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2013 #Canneslions Review by DigitasLBi


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This year's theme for the Cannes Review is "Risk the Idea". We'll start by looking at how this maps out against some of the grand prix winners from this year. We'll then explore the other themes and trends that fit under this theme :
- Risk ideas with low-tech innovation
- Risk ideas inspired by technology
- Risk ideas that tell stories
- Risk ideas change behaviour
- Risk ideas for open discussion

Let me know your thoughts on this year's review -

2013 #Canneslions Review by DigitasLBi

  3. 17 JURIES 35,765 ENTRIES(from 92 countries)
  7. “…Our approach towards communications is that we don’t really talk about ourselves too much. Rather, we focus on what we do — the events we create and produce and the athletes we support — versus who we are. With this guiding principal, we do not submit for awards very often.” Patrice Radden Director of Corporate Communications Red Bull Before we start, it’s worth noting that Cannes could have been very different this year if Red Bull had entered. Stratos was an idea with great risk and a big payoff.
  9. GRAND PRIX DUMB WAYS TO DIE 5X RISK THE IDEA DUMB WAYS TO DIE Before Dumb Ways to Die became the most awarded campaign in advertising history (a record breaking 5 grand prix, 18 gold, 3 silver and 2 bronze) it would not have been an easy sell to the client.  Hats off to McCann Melbourne for pitching the idea that a very serious problem could be solved through a musical video with cute animated characters dancing and singing about dumb ways to die.  And equally, hats off to the client for taking on the risk associated with this approach. 5 Grand Prix 18 Gold 3 Silver 2 Bronze
  10. GRAND PRIX INTEL & TOSHIBA RISK THE IDEA 3X THE BEAUTY INSIDE Beauty Inside is perhaps the most perfect idea I’ve ever come across.  When judging this year, we saw a lot of great advertising that was not inherently and absolutely linked back to a brand.   You could change car brands or sports shoe brands and the campaign “still worked” because it was category specific and not specific to the brand.  Beauty Inside stands out because the idea is absolutely perfect for Intel and could not be be owned by anyone else. It’s supported by the most amazing craft and incredibly engaging storytelling.
  11. GRAND PRIX OREO RISK THE IDEA OREO DAILY TWIST Oreo highlights a different kind of risk.  In order to deliver breakthrough communication they changed the client/agency model so that they could deliver a perfectly executed real time and reactive campaign over 100 days. What’s great is that real time doesn’t mean “quick and dirty”.   The craft is flawless.
  15. GRAND PRIX IBM ADS WITH A PURPOSE It seemed that there was a kick back on gadgets and high tech and some of the most interesting ideas were beautifully crafted low tech solutions.   I love IBM’s Ads with a purpose which picked up the Grand Prix in outdoor. It’s great to see a hi-tech company not afraid to use low-tech means to get people talking about a very hi-tech solution (smart cities). RISK IDEAS WITH LOW-TECH INNOVATION
  16. GRAND PRIX SMART COMMUNICATIONS TXTBKS The mobile grand prix didn’t go to a whizzy new smart phone app. Instead, it went to an idea that transformed analogue phones into e-readers and old SIM cards into a new type of text book for school kids in the Philippines. How often does a Telecoms company leverage old analogue technology? RISK IDEAS WITH LOW-TECH INNOVATION
  17. COKE OGILVY & MATHER PARIS SHAREABLE CAN RISK IDEAS WITH LOW-TECH INNOVATION Coke has been leading the way with interactive kiosks, mobile apps and other digital experiences that bring ‘open happiness’ to life. This year they picked up a Gold Lion in Design for ‘the sharing can”. A low-tech but effective idea that innovates at the product level and demonstrates open happiness in delightful way. Coke risked changing their product. GOLD
  18. QANTAS STORIES FOR EVERY JOURNEY Qantas treats it’s most privileged frequent flyers with a special series of books purpose designed for the flight times of key Qantas routes. Qantas took on a risk on books having high value for busy, tech-addicted clients. RISK IDEAS WITH LOW-TECH INNOVATION GOLD
  19. URA.RU CITY WEBSITE MAKE THE POLITICIANS WORK This idea is very simple, but very effective. It really shows the importance of context. Potholes in Russia were hijacked and turned into chalk portraits of Russian Politicians. Beside each portrait there was a quote or failed promise from that particular politician concerning the state of the road. Politicians were quick to repair their image and reputation, and so accordingly also fix the road. It’s risky to play with the public image of political figures in Russia. RISK IDEAS WITH LOW-TECH INNOVATION GOLD
  20. PUBLICIS GROUPE HUMAN YOUTUBE PLAYER Maurice Levy hijacked the YouTube player functionality to produce a very human (and low- tech) experience. The speech was recorded over 30 times so that the Publicis Groupe CEO could personally interpret each Youtube player command on the fly. The risk was to be fired if it flopped. RISK IDEAS WITH LOW-TECH INNOVATION BRONZE
  22. CINDER CINDER This was the first year for the Innovation Lions at Cannes. The Grand Prix was awarded to Cinder, described as ‘an open source software platform for creative coding’. GRAND PRIX RISK IDEAS INSPIRED BY TECHNOLOGY
  23. ADIDAS ADIDAS WINDOW SHOPPING Digital is going retail and transforming and connecting the commerce experience across channels. Adidas does this well and shows the potential of connecting commerce, mobile and retail through a rich brand experience with digital at the core. GOLD RISK IDEAS INSPIRED BY TECHNOLOGY
  24. WWF THE ANT RALLY It may seem strange to include Ant Rally in this section. I’ve done so because about 18 months ago I heard about a company that had some technology that meant you could write on a leaf. Ant Rally brings a powerful and engaging creative idea to partner this technology. The risk for this idea was in the production (it’s hard to control ants). GOLD RISK IDEAS INSPIRED BY TECHNOLOGY
  26. ALB GOLDEN CHAINS We’ve already different examples of popup windows in various chrome experiments. What makes this interactive video press worthy is the storytelling behind the video clip. The story of artist trying to sell all of his possessions in order to finance his album. The risk was that perhaps nobody would buy the items for sale. RISK IDEAS THAT TELL STORIES GOLD
  27. THE JFK PRESIDENTIAL LIBRARY & MUSEUM CLOUDS OVER CUBA RISK IDEAS THAT TELL STORIES GOLD Clouds Over Cuba shows us what “Cyber” can do at it’s best. It’s industry changing and has redefined the potential of digital storytelling. Apart from taking a risk on the production in order to innovate a new type of storytelling they also risked mixing fiction and history to make the story more compelling.
  28. GEOX GEOX AMPHIBIOX GOLD RISK IDEAS THAT TELL STORIES I wish there were more product websites like this. Geox uses everything digital has to offer to transport us and make us want to buy their shoes. The craft is flawless. Geox took a risk on being able deliver against the idea. A story about shoes in the rain could have been extremely boring, but they came through with an incredibly compelling experience
  29. SOUTHERN COMFORT WHATEVER’S COMFORTABLE Southern Comfort shows us how to tell a great story without any words. This was one of our favourite films at the festival this year. What we like is that Southern Comfort had the guts to bet everything on the “mood” and on the execution. GOLD RISK IDEAS THAT TELL STORIES
  31. PRUDENTIAL PRUDENTIAL CHALLENGE LAB Following on from the success of DAY ONE last year, Prudential goes one step further in helping people prepre for retirement. Prudential is taking a risk on being able to change behaviour and fix the problem - rather than just creating an engaging message around the problem. Any experiement is a risk because you can’t guarantee results. RISK IDEAS THAT CHALLENGE BEHAVIOUR SILVER
  32. SAMSUNG LIFE INSURANCE BRIDGE OF LIFE Samsung equipped Mapo bridge (notorious for the highest suicide rate) with sensors and lights that trigger messages of hope and reassurance as someone walks close to the rails in an attempt to change behaviour and lower the rate of suicide. It’s risky for a Life Insurance company to tackle suicide in this manner. RISK IDEAS THAT CHALLENGE BEHAVIOUR GOLD
  33. MY BLOOD IS RED AND BLACK It’s already risky to tamper with a football uniform, let alone to do so as part of a campaign. Football Club “Vitoria” offered up their most precious media space (their football jersey) in an attempt to change behaviour and drive fans to donating blood. RISK IDEAS THAT CHALLENGE BEHAVIOUR HEMOBA / ESPORTE CLUBE VITÓRIAGOLD
  35. BODYFORM RUBBER REPUBLIC UNITED KINGDOM THE TRUTH Bodyform is a great example of brands tapping into one individual consumer and engaging a conversation that can be broadcast to the wider online community. This new approach to “open discussion” requires a degree of risk because brands must open up and be ready for the difficult conversations. RISK IDEAS FOR OPEN DISCUSSION GOLD
  36. “PARDON ME” When most brands were chasing likes, Grey Poupon started to reject fans. It was done with taste an humour and the risk paid off. RISK IDEAS FOR OPEN DISCUSSION GREY POUPON BRONZE
  37. #FINDGREATNESS Nike picked up a Titanium Lion for their brand campaign during the Olypics. By not being an official sponsor they risked fan disappointment and visibility. The risk paid off as they outperformed official Olympic sponsors +200%. RISK IDEAS FOR OPEN DISCUSSION NIKE SILVERTITANIUM
  38. McDONALDS yourquestionswebsite1/ OUR FOOD, YOUR QUESTIONS Brands used to use mass media to push out one standard message to a mass audience. We now see brands engaging in conversation with one individual and publishing that open discussion to a mass audience online and offline. McDonalds shows that this can go beyond a campaign mindset - to become a new brand behaviour. They risked an attacking defense. They opened up and were ready and able to answer ANY question from consumers. GOLD RISK IDEAS FOR OPEN DISCUSSION
  39. RISK THE IDEAThis year we’ve seen how ideas and advertising can solve problems. And some very serious problems indeed (suicide, blood donation, organ donation and rail safety). But we’ve also seen how ideas and advertising solve equally serious brand problems (brand perception, loyalty and sales). It seems befitting to end with Bill Bernbach’s quote : “Safe ideas can kill you”