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The Pixel Lab 2014_Nuno Bernardo_Setting Up A Cross-Media Path To Success


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Nuno Bernardo, CEO and Producer, beActive

Published in: Technology
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The Pixel Lab 2014_Nuno Bernardo_Setting Up A Cross-Media Path To Success

  1. 1. @nmfbernardo
  2. 2. • beActive’s founder and CEO. A Film, TV and Digital production company established in 2003 (Portugal, Ireland, UK). • Creator and Producer of Sofia’s Diary, Flatmates, Beat Generation, Final Punishment and Aisling’s Diary, Cross- media properties that were produced and adapted in Europe, US/Canada and Latin America. • Emmy-nominated writer producer of Beat Girl and Collider. Nuno Bernardo
  3. 3. • Books, novels and Comic Books • Games and Mobile Apps • Blogs and Social Media profiles • Licensed products • Web series • Prime-time TV Series • Feature films beActive creates Stories and Characters that are brought to life using:
  4. 4. Why we do it? 1. Cross-media allow us to control marketing and distribution and lead on-line conversations. 2. We hope to tell better and more engaging stories. 3. Helps us to get leverage with Funders and Broadcasters. 4. A Cross-media approach generates additional revenues.
  5. 5. Cross-Media Now! • Hunger Games • Iron Man 3 • Frozen • Despicable Me 2 • Man of Steel • Game of Thrones • Breaking Bad • The Walking Dead • Top Gear • American Idol
  6. 6. Cross-Media Now! All of the most successful Movies and TV Shows are now a Cross-media or a Transmedia Experience. They are multi-platform global entertainment brands extended with on-line and off-line content offers.
  7. 7. Why we LOVE stories? • Understand the world around us • Social Connection • Sense of Belonging • Conversation topic • Be heard
  8. 8. Why we LOVE stories?
  9. 9. Why we LOVE stories?
  10. 10. Back in the day…
  11. 11. Stories in XXI Century • No Story is self-contained to one media anymore. • With Social Media and digital platforms, stories became a living entity: they are discussed, shared, extended, mashed-up, remixed. • They are consumed on-demand, anywhere, anytime. • Story Brand is bigger than the Channel or Media itself. • They are global.
  12. 12. Connect with Your Audience
  13. 13. Connect with Your Audience
  14. 14. Connect with Your Audience
  15. 15. Connect with Your Audience
  16. 16. All starts with the Story & Characters… Stories and Characters that are brought to life using: … or a strong voice, vision and motivation.
  17. 17. Is this Marketing or Storytelling? Audiences react better to organically made cross-media experiences. Not marketing add-ons, but something that enriches the story and creates a sense of community. If you plan how your story will roll-out on different media, you can lead the conversation.
  18. 18. Is this Marketing or Storytelling?
  19. 19. Story Impact = Narrative + Way we tell it The way we tell a story, the platform and the approach we use defines story impact and audience engagement.
  20. 20. beActive’s Approach to Storytelling
  21. 21. Our Visualization tool
  22. 22. Audience Engagement Strategy 1. Viral Videos: How will you make a video go Viral? 2. A Game/App: Who’s the publisher, where it will be sold, how it will be promoted? Why the gameplay is compelling? 3. UGC: How will the user find the rules page with the call to action? What is the motivation for the user to send you his videos? What he/she gets in return? 4. A Facebook page: Why he should follow, comment, share, like the FB page? How you promote it? How I know about it? 5. Platform: How users found? Why should they use it? What’s there advantage? How will make them come back every week?
  23. 23. Audience Engagement Engagement is not a feature, It’s a consequence of you doing something right!
  24. 24. Collider
  25. 25. The Anarchy years: 2008- 2010
  26. 26. Collider StoryWorld
  27. 27. Collider Distribution
  28. 28. Distribution Strategy
  29. 29. Collider Movement
  30. 30. Collider: What’s Next?
  31. 31. What we learned so far… 1. Story and characters are key in Cross-media. 2. It’s not a checklist of “cool” things you may do. 3. It needs to serve your end goal. 4. Needs to serve your Mona Lisa: character, brand, story, key media. 5. There’s no template: adjust to your funding, skills… 6. It should allow you engage with your target audience and to lead the conversation. 7. Set up your goals and always ask Why? 8. Cross-Media or Transmedia is a step-by-step journey. 9. You will need partners to help you to achieve your goals. 10. Funding is still platform driven.
  32. 32. How to Pitch
  33. 33. Contacts @nmfbernardo