Bringing brands & stories to life through transmedia creativity


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Transmedia can take many different forms and can require highly varying budgets, some of which are unattainable to smaller brands and many creative projects. In this session, we will be exploring some grassroots transmedia initiatives for brand and storytelling properties, what we have learnt from them and what has made them successful. Our goal is to explore how we can all build digital and transmedia elements into our properties, no matter the budget that we are working with, by looking for creative solutions, learning to recognize the pitfalls, identifying which areas to place value, and understanding how to find and build audience. We will explore questions like, where to start, what to consider, and what makes one project successful in the digital / transmedia space where another fails (no matter the budget)?

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Bringing brands & stories to life through transmedia creativity

  1. 1. Bringing Brands & Stories to Life Through Transmedia Creativity A Talk by @EricaHargreave
  2. 2. Transmedia can be fun, thought-provoking & inspiring, but it doesnt have to be expensive.With vision, clear goals, creativity &hard work it can be managed onbudgets of all sizes.
  3. 3. @EricaHargreave Now  Digital / Transmedia Storyteller & Strategist  University & College Instructor  Mainstream Media Writer Then  Creative Producer  TV Star  ScientistProvoking Thought, Inspiring the Imagination & Bringing Stories to Life
  4. 4. The Triple ThreatTransmedia-Style Hardworking Creative Not Afraid of a Challenge
  5. 5. The True Secret to Success:Cohabit with a cat who will do her own stunts.
  6. 6. @EmmeRogersa case study in transmedia character storytelling
  7. 7. Sashaying Her Way into the Digi Verse
  8. 8. Strutting Her Way Into Real Life
  9. 9. Our Goals for EmmeIn Business To build Emme as her own author; To experiment in the digital space;On the Personal Side To empower women; Champion the arts & charitable initiatives; Get people thinking & laughing.
  10. 10. What We Learned From Emme Men need just as much empowerment as women; Adults need a silly outlet that makes them laugh; Brands, TV series, web series & magazines were approaching us to be a part of Emmes stories; People buy stuff that Emme talks about; Emme has commercial value, because she has a relationship with her audience & they trust her.
  11. 11. Owning Emmes Mistakes We all make mistakes in life & Emme is no different with both the wardrobe choice & behaviour here.  Acknowledge them,  Learn from them,  Apologize when necessary, and  Move forward.
  12. 12. Taking Our Adventures Roamancing
  13. 13. Fiction Meets Reality
  14. 14. Built It & They Did Come
  15. 15. December 17, 2011 – Cairo, Egypt
  16. 16. December 17, 2011 – Cairo, Egypt
  17. 17. December 17, 2011 – Cairo, Egypt
  18. 18. Quantitative & Qualitative Metrics Twitter Reach: Facebook Reach: 14,000+ Monthly Blog Reach: ~100,000 unique visitors
  19. 19. “Thank you so much for the documentation of your travels! I just randomly stumbled upon your page.My husband is from Upper Egypt (8 hours south of Cairo) and currently we are living here in the United States. He is dying to go back to visit his family and for them to meet me (and or course vice versa), but I have been hesitant due to the media’s portrayal of the “chaotic and dangerous Egypt.” Your blog was so refreshing and has played a huge role in convincing me to not be afraid and experience visiting Egypt. Thank you!” ~ Kim
  20. 20. The Roamancing Strut
  21. 21. Shawn & Shawnee Rockett:A Character Case Study in Disseminating Research In order to share the research in a large pdf on how Canadian Youth were using web, mobile & accessing their entertainment, the Shaw Rocket funded created two young producers intent sharing the research through social networks & on engaging the Canadian Film & Television Industry in debate around the future of media.
  22. 22. Dust Up TV:An Example in the Importance Of Audience Building Whats a TV Show to do with a limited budget & marketing support, a short window & one of the worst air times of the year? Target their budget at some intensive digital audience building, so much so that the morning after the Premiere, rumour has it the powers that be are drinking champagne out of their shoes. From the TV Series Dust Up
  23. 23. Compelling Content (or in this case quirky)
  24. 24. Pitfalls to Avoid: Ego & Disrespect for AudienceA marketing company invented this character, Gaston, during Vancouver 2010, & although they succeeded in attracting a lot of immediate attention, they so at the expensive of the general public, took credit for others accomplishments & began spamming their audience once the Games was done. As a result, they lost their audience & no longer exist.
  25. 25. Pitfalls to Avoid: Know Your AudienceIf you have created a web series for tweens, then target them not their parents. Find out what makes them tick, where they hang out online & create content that will engage them. From the Web Series, Ruby Skye PI
  26. 26. Pitfalls to Avoid:Flashy & Micro-Managed
  27. 27. Pitfalls to Avoid:No Community Management or Engagement
  28. 28. Whistler Sabbatical Project: Great Concept & Prize
  29. 29. Whistler Sabbatical Project: Fun, Compelling Story Bites
  30. 30. Whistler Sabbatical Project:Easy to Enter & Share, Creating Excellent Audience
  31. 31. Whistler Sabbatical Project: Great Real World Experience
  32. 32. In Summary  Be Creative  Know, Engage & Respect Your Audience  Value the Management of Your Community  Approach with Ethics
  33. 33. Thank You!Id love to continue the conversation. Connect with me & Ahimsa Mediasproperties / / EmmeRogers.comTwitter: @EricaHargreave / @AhimsaMedia @Roamancing / @EmmeRogersFacebook: /AhimsaMedia /RoamancingLinkedIn: Erica Hargreave Email: