Accelerate Automate and Assure Cloud Environments


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VMware solution brief on CA's virtual management solutions

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Accelerate Automate and Assure Cloud Environments

  1. 1. I S V PA R T N E R S O LU T I O N S D ATA S H E E T I S V PA R T N E R S O LU T I O N S DATA S H E E T Accelerate, Automate, and Assure Physical, Virtual and Cloud Environments Secure assets, optimize resources and ensure availability of virtual, physical and cloud environments isV oVErViEW: Industry Overview As organizations mature in their adoption of virtualization they require a strong CA Software management strategy that is ‘enterprise ready’, delivers efficient IT services and includes automation. Some of the challenges include: VMware and CA work together to ensure • Centralization: Ability to centralize physical, virtual and cloud server provisioning, CA’s proven management solutions deliver management and reporting the most value to customers running key business applications and services on the • Integration: Simplifying management of multi-platform environments VMware vSphere™ platform. • Performance: Ensuring application and system performance and availability KEy BusinEss nEEds: • Operations: Accurately tracking physical and virtual machines IT organizations need to expand the value • Configuration: Auditing configurations to reduce the impact of configuration drift of virtualization across their data center by • QoS: Ensuring the delivery of quality services to the business managing and delivering services based on their IT and business priorities. • Migration: Adding mission-critical applications from test to production environment CA ProduCts: • Security: Access based on roles and security of virtual machines • CA Virtual Performance Management • CA Spectrum Automation Manager – Solution Overview provisioning, configuration, automation Working with VMware, CA’s business service assurance, business driven automation • CA Spectrum Infrastructure Manager – and cloud management solutions enable customers to effectively deploy, optimize, fault isolation and root-cause analysis manage, automate, and secure critical business services that span physical and • CA eHealth Performance Manager – virtual systems and IT domains. proactive performance metrics • CA Wily Introscope – Business Service Assurance application management Delivers integrated physical and virtual management solutions by leveraging • CA Insight Database – VMware vCenter management capabilities. These include: performance management • CA XOsoft™ – storage management • Single pane of glass across physical and virtual environments • CA ARCserve® Backup – • Service-centric view across all domains recovery management • CA Access Control – Security Manager • Role-based access for enhanced security • Real-time and historical performance metrics VMWArE ProduC ts: • VMware vSphere™ 4 Business Driven Automation • VMware vCenter™ Server • Self-service provisioning model • VMware vCenter™ Life Cycle Manager • VMware vCenter™ Chargeback • Managing configuration drifts in minutes • VMware vCenter™ AppSpeed • Repeatable and extensible process automation • VMware vCenter™ Lab Manager
  2. 2. I S V PA R T N E R S O LU T I O N S D ATA S H E E T CA Software Partner Solution • Real-time physical, virtual and cloud • Roles based management/dashboards Customer Success: provisioning for enhanced security CA customers report anywhere from Cloud Management • CA and third party integrations – 15-30 percent resource optimization Cisco, Telcos, Automation, Cloud and due to improved levels of performance • End-to-end cloud management for Virtualization vendors and utilization. service providers • Granular performance management metrics • Meeting scalability challenges in real-time LEArn MorE • Deep visibility and accurate Heterogeneous support Root Cause Analysis (RCA) • Breadth of expertise - Multiple OS To learn more about VMware solutions Overall, through VMware’s investment in and products, visit • Broad support - Multiple VM vendors providing open interfaces and collaborating or call 1-877-4VMWArE. with partners like CA as a ‘VMware Ready’ • Breadth of coverage - Distributed partner, customers get a comprehensive set and mainframe of enterprise management tools that are VMware vCenter™ and VMware® vSphere™ Business Results integrated providing enterprise-class, virtualization-smart management. The VMware and CA partnership enables IT organizations to expand the value of VMware • Protects customer investments in vSphere™ across the data center, allowing management tools rather than a customers to confidently manage and deliver rip-and-replace services in respect to their IT and business • Delivers end-to-end management, priorities. By integrating the right data and automation and cloud computing metrics about vSphere with CA enterprise management solutions, customers are able to improve service quality and efficiency, Solution Benefits increases agility, reap a greater ROI, and CA virtualization management expertise mitigate IT and business risks. secures assets, optimizes resources and ensures availability of virtual and physical VMware and CA servers as well as the business critical applications and services they host. CA management solutions are tightly This enables: integrated with VMware vCenter for optimized management of virtual resources. • Automated and centralized management of CA solutions supplement VMware’s portfolio physical, virtual and cloud provisioning by adding enterprise level management • End-to-end visibility from infrastructure to functionality that seamlessly integrates with end customer customer’s physical environment. This level of visibility coupled with patented Root • Superior root cause analytics across all Cause Analytics (RCA) results in reduced domains (intelligence vs. rules) downtime and risks. • Automatic thresholding for early warning of potential failures VMware and CA solutions allow customers to dynamically and cost effectively respond • Models based approach vs. event based to changing business demands through a which allow more dynamic and real-time management and scalability business-driven data center all while providing maximum value at a minimum cost. VMware, inc. 3401 Hillview Ave Palo Alto CA 94304 usA tel 877-486-9273 Fax 650-427-5001 Copyright © 2009 VMware, Inc. All rights reserved. This product is protected by U.S. and international copyright and intellectual property laws. VMware products are covered by one or more patents listed at VMware is a registered trademark or trademark of VMware, Inc. in the United States and/or other jurisdictions. All other marks and names mentioned herein may be trademarks of their respective companies.