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JDA Software’s industry-proven supply chain management solutions, designed to empower midsized companies to minimize risk, achieve rapid ROI and increase profits.

Companies can tackle today's most pressing challenges, improve supply chain responsiveness and increase profitability in as quickly as four months with JDA’s unique, hosted offering for midsized businesses.

For more info, visit http://jda.com/TSVSSR.

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  • Thank you for taking the time to learn about the strategic opportunity that JDA is offering to midsize companies to improve supply chain responsiveness and profitability in as quickly as 4 months. (short pause) WITHOUT taking on the unnecessary IT burdens and costs to the business.
  • As the economy rebounds, today’s mid-sized companies are in a uniquely challenging situation: they must drive innovation – in both their products and internal processes – to keep pace with increasing customerexpectations while balancing the need to simultaneously drive down operational costs and inventory levels to maintain a healthy cash flow and increase profits.As volume and product mix increase, the supply chain that delivers the products to the customers, needs to also respond faster. As customer demand and supply conditions change, it is difficult to determine whether the decisions made to move inventory, reschedule orders, or increase safety stock levels will deliver real profit to the business. Your supply chain organization needs a better process and tool to help them improve the speed and quality of their execution decisions. Managing pages of information and analyzing on spreadsheets across disjointed systems is not an effective use of time. Your people are critical assets to the business; their experience and insights need to be directed to managing exceptions, not to perform routine planning and execution tasks.
  • For example, Parle, a private biscuit manufacturer, has been growing at a fast rate in the past several years. The company relied on their people to manage and make decisions about their supply chain to ensure products are delivered to the customers on-time. However, the company found it challenging to keep up with the speed of change as a result of new customers, higher customer expectations, logistics and infrastructure challenges, and new product introductions. The company reached the point where spreadsheets were no longer effective. Parle needed a solution that could help them improve their supply chain planning processes to anticipate ahead of the demand, not just reacting to customer issues. Parle needed a solution that could automate the forecasting and planning process so their supply chain planners could focus on business exceptions, new product launches, and collaboration with suppliers and customers. With supply chain planning solutions from JDA, Parle gained these capabilities. Today they anticipate and plan faster and have lowered inventory and operational costs, whilst delivering improved service levels to their customers.
  • Midsize companies face the same challenges as their tier-1 peers, however they do not have the resources to implement the best in class solutions currently in use by these companies. With JDA domain expertise and our understanding of the needs and challenges of mid sized companies, JDA has developed a tailored approach to implement best in class solutions lowering implementation risks and costs. We call our approach “JDA Supply Chain NOW”.JDA has delivered supply chain planning solutions for midsize companies across all industry verticals. With the JDA methodology and solution for your midsize company, you experience a fast, efficient implementation and will begin to see your expected ROI in as little as 4-5 months. The solutions offered by JDA are the same market-leading solutions used by many of the world’s largest manufacturers and distributors. There is no limit to our solutions functionality which will continue to adapt and support your supply chain processes as your business grows over time. One of the main reasons why the JDA approach is different is the risk of implementation is minimized by JDA. JDA will host, run, and manage the software for you so you do not need to worry about whether you have the IT resources or skills required to be successful. JDA will monitor the software 24/7 during and after the implementation so that you can focus on running your business. The cost to own the solution including the implementation costs is known upfront and set at as fixed cost, not an estimated cost over the next 3 years. With JDA Supply Chain Now for mid-sized companies, your supply chain will be empowered to anticipate demand for your product, plan the supply response appropriately, and keep pace with the speed of a growing dynamic business.
  • What are the solution capabilities that you will receive? (short pause) JDA Supply Chain Now will provide your supply chain organization with new capabilities to anticipate and plan ahead of the actual customer demand. JDA Supply Chain Now will utilize your historical data of either sales history, order history or shipment history (which ever is most appropriate) to develop a statistical demand forecast. These statistical demand forecasts will automatically portray demand seasonality that is detected in the historical data. This will be used as your baseline demand plan. The statistical forecasts can then be aggregated to a higher level demand plan for product family or market-level planning. The solution allows for input into this planning process from your demand planners based on their insights about the market or collaboration with their sales and marketing teams. Once the higher-level demand plans are finalized, the aggregated demand plans will be reconciled back to the lower-level demand plans, which are typically at the product and distribution location levels. The published demand plans will be immediately visible for supply planning.  The demand planners will have the ability to prepare for new product introductions in advance of launch so that the business can more accurately plan the appropriate level of inventory to support new products and avoid shortage or excess inventory.Many factors may create imbalances in the current end-to-end supply plans across inventory, production, or purchase order plans: such as changes in demand plans, changes in the inventory on-hand balances, late shipments, or delayed production –just to name just a few. The JDA Supply Chain Now solution will attempt to resolve imbalances by recalculating the entire supply plan including shipments, production or purchase orders, and inventory levels across all locations in your supply chain network. The outcome of this planning process includes a set of pre-defined exceptions for those products where the solution is unable to resolve imbalances due to lead times, holidays, committed orders, capacity shortage, or other reasons that require the supply planners’ attention and decisions.With JDA Supply Chain Now, supply planners no longer have to spend a significant amount of time to prepare, analyze, and consolidate data and manually identify potential issues based on reviewing spreadsheets. The planners can now focus on resolving supply chain exceptions ahead of time. This in turn frees time to refine inventory and ordering policies and collaborate with manufacturing, logistics, customers or suppliers to explore potential efficiencies in ordering policies, order frequencies, or service level agreements.
  • With JDA Supply Chain Now, you only need to provide data that is already available from your in-house systems. No installation or system administration is required as JDA will manage that for you. There will also be no need to worry about data availability if your supply chain planners are using spreadsheets to make decisions today, as this data and more will be available.After generating the demand and supply plans, JDA Supply Chain Now provides access for the users to review, adjust, and firm the plan. First, the User-Interface. The UI provided through the web will be used by your supply chain planners to interact with the planning data through a set of powerful and interactive planning workbenches that will maximize their productivity and speed their data-based decision-making process. Second, Data Management. From a Data Management standpoint, most of the data and setup should be automatically interfaced already, but your supply chain planners still have access to review and adjust the business rules such as inventory policies and sourcing preferences, also through the web UI.Third, Planning. We already covered some of the planning processes that will be automated by JDA Supply Chain Now, this includes demand forecasting, new product planning, inventory planning, and production or purchase order planning. Finally, Workflow. JDA Supply Chain Now helps your supply chain planners to organize their workflow so they can start their day with managing business exceptions that require immediate attention. They can resolve these exceptions through the planning workbenches. They can also monitor the supply chain performance through the performance monitoring that is available, such as forecast performance, enabling them to continue to refine the settings and parameters controlling the supply chain solution.
  • This is an example of the planning workbench that your demand planners will be able to interact with. This is the Demand Planning workbench. You can see the performance monitoring features on the left-side of the screen. The demand plan in the center of the screen includes the historical events as well as the drivers that will impact the future demand, shown in both graphical and grid view. With this planning workbench, the demand planners can quickly identify potential misalignment between market demand and sales/marketing events, upward or downward trends, and make the appropriate adjustment to the supply plans in order to position the right amount of inventory at the right time.
  • Here is an example of the planning workbench that your supply planners will be able to use. This is the Supply Planning workbench. You will notice that the top section of the workbench, provides a forward-looking view of your demand, shipments, production or orders, and resulting projected inventory all in one place. You have all the necessary information to service your customer demand without having to reference or sort through pages and pages of spreadsheets. In the center of the screen, the planners have the option to view the plan in graphical manner which is especially helpful to identify trends. You can see towards the bottom of the screen where another product at another location is also shown. This enables your planners to have the ability to review multiple plans across products and locations in one place. Your planners only need to specify which set of products and locations they want to review – and this decision is usually driven by the business exceptions -- instead of manually reviewing each plan one at a time.
  • Companies like Coca-Cola Bottling Company Consolidated, a 1.4 billion dollar Coca-Cola bottler and distributor in Charlotte, NC, have realized quantifiable results and strategic capabilities to grow and improve their business. They are innovative in both their product offering and also the way they deliver products to their customers, outperforming many of their peers and competitors by running a fast and responsive supply chain. You can see the benefits shown on this case study. Imagine what these results can do for your company.
  • Act now with JDA Supply Chain Now – when you are ready to act, JDA will work with you to develop a value assessment that is unique for your business. The example shown on the screen is a typical set of benefits that a $500 million company will be able to achieve: increasing revenue lift, reducing inventory write-off, decreasing expediting costs and inventory carrying costs, while improving labor efficiency and overall speed of planning. JDA will provide you with both the achievable estimate of the value that you can gain, as well as the conservative estimate based on your organization’s readiness and commitment. In addition, JDA will also calculate for you the expected breakeven period which is typically well under 12 months.
  • In summary, JDA Supply Chain Now is a unique supply chain planning offering designed specifically for midsized businesses. It will help you improve the efficiency and speed of your supply chain planning so you can plan ahead and respond quickly to changing business and market conditions. JDA will develop a customized ROI assessment for you, so you know upfront the value you will receive with this offering. With the guided best practices and efficient delivery model, you can begin realizing benefits of Supply Chain Now in as quickly as 4 months. With JDA Supply Chain Now, you can reduce the risk of implementation and risk to the business – JDA will install and manage the day-to-day operations of the technology including hardware and software so you can focus on business. Sun Products Corporation, a laundry detergent product manufacturer is a good example of supply chain planning solutions that are being run and managed by JDA. As your business grows in volume and complexity in the future, the solution can be expanded. The same proven solutions used by other market-leading manufacturers and distributors is being offered to you with JDA Supply Chain Now.So act now to invest in your growth, improve profit and increase your cash flow with JDA Supply Chain Now.
  • Thank-you for your time in viewing this presentation.If you are interested in learning more about JDA Supply Chain Now, please send an email to info@jda.com or call : 1-800-479.7382 or 480.308.3555.
  • JDA Software Supply Chain Now

    1. 1. Investing in Growth<br />A Unique Offering for Midsized Businesses to Improve Supply Chain Responsiveness and Increase Profitability in as quickly as 5 Months<br />
    2. 2. Large Growth OpportunitiesBut Hard to Keep Pace with the Speed of Business<br /><ul><li>Need to make faster supply chain decisions
    3. 3. Spreadsheets and legacy systems overextended, hard to anticipate the market volatility with profit and cash flow in mind</li></li></ul><li>Case Study<br />Private Company<br />“Spreadsheet gets the job done but they don’t tell us where problems in our supply chain reside. For example, these issues could include an out-of-stock situation due to promotional demand or obsolescence due to overproduction. With JDA solutions, we gain full visibility ahead of those events. We are also able to service our customers better and lower our operational costs.”<br />MangeshLoharkar, head of IT, Parle Products<br />
    4. 4. Foundation for GrowthPlan and Anticipate Ahead of Demand<br />JDA Supply Chain Now<br />Purchasing<br />Production<br />Inventory<br />Demand<br />Distribution<br /><ul><li>Proven supply chain planning solution used by market-leading companies
    5. 5. Best practice implementation methodology for midsize companies
    6. 6. Lower implementation risk – JDA hosts, runs and maintains the solutions
    7. 7. Fixed cost of ownership, not an estimate
    8. 8. Live and referencable midsize companies</li></li></ul><li>JDA Supply Chain NowPlan and Anticipate Ahead of Demand<br /><ul><li>Automate forecasting and planning processes
    9. 9. Balance supply and demand while driving down costs
    10. 10. Can quickly generate a new plan to keep pace with market changes</li></li></ul><li>User-Interface<br /><ul><li>Web-UI
    11. 11. Zero Deployment
    12. 12. Planning Workbench</li></ul>In-House Applications<br /><ul><li>Business Rules
    13. 13. Inventory Policies
    14. 14. Sourcing Preferences
    15. 15. Capacity Management</li></ul>Data Management<br />Master Data<br />Transaction Data<br />Supply Chain Now<br />Planning<br /><ul><li>Demand Forecasting
    16. 16. New Product Planning
    17. 17. Distribution & Inventory Planning
    18. 18. Production / Purchase Planning</li></ul>JDA Supply Chain NowSolution Overview<br />Firm Orders<br />Workflow<br /><ul><li>Exception-driven
    19. 19. Planning Workbench
    20. 20. Performance Monitoring</li></ul> e.g. Forecast Performance<br />
    21. 21. Demand Planning<br />Performance<br />Monitoring<br />Historical Event<br />Impact to future demand<br />Historical market events<br />
    22. 22. Supply Planning<br />Plan Ahead of Demand<br />Plan across Products and Locations<br />
    23. 23. Boosts new product offerings andcustomer service levels<br /><ul><li>CCBCC supports 11 states in US with a total of 54 DCs spread across these states.
    24. 24. Sales to other bottlers has shown growth of over 30 % annually.
    25. 25. Annual sales of over $1.4 billion.
    26. 26. Number of items quadrupled in the past 4 years</li></ul>“JDA provided clear financial and operating results while improving our capability and capacity. <br />- Brett Frankenberg,<br />vice president of supply chain planning, CCBCC<br /><ul><li>Consensus demand plan between sales and supply chain
    27. 27. Extended demand visibility to item-package and store-clusters
    28. 28. Weekly forecasting and daily replenishment cycle with extended visibility to 12+ months</li></ul>Quantifiable Benefits<br /><ul><li>85% forecast accuracy at dynamic package level
    29. 29. 99.7% fill rate
    30. 30. 23-25 inventory turns per year
    31. 31. 150 new SKUs annually</li></li></ul><li>Act Now with JDA Supply Chain Now<br /><ul><li>Five months implementation
    32. 32. Low-risk delivery
    33. 33. Hosted, managed services solution</li></li></ul><li>JDA Supply Chain Now<br />“JDA exceeded our expectations, ensuring that we went live on time and on budget. There wasn’t any business interruption and we have not experienced any down time since day one”<br />- Joe Manco,<br />director, IT business applications,<br />Sun Products<br /><ul><li>Foundation for Growth. Plan and anticipate ahead of demand.
    34. 34. Clear and Proven ROI. Reduce costs and improve cash flow.
    35. 35. Fast Time to Benefit. Guided implementation and best practices.
    36. 36. Ensure Success, Reduce Risk. Run and managed by JDA.
    37. 37. Adapt with Growth. Expand capabilities as your business grows.</li></li></ul><li>Investing in Growth<br />info@jda.com<br />