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Ls 5 f12orientation

  1. 1. Orientation LS – 5 Grievance and ArbitrationJim WalkerInstructor, Labor Studies
  2. 2. Instructor’s Background 33 years as a labor advocate Specialized in grievance and arbitration, contract negotiation, organizing, political action, staff and organizational development Present: Labor relations consultant and educator LATTC labor educator – 15 years
  3. 3. Technology Firefox recommended PowerPoint: required if viewing slides statically with transcripts Quick Time Player: Use this program to view lectures in movie format with audio Microsoft Word Adobe PDF reader
  4. 4. Class Overview Essentials Designed to educate union members, officers and staff Understand the essential elements about grievance and arbitration process Analyze a variety of grievances Prepare for grievance meeting and arbitration hearing Examine arbitration decisions
  5. 5. Textbooks - Required 1. The Union Steward’s Completer Guide, 2nd edition 2. Labor Arbitration: What You Need to Know, revised 5th edition Estimated Cost: 1. $35.00, 2. $28.00 Available:; You will need book at the start of Block 3 – Grievance Basics - part 2
  6. 6. Instructor Office Hours Students should contact the instructor to arrange an appointment. Contact instructions are included in the syllabus. You may also communicate your concerns or questions via email or through Moodle message center.
  7. 7. Contact Information Moodle Message Center  Select participant link  Select Jim Walker  Select message  Compose and send Last Option  Phone: 661-839-2925
  8. 8. Update Profile Step 1 Select under Settings the link “My Profile Settings” on bottom left of your Moodle Screen. Step 2 Select Edit Profile Step 3 Please complete the description box by writing a brief biography of yourself. Step 4 Upload a digital photo of yourself Step 5 List a few interests or hobbies in the interest field Step 6 Select and click update button.
  9. 9. Technology Contingency Problems may occur with your computer or internet provider. Have a contingency plan if you encounter technology problems
  10. 10. Contingency Questions Where will you use a computer if your computer crashes or gets a virus? Where and how will you connect to the internet if you can not connect from your normal location? How will contact your instructor or another student if you can not do so through Moodle’s message center? What steps are you taking, or can you take to prevent loss of critical files associated with the class? What steps are you taking or can you take to always submit assignments on time and stay up with the class?
  11. 11. Class Online Structure Each segment is referred to as a “block The “Heading Outline contains essential information  Title and number of the class  Read First – course preliminary essentials  Syllabus  Textbook information
  12. 12. Curriculum Blocks 1 - 16 Blocks 1-16 contain the course curriculum Curriculum block 1 will be available on August 28 Curriculum blocks 2-16 will be released in sequence each week on Tuesday morning by 8 a.m.
  13. 13. Mid Term Exam Mid Term exam will be available on October 16 Review and Mid Term will be included with Block 8 25 questions (T/F and multiple choice) covering lessons presented in Blocks 1-7 Mid Term worth 50 pts. (2 pts each per question) Last day to complete exam is October 28
  14. 14. Final Exam Block 16 Final exam will be available on December 9 25 questions (T/F and multiple choice) all lessons Final Exam worth 50 pts. (2 pts. each per question) Last day to complete exam is December 16
  15. 15. Curriculum Block StructureEach curriculum block is formatted consistently and contains:Description of topicLesson Learning OutcomeLecture: video format with audio/Quick Time movie or PowerPoint w/o audio (most lessons) Reading VideoCase Study (when applicable)Forum or Assignment (alternate each lesson)Quiz or Exam (when scheduled)
  16. 16. Order of Study and Participation First: complete  Reading assignment  MP3 Listening assignment (if available)  Video assignment Second: complete required work in the following order:  Lecture  Forum or Assignment  Quiz or Exam (when applicable)
  17. 17. Forums Forum: Most curriculum blocks contains a forum. Each forum will consider topics or issues related to the lesson block Each student is required to post a forum reply in accordance with the theme and the instructions Each student is also required to reply to at least one student’s posting.
  18. 18. Assignments There are 7 assignments Most assignments are set up as online text (some will require uploading) With online text uploading a file is unnecessary When you click the assignment link the assignment appears Follow the directions of the assignment. Submit the answers to your assignment using the edit my submission button. Consider a cut and paste of questions to save time. Assignments must be submitted on time/no late assignments accepted
  19. 19. Quiz Four (4) quizzes will be administered Each quiz contains ten questions Each quiz is worth a total of 20 points All quizzes may contain multiple choice and/or true/false questions. A quiz may only be taken once
  20. 20. Grievance and Arbitration Project Each student will be required to process a grievance. Components will include 1. writing, 2. investigating, and 3. presenting a grievance. (each component is worth 20 pts.) Each student will be required to prepare for an arbitration hearing. Components will include preparation of an opening statement, and witness questions. (each component is worth 20 pts.) The project has a total accumulated value of 100 points The Student Learning Outcome, as required by the college, shall be based on the project Due Dates differ for each component. Refer to the lesson block project assignments
  21. 21. Total Points Assignments 7 @ 10 pts each Forums 7 @ 10 pts each Quizzes 4@ 20 pts. each Mid Term 25 questions (2 pts) Project 5 components @ 20 pts Final Exam 25 questions (2 pts) Total Pts. 420 pts
  22. 22. Total Point Value - GradeA 378 – 420 points 90 – 100 %B 336 – 377 80 – 89C 294 – 335 70 - 79D 252 – 293 60 – 69
  23. 23. Personal Grade Review Select “Grades” under the Administration heading on left side of screen Your point values will show for all completed activities Grade categories include:  Assignments  Forums  Quizzes  Examinations  Project  Total accumulated points