The Role Of Social Media In The Organization


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Online Information Conference presentation by Charlene Li, December 3, 2009 in London, UK

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  • The adoption of social media by customers and employees is pushing companies to re-examine how they engage with these audiences -- and in particular, to decide how open and transparent they can and should be. This is causing a rethink as to how to organise, manage and lead in this new era. Charlene will share insights into the impact of this new social environment, how its tranforming the way we work and how you can prepare for future changes. Walkers timingBetter Starbucks exampleUK Sidewiki exampleFacebook connect examplePicnikobama photo
  • He’s a musician, Canadian from Halifax, and generally, a pretty reasonable and nice guy. After a year, he was fed up. So what does a rational musician do? Write a song about it. And make a video of it.
  • Dave Carroll from Halifax had his guitars damaged on a flight from Halifax to Chicago.United lost control of this situation.
  • I believe that social networks will be like air. I’m not talking about social networking SITES like Facebook or MySpace. I’m talking about the relationships that each one of us has to the people who are important in our lives. I imagine a future where those connections will be anywhere and everywhere when and where you need them. And that they will be essential to our lives, like air. And without it in sufficient supply, we will feel not quite whole. We will look back in 5 years and think, wasn’t it quaint that we had to GO someplace to be social. So I believe that social networks will be like air – everywhere, and essential to your life.
  • Starbucks has a site where people can make suggestions on how they should improve. The key difference is that the suggestions are public, and people can vote for their favorite suggestions. Here’s an example of automatic ordering. Note that there is a status update here “Under Review”.
  • The Role Of Social Media In The Organization

    1. The Impact Of Social Media In Your Organization<br />Charlene Li<br />Altimeter Group<br />December 3, 2009<br />For slides, send an email<br />
    2. Meet Dave Carroll<br />Source:<br />
    3. Success in the groundswell requires Open Leadership<br />4<br />Have the confidence to let go and still inspire commitment<br />When people get what they need from each other<br />
    4. Open LeadershipHaving the confidence and humility to give up the need to be in control,while inspiring commitment from people to accomplish goals.<br />Photo: Kantor,<br />
    5. It’s about relationships<br />
    6. A culture of sharing<br />7<br />
    7. 10 Elements of Openness<br />8<br />
    8. Explaining strategic decisions<br />9<br />Open book management<br />Managing leaks<br />
    9. Updating with every day stuff<br />10<br />
    10. Conversing: Vodafone on Facebook<br />11<br />
    11. Open Mic: When people contribute<br />12<br />
    12. Crowdsourcing new Walkers flavour<br />13<br />
    13. Platform extends Guardian’s data<br />14<br />Database of nuclear arms’ location<br />
    14. Decision-making models<br />15<br />Centralized<br />Democratic<br />Distributed<br />Consensus<br />
    15. Theme<br />Social will be like air<br />
    16. Facebook Connect extends<br />17<br />See what friends read/comment on<br />
    17. Your site as you know it<br />18<br />
    18. Your site with Google Sidewiki<br />19<br />
    19. Reviews from people I know<br />Note: This is a mock-up, not an actual product <br />Source: Razorfish<br />
    20. New ways of targeting<br />21<br />Demographic<br />Geographic<br />Psychographic<br />Behavioral<br />Socialgraphic<br />
    21. Getting Started<br />22<br />
    22. #1 Goals define your open strategy<br />
    23. Learning humanizing customers<br />24<br />
    24. Plan dialog with the Engagement Pyramid<br />Curators<br />Producers<br />
    25. Ritz-Carlton exemplifies service<br />26<br />
    26. Starbucks innovates across the organization<br />
    27. #2 Understand the benefits of openness<br />28<br />“We tend to overvalue the things we can measure, and undervalue the things we cannot.”<br />- John Hayes, CMO of American Express<br />
    28. Fans have value only if they do something<br />Buy more Coke<br />Tell others how much they love Coke<br />4 million fans<br />29<br />
    29. Use metrics to manage openness<br />Net Promoter Score<br />How likely are you to recommend this to someone you know?<br />Lifetime Value<br />Lifetime revenue<br />Cost of acquisition<br />Cost of retention<br />Customer referral value (CRV)<br />
    30. Making decisions with metrics<br />31<br />Find more fans with large networks<br />Encourage fans to make more referrals<br />
    31. Engagement scores of 100 brands<br />+18% revenue<br />+15% gross margin<br />growth<br />+5% revenue<br />+3% gross margin<br />growth<br />+10% revenue<br />+1% gross margin growth<br />-6% revenue<br />-11% gross margin growth<br />32<br />Source:<br />
    32. #3 Build trust and manage risk<br />The Sandbox Covenant<br />
    33. #4 Orchestrate openness<br />34<br />
    34. Create new workflows<br />i.e. Customer service monitors and responds to tweets directly<br />
    35. Organizational models for openness <br />36<br />
    36. #5 Find and nurture Open Leaders<br />Collaborative<br />Independent<br />Pessimist<br />Optimist<br />
    37. #6 Plan to fail well<br />38<br />Identify the top 5-10 worst case scenarios.<br />Encourage risk taking and forgive failures.<br />
    38. New rules of open leadership<br />39<br />
    39. Thank You<br />Charlene LiAltimeter Group<br /><br /><br />Twitter: @charleneli<br />For slides, send an email to<br /><br />40<br />Copyright © 2009 Altimeter Group<br />