats, CNNIC, Facebook, ITU, CIA © Copyright 2014 Jagriti Prasad
  6. 6. Active Users By Social Platform Users in Millions Facebook 1184 WhatsApp 400 Google+ WeChat LinkedIn 300 272 259 Twitter 232 Tumblr 230 Sources - Most recent data by company – “We are Social Singapore “press releases, correct as at Jan 2014 © Copyright 2014 Jagriti Prasad
  7. 7. Apart from the above Social Media sites • Pinterest - has around 20 million active monthly users. • Instagram - has 150 million active monthly users. © Copyright 2014 Jagriti Prasad
  8. 8. On the Global front • The social commerce market is forecasted to reach USD 30 billion by 2015. • Leading global retailers are spending between 20-25 percent of their advertising budget on Social Media channels. • Nearly 90 percent of the top global banks use social networking to achieve customer engagement. • Mobile technologies can be used to cut the cost of a financial transaction by up to 80 percent. Sources – KPMG report © Copyright 2014 Jagriti Prasad
  9. 9. India – Data Snapshot • Total population – 1,220,800,359 Urban – 31% Rural – 69% • Internet Users – 151, 598,994 Internet penetration – 12% • Active Facebook Users – 90,000,000 Facebook penetration – 7% • Active Mobile Subscriptions – 893,862,000 Mobile penetration – 73% Sources – US Census Bureau, InternetWorldStats, Facebook, CIA Fact book © Copyright 2014 Jagriti Prasad
  10. 10. India - Internet Indicator • Avg. Time that an Internet user spends on internet each day through desktop or laptop – 4H 54M • Mobile Internet penetration as a percentage of total population is – 11 % • Avg. time that a mobile Internet user spends using mobile Internet each day – 2H 36M Sources – US Census Bureau, Global Web Index wave 11 © Copyright 2014 Jagriti Prasad
  11. 11. India – Social Indicator • Social Media penetration as a percentage of the total population is – 12 % • Avg. time Social Media user spent on Social Media each day is – 2H 26M • Percentage of mobile users using Social Media Apps on the phone – 57% • Percentage of mobile users using location- based services – 29% Source – US Census Bureau, Global Web Index wave 11 © Copyright 2014 Jagriti Prasad
  12. 12. India - Social Media Use Own an account Used in the past month 97% Any Social Network 72% 94% Facebook 55% 78% Google+ 35% 67% Twitter 30% 54% LinkedIn Orkut Source – Global Web Index wave 11 24% 51% 17% Figure represent percentage of the internet users. © Copyright 2014 Jagriti Prasad
  13. 13. India – Smartphone Users • Smartphone penetration as a percentage of the total population – 13% • Smartphone users searching for local information via their phone – 95% • Smartphone users researching products via their phone – 91% • Smartphone users who have made their purchase via their phone – 54% Source – Google’s “Our Mobile Planet” Report © Copyright 2014 Jagriti Prasad
  14. 14. On India front • Indians usage of Social Networking Sites provides opportunities to firms for using Social Media to engage customers, brand building, product launches, etc. • The Social Media usage is primarily driven by the rising number of active Internet users, who are accessing Internet through a number of devices. • Increase in the use of smartphone and rising mobile Internet usage has supported growth of active Internet users in the country. • Social Media platforms are not only restricted to the Social Networking Sites such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, rather extended to various forms of Social Media including blogs, social bookmarking, geo-location sites and daily deals. © Copyright 2014 Jagriti Prasad
  15. 15. “The mobile Internet users in the country are expected to grow from 4.1 million users in 2009 to 164.8 million in 2015 at a Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of 85 percent.” © Copyright 2014 Jagriti Prasad
  16. 16. Social Media is also extended to different content sharing sites such as – • YouTube • Slide Share • Flickr © Copyright 2014 Jagriti Prasad
  17. 17. STATISTICAL ANALYSIS OF SOCIAL NETWORKING SITES Facebook • Facebook has over one billion users, and approximately 200 million are mobile users only. • This makes mobile market very important. Thus, companies and software vendors need to provide smartphone applications to cater to the need of mobile world, and attract a large customer base at the same time. © Copyright 2014 Jagriti Prasad
  18. 18. International users of Facebook • Use of Social Media is increasing in every country. • Social Media can help companies to expand their reach and Increase engagement. • Companies can also make use of Social Media to explore new markets in any part of the world at a very minimal cost. © Copyright 2014 Jagriti Prasad
  19. 19. Children on Facebook • There are about 5 million Facebook users under the age of 10. • The marketers are targeting young children with their brands and promotions using Social Media. • In this case, utilizing Social Media becomes more effective than other conventional media. © Copyright 2014 Jagriti Prasad
  20. 20. LinkedIn • Two new members join the LinkedIn network every second. • It has groups, blogs and job listings, which makes this platform a rich source of information for professionals who want to connect with others in their industry. • There are HR companies utilizing this for hiring and also for crowd sourcing activities. • It also helps in contact generation, these contacts are then used for business to business marketing and lead generation. © Copyright 2014 Jagriti Prasad
  21. 21. YouTube • YouTube reaches more adults than any cable network. In the United States, YouTube’s viewers have exceeded the number of television viewers. • Online consumption of video is rising rapidly, while viewers of televised content are on a decline. • Several, movie production houses and other companies, have started releasing their marketing video campaigns on YouTube. • This has worked in favor of many companies, as online promotion cost is much lesser than television advertising. • Advertising on YouTube is of great help for small companies and individuals. © Copyright 2014 Jagriti Prasad
  22. 22. Google+ • There are over 1 billion Google+ enabled accounts. • Google+ is growing at 33% per annum. • Companies are using Google+ for conducting “Hangouts” to connect with their customers, clients, members. • “Hangouts” are also used for knowledge sharing. © Copyright 2014 Jagriti Prasad
  23. 23. Twitter • Businesses are no longer ignoring Twitter because of the 140 character limit. • There are now over 550 million registered users on Twitter. • 34% of marketers are now using Twitter to successfully generate leads. • Twitter was the fastest growing network with a 44% growth from 2012-2013. • Twitter is real time, information is shared immediately. • Twitter is a public forum where anyone can read, write and share messages. © Copyright 2014 Jagriti Prasad
  24. 24. Benefits of Social Media Speedy Communication Social Networking Sites helps to communicate in a speedy and efficient manner. Twitter takes just about 20 seconds for an update to reach everyone you want it to reach. © Copyright 2014 Jagriti Prasad
  25. 25. Be in Touch : Social Networking Sites have made the world a smaller place. One can communicate easily with anyone in the world. Everyone is equal, irrespective of the location. You can get in touch with friends you haven’t met since school, and everyone can be kept up-to-date on the happenings. © Copyright 2014 Jagriti Prasad
  26. 26. Building Relationships Social Media is used to get in touch with people with common ideas, thoughts and interests. © Copyright 2014 Jagriti Prasad
  27. 27. FUTURE OF Social Media The discussion so far has made it clear that Social Media or Social networking medium is growing day by day and is here to stay. It has become a habit and is now used by all age groups, at all levels of the society. It is defining how people access information and uses it. This opens up a great amount of opportunities to all categories of the society. © Copyright 2014 Jagriti Prasad
  28. 28. Social Media for Marketing The current growth trends indicate that marketing based on Social Media will be the fastest medium to advertise and sell products to end consumers. • Marketers are using Social Media sites for brand building, Increasing traffic on websites, Improving search engine rating and increasing the engagement with the business or individuals. • Social Networking Sites are helping the marketers in getting the customer feedback and also helping in query resolution. Thus, it helps in Customer Relationship Management (CRM). © Copyright 2014 Jagriti Prasad
  29. 29. Social Media for Marketing continued… • It is also helping in increasing the sales by lead generation. • Social Networking Sites are also used as a medium of internal communication with in the businesses. • Marketers should focus on nurturing awareness, increase data collection measurements and focus on converting Social Media leads into sales. • Brands need to find unexpected and imaginative ways to get audiences involved with their story, give them a reason to shout about it. If you get those things right, you can achieve massive return on investment. © Copyright 2014 Jagriti Prasad
  30. 30. Social Media for Consumers The increasing popularity of Social Media, has provided a multiple communication options to customers. Social Media is providing a new form of communication. © Copyright 2014 Jagriti Prasad
  31. 31. Social Media has given consumers a platform for airing their voices, thoughts and ideas for others to be heard and shared. It is not a one-way channel, but a two-way communication platform. This provides consumers the power and ability to be heard, answered and involved. © Copyright 2014 Jagriti Prasad
  32. 32. CONCLUSION • Social Media is the gaining popularity on the web day by day. • Social Media continues to grow as a habit, and new platforms continue to appear and develop. • 93% of marketers use Social Media for their business. • Social Media is now being included more frequently as part of the overall marketing budget and strategy. © Copyright 2014 Jagriti Prasad
  33. 33. • The advantages are massive, especially for the marketers, for their next generation campaigns. • The increasing growth in the number of users accessing Social Media from Smartphone's show clear directions on Social Media is next big thing. • It provides general public a way to communicate with the world, and connect with dear ones. • It has given a platform to the customer for airing their views. • Social Media is used at all levels of the society for different purposes. © Copyright 2014 Jagriti Prasad
  34. 34. Thanks! Jagriti Prasad E mail – jagriti_knp@yahoo.com © Copyright 2013 Jagriti Prasad