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Criteo: Beyond the search box
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Criteo: Beyond the search box


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I was asked by Criteo to present on "beyond the search box" - on how to further extend your search campaigns.

I was asked by Criteo to present on "beyond the search box" - on how to further extend your search campaigns.

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No notes for slide
  • Interesting time in search; companies taking different paths
  • It’s not all bad
  • Click through rate optimisation, RDF, mobile as a ranking factor
  • The senses – smartphoneMarissa Mayer, Google, “Today’s phones are almost likepeople” ; eyes – camera, ears – microphone, skim – touch.
  • Search sits across all three groups;
  • This describes the techniques and tactics you might use
  • You earn these +1s out of the search box. Impact on CTR which Google will not normalise. +1 switching and landing page evolution
  • Bigmouthmedia + Econsultancy day happening today; most brands don’t think they moved fast enough on Google+These pages connect with your AdWords account.
  • Brand impact of search. In fact; if consumers learn to do this en mass – how does your web strategy work? Land grab for +keywords.
  • Google’s related toolbar
  • Google’s putting PPC ads on the bottom of the SERPS too
  • Bing: Behaviour, Social, Link
  • CTR optimisation; annotation
  • All that hard work.. But what happens if they don’t buy straight awayWith search you can generally afford for them to keep trying; especially SEO since clicks are free – but this is becoming less affordable in PPC.
  • Most PPC/Search agencies already have budget for a giant display network – Google.
  • Not “personalised” because it’s anonymous. I like the term “unique”.second bite at the cherry
  • Fell of the back of a truck -- Encourage brand terms, Navigation and dominant searches
  • Will https searches harm search retargeting platforms? Is Google being dastardly?
  • Transcript

    • 1. Search has evolved
    • 2. It has gone to all sorts of new places
    • 3. AgendaAgenda What Where When
    • 4. What
    • 5. The new face of search
    • 6. The new body of search
    • 7. AgendaVoice, Gesture, Ambient
    • 8. AgendaBeyond the search box
    • 9. AgendaMedia Types Owned Paid Earned
    • 10. AgendaAn Alternative View Attention Intention Social
    • 11. AgendaPaid Search is social
    • 12. AgendaGoogle+ Pages
    • 13. AgendaGoogle Direct
    • 14. AgendaSearch by Surfacing
    • 15. AgendaAttention Wars in Search
    • 16. AgendaMulti-signal, not just social Content Social Link Technical Personal Local Author Confidence Topical Behaviour Timeliness Portability Factual Original Safe
    • 17. Where
    • 18. AgendaDifferent platforms
    • 19. AgendaSearch to Site
    • 20. … but wait?Agenda What if they don’t buy straight away?
    • 21. AgendaWin back their attention
    • 22. AgendaUnique retargeting
    • 23. AgendaImpact on search terms
    • 24. AgendaSearch Retargeting
    • 25. When
    • 26. Tell me when Attention : Early : CPM Intention : Late : CPC Social : Always : Bank
    • 27. AgendaThe 2012 challenge
    • 28. Thanks!@AndrewGirdwood