Football Analysis summary


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A summary of the finding from the statistical analysis of 2012-13 season in the 5 top leagues in Europe

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Football Analysis summary

  1. 1. A Football Season in Statistics – 2012/13Summary of findings
  2. 2. % of Academy player appearances in the first team during2012/13 seasonContext
  3. 3. “Doing the samethings over and overagain and expectingdifferent results”The definition of InsanityAlbert Einstein
  4. 4. The power of possession
  5. 5. The power of possession
  6. 6. Charles Reep• The first analysis offootball - 1950s• 90% of allpossessions end inless than 4 passesThe study becamethe basis of the longball game - get toother penalty area inless than 4 passes
  7. 7. Comparing Charles Reep’sAnalysis to the modern game
  8. 8. The power of possessionHow do we compare?
  9. 9. The power of possessionA game of 2 halves?
  10. 10. Teams that have more possession•Have more shots•Score more goals•Concede less goals•Win more games
  11. 11. Possession - The role of the individual3 of the top 5 originate from Barca’s academy- Toureplayed for Barca - is this talent ID or a consequence of acoaching model
  12. 12. The power of possession• Jaeson Rosenfeld study -StatDna• Studied 100,000 passes inBrazilian Serie A• Calibrated passes by Difficultyrating including• Pass Distance• Pressure on receiver• Forward Pass• Air Pass• Head Pass• One Touch passIs pass accuracy a consequence of Skill?
  13. 13. The power of possession• No discernable difference on thepass quality• Most accurate passers will: Get in right place to receive Find pockets with limitedpressure Engineer easier passes byvirtue of their position on thepitch Accuracy dominated bysimplificationIs pass accuracy a consequence of Skill?
  14. 14. The power of possession• No discernable difference on thepass quality• Least accurate passers will: Be position poor Dwell on the ball Poor body shape on receipt Over complicateIs pass accuracy a consequence of Skill?
  15. 15. Turnovers1.52goals per game1.18goals per gameGoals conceded1.15goals per game1.42goals per gameGoals scoredTeams withmostturnoversTeams withfewestturnoversData based on all premier League game’s 2008-11
  16. 16. Turnovers
  17. 17. Possession- ObservationsCore capability of themodern gameMovement and positioningas important as passaccuracyLow touch fast penetrativemovement key in final thirdCapacity to exploitturnovers is keyCapacity to change pacebased on strategic triggers
  18. 18. Some Suggestions!Possession!TrainingNeeds to be directionalShould include strategictriggers - quick/slow etcMovement and positionalwork as important as passaccuracyFinal third low touch coupledwith penetrative movement
  19. 19. Finishing
  20. 20. Finishing% of Goals scoredinside the areaLa Liga 87.1%Bundesliga 86.7%Premier 84.6%Serie A 84.1%Ligue 1 83.9%
  21. 21. Finishing -ObservationsThe 80%+ scoring zoneappears to be universalacross all elite leaguesGoal to chance conversionrates at the top end 25%+One of our poorest gameattributesHow do we replicate scoringin training?
  22. 22. Suggestions!Scoring!!Frequency of use of keepersin sessionsFrequency of the use of goalsin trainingEmphasis on development ofsubconscious capability in the80% zone
  23. 23. Dribbling
  24. 24. The most successfuldribbler in Europe wasFrank Ribery he averaged4.5 successful dribbles pergameDribbling is not overlydominant in the moderngameDribbling is obviously anessential and effective skillprovided it is part of a biggerpackage e.g. Messi, Riberyand Diego - high ondribbles, goals and assistsDribbling - Observations
  25. 25. Defending
  26. 26. Tackling - aperspectiveXabi Alonso’s response to a questionposed by “The Guardian” re:How hewas surprised to see so many youngplayers at Liverpool herald tackling as1 of their strengths“I can’t get into my head that footballdevelopment would educate tacklingas a quality, something to learn,toteach, a characteristic of your play.How can that be a way of seeing thegame? I just don’t understand footballin these terms. Tackling is a last resortand you will need it, but it isn’t aquality to aspire to”To Alonso tackling happens whensomething goes wrong not right
  27. 27. Averaged 1tackle every 2games
  28. 28. Attack v DefenceThe Italian way5 v 10ArrigoSacchi’sgreat Milanteam of the80’s / 90swould runthis drill toprove howstrong theyweredefensively
  29. 29. Defending - ObservationsThe modern day defenderappears to be more adept atForcing errorsAnticipating dangerDefending as part of a unitTackling appears a necessaryattribute rather than anaspirational oneTackling and winning aerialduels are not overly dominantwithin the modern game
  30. 30. Position specific profiles!The data highlightsa number ofposition specificattributes e.g.Attackingmidfielders mastersof assists from andthrough Zone 14.We need to createprioritised positionspecific profiles -probably agespecific!!!
  31. 31. Measurement!Measurement andKPI’s areincreasinglyprominent in themodern game weneed to develop asuite of measuresthat we universallyuse to interpretperformanceindividually andcollectively