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Why Lync 2010


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This September, Eric Inch presented on behalf of Microsoft at the Heartland Technology Summit. …

This September, Eric Inch presented on behalf of Microsoft at the Heartland Technology Summit.

View the slide deck for an overview of Lync, its client, modalities, architecture, phones, peripherals, and more.

And for further information on this or other Lync topics, visit our blog at

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  • 1. Technology SummitWhy Lync Server 2010 Technical OverviewEric Inch, Unified Communications Lead Consultant, C/D/H Microsoft VTSP Tech Summit
  • 2. C/D/H• Founded in 1990. Microsoft partner since 1998. Gold partner since 2003.• Recent client work – Lync Enterprise Voice Deployment for worldwide manufacturer replacing Cisco – One thousand seat Office 365 migration for steel roll form company in Grand Haven – SharePoint roadmap, migration, public web implementation for public sector – System Center deployment to manage PCs and devices for private management• Microsoft accolades – VTSP partner – MEC certified partner – Five-star rating on Microsoft Pinpoint, MS’s official partner directory – Hyper-V, Windows 7, and cloud accelerate/jumpstart partner• Check out our Microsoft Lync Jumpstart offering! Use packaged services days or contact C/D/H to see if you qualify for POC funding. Tech Summit
  • 3. Agenda• Overview• Clients• Modalities – Instant messaging, presence, conferencing, voice• Architecture• Phones and Peripherals• Summary Tech Summit
  • 4. Overview Tech Summit
  • 5. Client Tech Summit
  • 6. Lync ClientKey Features• Separate phone environment• Voicemail access• Simultaneous ring• Private line• Call delegation• Call routing• Call quality notification• Call park• Device transfer Tech Summit
  • 7. Federation and Public IM With Other Lync customers and Partners With Windows Live Accounts With Legacy IM and Presence solutions With Third-Party IM and Presence solutions through XMPP gateway Tech Summit
  • 8. IM/Presence• Multi-party chats• File transfer• Desktop sharing• Federation / Public IM Connectivity (PIC)• Activity feeds• Conversation history• SharePoint based skill search• Presence – Status – Available, Away, Busy, Do Not Disturb, Offline – Integration with other applications • SharePoint • Outlook • Exchange – Outlook Web Tech Summit
  • 9. Conferencing• Clients – Communicator – Attendee console – Reach server• Scheduled or ad-hoc – Outlook add-in• PSTN conferencing• Asynchronous viewing Tech Summit
  • 10. VoiceKey Features• Survivable branch appliance• Data center resiliency• Call admission control• Announcement service• Media bypass• Response group improvements Tech Summit
  • 11. Take advantage of interoperability to replace, enhance, or add voice options Replace  Full and Seamless UC Experience through Lync Server 2010  Case Studies: Sprint, LA Fitness, and Sharp  Highly Cost-effective to Purchase and Manage Enhance  Full and Seamless UC Experience through  Case Studies (interop with Cisco): JJ Food Service Lync Server 2010  Case Studies (interop with Avaya): Alutiiq, Bosera  Allows Employees to Use PC or Phone for Voice Calls Add to  Reduces Costs for Conferencing Services  Can Use PC for Full Audio, Video, and Web Conferencing  Case Study: Intel Experience  Provides Rich Roster Controls Tech Summit
  • 12. Tech Summit
  • 13. Architecture Front end MediationStandard Edition Back end Group Chat AV Conf Archiving Edge Monitoring Enterprise Edition Director UM SCOM Tech Summit
  • 14. Reference Architecture Central Site Standard Edition Small < 5000 users Branch A CA/DNS Edge Server Survivable Branch Appliance Exchange UM Server WAN All Server HTTP reverse proxy Roles This example PSTN 5,000 users, 3 servers PSTN Gateway(s) 1667 users/serverSmall Standard Edition central site Branch through EdgeSmall with Branches 250-5,000 Standard Edition central site Single branch, with SBASmall with Failover Two Standard Editions - “Paired” Standard Edition to support inexpensive failover Any Tech Summit
  • 15. Reference Architecture Central Site Enterprise Edition Single Datacenter < 100,000 users Branch A CA/DNS Survivable Branch Edge Appliance Server Pool File Share Exchange UM Server WAN DNS Load DNS Load Balancing Balancing Branch B Director Pool Conferencing Pool AV HTTP reverse proxy Front End Pool PSTN Gateway This example 20,000 users, HA, 14 servers, PSTN 1429 users/server Monitoring Pool PSTN Gateway(s)Single DC Enterprise Edition, Single Data Center Branch through EdgeDC with Branches 1,000 – 30,000 Enterprise Edition, Single Data Center Two branches, one SBA, one PSTN Interconnect Tech Summit
  • 16. Reference Architecture Branch A Global, Multi-Site Central Site 1 - Enterprise Edition Unlimited CA/DNS Exchange UM Server Survivable Branch Appliance This example DNS Load Site 1: 18 servers Balancing Edge Server Pool “Branch” B Site 2: 11 servers File Share AV Conferencing Pool 2413 users/server Director Pool (central sites only) DNS Load Standard PSTN Balancing Edition Gateway Global Very LargeHTTP reverse proxy 10,000+ Unlimited Monitoring and Archiving Pool Front End Pool WAN • Two Data • Enterprise Centers with Edition, > SIP Trunking EE Two Data • One Central Centers PSTN Site with an • Standard Central Site 2 - SE Editions Enterprise Edition DNS LB Edge Server Pool Branch C CA/DNS • Some SBA • Survivable • Some PSTN Branch Front End Pool Appliances PSTN Gateway • Branch withHTTP reverse proxy Standard File Share AV Conferencing Pool Edition PSTN Gateway(s) Tech Summit
  • 17. Phone Portfolio $850+ Polycom CX3000MSRP $200- 300 Polycom CX700¹ Polycom CX600 Aastra 6725 iP $150- 200 Polycom CX500 Aastra 6721 iP $100 & below Snom 3002 Tech Summit
  • 18. Devices – IP PhonesKey Features• Multi language support• Contact card• Search• Call transfer• Calendar integration• Meeting join• Device management• Improved monitoring• Improved troubleshooting Tech Summit
  • 19. USB Peripherals• Headsets starting at $20 MSRP• New HD webcams• 10 Optimized for PCs Find more information about these optimized devices at Tech Summit
  • 20. Tech Summit
  • 21. Summary• Complete UC solution• Ease of adoption• Enterprise scalability• Partner ecosystem• Integration / Extensibility Tech Summit
  • 22. Thank You Eric InchLead Consultant VTSP | MCITP Tech Summit