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20 Tipsfor Social Savvy’s
1. K.I.S.S.
Don’toverthink it,don’tovercomplicate it. Make friends. Playnice. Findwaystomake peo...
feedof otherpeople’swritingsona particulartopic– use thislistas a place to start sharing
otherpeople’sinformation –especia...
Notsure whatto film? Askyouraudience whattheywantto see. Take a lookat what your
competitionisdoingandwhatisgettinga lotof...
Make connectionswithotherpeople inyourindustry –yes,even yourcompetition. Reachout
to relevantandauthoritativesitesandaskt...
time please) andworktoimprove youruser’sexperience withyourtechnologyand withyour
brand ingeneral.
17. Stay topof mindwith...
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20 Tips for Social Media Savvy's to get found on the web


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A concise list of 20 tips on how to use social media to become a social media savvy. Insight into how to harness the power of Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Yudu, Slideshare, among others to help you get your message out and be heard amongst all the noise. (published in 2011)

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  • Hi @We Know Online Marketing - Agreed that it's important to have a solid foundation of a website and a good grasp of your keywords and what you are trying to achieve. Thanks for the important reminder!
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  • Well, the presentation was interesting. I agree with you that if you know to use the tools properly in social media marketing it can bring success to you. The most important thing to remember is first to have a proper clean web site and the proper usage of the key word.
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20 Tips for Social Media Savvy's to get found on the web

  1. 1. 20 Tipsfor Social Savvy’s 1. K.I.S.S. Don’toverthink it,don’tovercomplicate it. Make friends. Playnice. Findwaystomake people wantto become yourfan: share interestingandrelevantcontentthatmatterstoyouraudience, be real,be sincere,have fun,show yourcompany’spersonality,andabove all, be true toyour message – phoninesscomesacrossloudandclear,evenwhenyouare notphysicallystanding rightin frontof someone. 2. Use yourplatform to be whereand when your customersare. Use yoursocial medianetworkinginfrastructuretogetyourmessage out. By usinga combinationof Facebook,Twitter,YouTube,andablog/site andanewsletter (Constant Contact,Mad Mimiand Mail Chimp areall great options),youcan communicate yourmessage to youraudience more effectivelyandefficiently –where theyare andin the formattheyare searchingforinformation. Remember,justbecause someoneisyourFanon Facebookdoesnot meanthat theyare automaticallyfollowingyouonTwitter. People choosetheirchannelbased on theirpreferencesforreceiving(andsharing) information –forinstance,peoplewhofollow youon Twitterare likelylookingforquick,shortburstsof informationwhereaspeople who subscribe toyourYouTube channel are lookingformore in-depthinformationandwill spend more time interactingwiththatinformation –of course,those people couldalsobe one andthe same personas well. 3. Publish,promote,andpublicize togetthe mostmileage outof yourcontent. Addingnewcontenttoyourwebsite andinturn,publicizingthat piece of contentoneachof your social mediachannelshelpsyou‘covermore distance’onthe worldwide web. Getmore ROI (‘ReturnOnInvestment’) outof eachpiece bycreatinga quickintroandthenpostingitto all of yoursocial mediachannels. Use toolslike Hootsuite tohelpyou getyourmessage outacross all your channelssimultaneously(justbe careful thatitdoesnot looktooautomated – be sure that your‘voice’ispresentinyourmessage). Newcontentcan come inthe formof an opinionpieceaboutsomethinghappeninginyour industry,areview of anindustry-relatedarticle, offeringatipor advice,or even getting a testimonialfromone of yourclients (people lovetobe talkedabout – the bonushere isthat theywill alsoshare the contentforyouby tellingtheirfriendsto‘checkthemout’) ...The list goeson and on,bottomline – postnew and fresh contentatleast2-3 timesperweektokeep boththe searchenginesandusersinterested. Use Google Alertstoget newsyou can use. Setup an alertfor each of your keywordsandfor the namesof people importanttoyourindustry(use quotationsaroundpropernamestomake sure you gettargetedresults). Getinspiredforyourownwritingforyourblog. Get an RSS-like
  2. 2. feedof otherpeople’swritingsona particulartopic– use thislistas a place to start sharing otherpeople’sinformation –especiallyonTwitter. 4. Be methodical withregardtosharingcontent. Developanduse aneditorial calendartohelpyouorganize yourcontentpostingstrategy. Think aboutusinga ‘theme’foreachmonthanddevelopyourideasforblogposts,videos,twitter polls,facebookdiscussions,pressreleases,etcaroundthe same theme. Doingthiswillhelpyou avoidan ‘all-over-the-board’appearance and ensure thatyoudon’trepeatyourself andthat youcover all the importantpoints. Lay itout forat least3 monthsat a time (ideallyforthe year),andincorporate majorholidaysandyearly(orone-time) eventsthatimpactyourindustry to use as themes[e.g.usingValentine’sDayasa jumpingpoint,tailoryourmessage aroundlove and tie itin to yourbusiness]. Bottomline,the more plannedoutyourstrategyis,the more clearlyyouwill be able tocommunicate yourmessage andinthe mosttimelymanner. Don’tbe bashful aboutridingthe wave whenthere issomethinghappeninginthe mediathat everyone istalkingabout,use thatstoryandfinda wayto tie it inand make it relevanttowhat youare doing. Readthe headlineseverydayandfindwaystotie itback intoyourmessage... evenif it’sjusta retweetwithyourintro. 5. Followthe 80/10/10 rule on Twitter. Promote informationsharing,promote others,andmentiononlyhighlightswithregardtoyour business. Talkaboutyourindustryorrelatednews80% of the time,share yournews10% of the time,relate the newstowhatyourcompanyoffersthe other10%. Thishelpstosolidifyyouas a resource andhelpyougarner more followerssothatwhenyoudo have somethingto‘sell’ – theywill be more likelytolisten. 6. Videodoesnothave tobe perfect aslongas there isvaluable informationcontainedinit. Don’tspenda lot of moneyon videoproduction,people donotvisitYouTube oranyothervideo sharingsite andexpecttofindprofessionalqualityvideo. Investabout$150 in a flipvideo camera (orjustusing the video camera on yourSmartPhone willdo too) and filmshortvideo clipswheneveryouare outand about or while youare at work ... learnhow to doa ‘one-take’ videosothat youdon’thave to spenda lotof time editing(otherthantrimmingthe beginning or the endof a video). The editingsoftware thatcomeswiththe FlipVideocamerashoulddo the trick,or youcan use somethinglike WindowsMovie Makertotake it to the nextstepand add musicif youwant to getsnazzy. 7. Make relevantandinterestingvideosthatare shortand to the point.
  3. 3. Notsure whatto film? Askyouraudience whattheywantto see. Take a lookat what your competitionisdoingandwhatisgettinga lotof views – thentake those ideas,putyourown spinon it,getcreative andhave funwithit. What wouldyouwantto see? Bottomline,unless there isa good reasonforit, a videoshouldnotbe more than2-3 minuteslongforuploadto YouTube – ideally,yourvideosshouldbe 60secondsor lesstogain andholdthe usersinterest. Still notsure whatto film? Everthoughtabout doinga videoresponsetoa popularvideothatis relatedtowhatyour companydoesor offers? Be sure to playnice,thisisa greatway to be ‘social.’ 8. Share your videoeverywhere. Uploadyour videosto YouTube,Vimeo, Google Video andMetacafe forstarters. You can add it to yoursite by usingitin a blogpost(avoidembeddingvideoonyoursite,thatjustslowsyour site down,rathertake an image,adda ‘playarrow’ andlinkitto the videoonyourYouTube channel [popa newwindow!]). Be sure that youraccounts are all ‘connected’andthatyoushare themacross different channelstogetthe wordout that youhave a new and awesome videothatpeople are sure to wantto watch. Write a catchy title thatsummarizesthe benefitsomeone will getfrom (differenttitleforeachplace youuploadit) andbe sure to use your keywords (alsocalled‘tags’) and offera linkbackto yoursite. Be sure to take advantage of includingakeyword-rich description. For evenmore placestoshare your videos,refertothe listhere: 9. Create a visual presentationusingPowerPointandshare itonSlideshare. The presentationcouldbe somethingsimple like Top10 Tipsfor x,y, or z. The beautyof Slideshare isthatyoucan share itvia yoursocial mediachannelsanditbecomesanother channel toget yourmessage out,ultimatelyone more waytogetyour contentouton the world wide web. Youcan alsoembedthe presentationonyourwebsite andhelptomake yoursite come alive withmovable content. Forevenmore pizzazzyoucanadd audioto your presentation(musicand/orrecordedcontent). 10. Get involvedinagroupon LinkedIn,Facebook...orstart one yourself. Life isaboutsharinginformationnowadays. The more informationyoushare,the more likelyit isthat someone will runintoyourbrandonline,andinturndo businesswithyou. 11. Buildlinksforstabilityandauthority.
  4. 4. Make connectionswithotherpeople inyourindustry –yes,even yourcompetition. Reachout to relevantandauthoritativesitesandaskthemforlinksbackto your site – offertoadd them to the ‘linkswe like’sectiononyour site (youdohave one,right? :)) – andalwayspopit ina newwindow. Of course,like everything,doitinmoderation –it won’tmake sense tohave hundredsof outboundlinks,withoutthe reciprocal inboundlinksoaddthemslowlyand methodically. Make ita goal to adda new inbound/outboundlinkcombotoyoursite weekly. 12. Above all,have funandbe yourself. Remember,above anythingelse,buildrelationships. Be consistent,present,real,andgenuine inall of your communication. If youcrack jokesat the office,it’soktoletyour personalityshow online andcrack a joke or two(or start a segmentede-newsletterdedicatedtojokes) once ina while. People appreciate “real.” 13. People dobusinesswithpeople theytrust. Refertothe principles setforthinDale Carnegie’sHow ToWinFriendsandInfluence People and applythemto yourbusiness. 14. Cater toyour audience. Be a flyon the wall anduse the intel thatis readilyavailable toyou. Share informationthatis useful andrelevantby payingattentiontowhatpeople are sayingaboutyourbrand and your industry. Remember,social mediaissimplyawindow intoaconversationthatisalready happeningandyouare beinggivena‘pass’to listenin(andparticipate where appropriate). So, be sure youaren’tjusttalkingtoyourself –listenfirst,thenparticipate –don’tjustwalkintothe room andstart talking. 15. Your brand shouldbe reflectedinyouronline presence. Your online presence shouldsimplybe anextensionof whatyourcustomerwouldexperience ‘outhere’ inthe physical world. Ultimately,the realmof yoursocial mediaplatformissimply anotherstage where youare interactingwiththe public. Thinkof itas an extensionof the physical worldwhere itdoesnottake gasoline oracar, a telephoneorevenapiece of paperto getin frontof yourcustomer...theyare theirof theirownaccord, now it’sup to youto keep themthere andto keepthemcomingback. 16. Testand tweak,re-test,tweak,repeat. Use a service like TinyURLorbit.lytoput some analyticsonyourefforts. AddGoogle Analytics to yoursite and yourblog. Use the informationtotweakyoursite (nomore than 2 changesat a
  5. 5. time please) andworktoimprove youruser’sexperience withyourtechnologyand withyour brand ingeneral. 17. Stay topof mindwithyourcurrentcustomersand buildyourcommunity. Share a newslettereachmonththatincludesvaluableinformationforyourcurrentcustomers. It doesnotnecessarilyhave tobe directlyrelatedtoyourproductor service. Askapoll question,share informationaboutthe originof Valentine’sDay,includeone of yourfavorite quotes,include astoryfrom‘behindthe scenes’atone of yourrecentphotoshoots(of course, withpermissionfromthatclient!). The bestway to figure outwhatmakesyour fans‘yourfans’isby mediais a two way conversation,getyourfansinvolvedbyaskingalotof questions...findwaystolet themparticipate inwhatyourbusinesshasgoingon... askthemfor theiropinions! 18. Don’tneglecttraditional mediatactics,justmodernize them. Distribute apressrelease onone of the distributionservicesthatincorporatessocial media(like BusinessWire ora free service like PRBuzz). 19. Repurpose content. I’ll sayit again, repurpose contentshamelessly. A PressRelease canbe repurposedinto5 piecesof contentforyouwhenyousocialize it:tweetit,make avideoaboutthe subjectof your PR (releasingwithvideoisaplusfor mediarelations!),addablogpostabout itwithan opinion aboutit, addthe pressrelease toyournewsroom, andmake a mentionof itinyournewsletter. 20. Slowandsteadywinsthe race. Sure,youcan have everyone atyourpartyby offeringx, y,andz...but will anyof themhelpyou cleanup inthe morning? :) Getting1000 TwitterFollowersinaweek or 5000 FacebookFansina month, or 20,000 newslettersubscribers or 100,000 website visitors, or even1 millionhitsonavideoonyour YouTube channel ... ...doesnot happenovernightandtakesaconcerted,consistentandpersistenteffort. It’sjust like makingfriends –the bond couldbe sealedinone night,buta true friendship,justlikeany relationship,takesalongtime tobuild.