BA131/CS120 Syllabus Winter12 Billing


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BA131/CS120 Syllabus Winter12 Billing

  1. 1. TREASURE VALLEY COMMUNITY COLLEGE - CALDWELL BA 131 / CS 120 Winter 2012 Mondays & Wednesdays: 9-11:30am or12-2:30p Caldwell Campus, Room 310Instructor: Carol Billing Office Hours: Mon & Wed, 11:30-NoonE-mail: before and after class, or viaCredits: 4 Elluminate Virtual Classroom Office Location: Computer Lab, 310COURSE DESCRIPTIONThis course will provide an overview of hardware components, operating systems, e-mail, Internet, networks,and application software. No pre-requisite classes or computer skills are required.REQUIRED TEXTBOOKS AND SUPPLIES: Absolute Beginner’s Guide to Computer Basics, 5th Edition Optional: Storage device of their choice (memory stick, etc.) & notebookMETHOD OF INSTRUCTION:A combination of recorded lectures, class discussions, and hands-on learning will be used to cover thecurriculum. Throughout the course, there will be assignments related to textbook information and lectures. Thecomputer lab assignments will assess comprehension and test skills.OBJECTIVES:Upon completion of this course, you will be able to:  Discuss the major uses of a computer, hardware & software  Describe and efficiently use computer software applications o (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Prezi, Internet Explorer and more)  Send and receive e-mail, attach and send documents, understand and use e-mail etiquette  Quickly & succinctly retrieve information from the Internet  Efficiently use all aspects of Blackboard&Elluminate, the programs used to teach many online coursesOUTCOMES ASSESSMENT: Student Performance OutcomesThe student will demonstrate an understanding of the use of: A computer‟s functionality, as well as the purpose and use of an operating system Internet Explorer, the Internet ande-mail Microsoft Word to perform basic document formatting Microsoft Excel to perform basic computations and formatting Microsoft PowerPoint to present and communicate ideas Student Performance AssessmentsStudents will complete the following assessments: In-lab assignments in Word, Excel, PowerPoint Exam over general technology terms and concepts Create an e-portfolio in Prezi One self-defined assignment in a technology area of choice
  2. 2. Student PortfolioStudents will complete ae-portfolio demonstrating their competency in Word, Excel& PowerPoint. Theportfolio will include:  Portfolio Cover  Flyer  Cover Letter  Resume  Hit The Road Workbook  Budget Workbook & ABC Landscaping Workbook  PowerPoint Project  You define assignment based on your interest within chapters 16-38POLICIES AND PROCEDURESOffice HoursI am willing to work with you individually during lab or before and after class. My official „office hours‟ areMondays & Wednesdays from 11:30am to noon in the lab (room 310) or via Elluminate. Additionally I amalways available for questions via e-mail. If you‟d like me to call you to discuss an issue or assignment, pleaseinclude your phone number in the e-mail. I will return the e-mail or call within 24 hours.Attendance PolicyI have high expectations for the work submitted. Although the lectures are online and available anytime, youmust show me your assignments for credit during lab time. Attendance is not collected for this course, but youneed to pay attention to deadlines and come to the lab for assistance before you run out of time for anassignment. Students that cannot complete the course should drop the course. I cannot drop students.Required AssignmentsAssignments are completed using information from the textbook and lectures. A course calendar with theassignments and due dates is available on Blackboard. All assignments will be checked in class andthensubmitted to Blackboard, unless directed otherwise. If you do not see the assignment link in Blackboard,the assignment is late and cannot be submitted. Unless required by the assignment, I will not acceptassignments that are e-mailed to me.Late WorkLate work will not be accepted and students will receive a grade of “0” for assignments not submitted beforeor on the due date. If an assignment is due at the start of a class, you must arrive on time with the assignmentcomplete to receive credit. If you are absent and an assignment is due, you must arrive with it complete at thenext class meeting or take a “0”.PlagiarismStudents are expected to be honest in all aspects of their college education. All work is evaluated on theassumption that the work presented is the students own. Anything less is unacceptable.Examples of dishonest practice include but are not limited to: Cheating - The improper use of books, notes, other students tests, or other aids during an examination. It is the responsibility of the student to obtain approval for the use of such aids prior to the time of the examination; otherwise, they will be considered improper. An "examination" is defined as "any testing situation in which the score will be used for credit in a course."
  3. 3. Plagiarism – Submission or presentation of a student assignment as one‟s own in which substantial portions are paraphrased without documentation or are identical to published or unpublished material from another source (including another student’s work). An assignment is defined as “any materials submitted or presented by a student for credit in a course.”Discovery of plagiarism will result in a failing grade for that assignment. If a student is caught a second timethat student will receive a failing grade for the class. WHAT I EXPECT FROM YOUI expect you to ask questions If you do not understand something, chances are others will be in the same situation. Ask! If I dont know the answer, I will do whatever necessary to find the answer. If you don’t ask questions, I will assume that you understand the information being presented.I expect everyone to be treated with courtesy and respect Please treat your classmates and me the way you would like to be treated. Your behavior must not disrupt another student‟s ability to be successful in class. Please be aware that this is an educational setting and people are here to learn. You may not eat or drink in my class. You may not bring your children, boyfriend, husband, friend or pet to class. WHAT YOU CAN EXPECT FROM MEYou can expect my help in reaching your educational goal. You and I have a common goal, your success. I will do everything possible to help you reach that goal and will do nothing to hinder you.You can expect me to provide all information necessary for an assignmentYou can expect me to be fair Since I am a human being, I make mistakes. For example, I may have the wrong due date on an assignment. If it is my fault, I will make whatever changes necessary to be fair to you.You can expect me to be available for help I am always available 11:30-Noon on Mondays & Wednesdays. I am available to help you via e-mail. If you may e-mail me questions, I will reply within 24 hours during the week (M-F).Class Cancelation PolicyIf there is an emergency and I am forced to cancel class, I will post an announcement on Blackboard and e-mailthat announcement to you.GRADING PRACTICES:Testing ProcedureThe only quiz in this course is over the general technology terms. The quiz will be given in class usingBlackboard. All other assessments are hands-on practical assignments.GradingA combination of the assignments listed on your course calendar and the quiz over general technology termswill determine your course grade.Students should plan on spending at least five to eight hours on homeworkeach week.Your final score is a total of all points earned. It is imperative that you do the assignments.The final grade will be based on the following percentage: 90 - 100% = A 80 - 89% = B 70 - 79% = C 65 - 69% = D 64 - 0% = F
  4. 4. As a general rule I do not give Incompletes. However, to be eligible for an Incomplete, a student must have atleast 90 percent of the course work completed. I will only consider awarding an Incomplete if a student meetsthe above criteria and has some extreme emergency situation. In such cases, a student requiring an incompletemust submit a written appeal with full rationale to the instructor by Monday of finals week.DROP POLICYIt is the student’s responsibility to drop the course. Students are responsible for adding and dropping courses.Students who stop attending a course without filing a drop request will receive a grade of F.TVCC E-MAIL AND BLACKBOARD ACCOUNTSE-mail is the primary source of written communication with all students. Students automatically get a TVCC e-mail account when they register for courses. Messages from instructors and various offices will be sent to thestudents‟ TVCC accounts (NOT their personal e-mail accounts). It is the students‟ responsibility to check theirTVCC e-mail accounts regularly. Failing to do so will result in missing important messages and deadlines.Students use the same username and password to login to all TVCC technology: computers, email, Blackboard,and MyTVCC.For details about how to log on, visit TVCC uses a Microsoft emailproduct, so the login page is the same for Hotmail.You MUST add “” to the end of yourusername in order to reach the TVCC server.CAMPUS COMPUTER USEStudents have access to computers in the student computer lab. This open lab is located on the 1st floor.NON-DISCRIMINATION STATEMENT:It is the policy of the TVCC that there will be no discrimination or harassment on the grounds of race, color,sex, marital status, religion, national origin, age, or disability in any educational programs, activities oremployment. Persons having questions about equal opportunity and non-discrimination should contact theHuman Resources Director located in the Student Services Center on the south side of the Four Rivers CulturalCenter Building. Telephone (541) 881-8822, ext. 226 or TDD (541) 881-2723.SPECIAL NEEDS CONTACT STATEMENT:Persons having questions about or requests for special needs and accommodation should contact the DisabilitiesServices Coordinator at Treasure Valley Community College, 650 College Blvd., Ontario, OR 97914.Telephone (541) 881-8822, ext. 234 or TDD (541) 881- 2723.