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How to earn Engagement


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This presentation was for a Linkdex Think Tank. Linkdex is a tool which studies links and authors for SEO and PR purposes.

The presentation talks about engagement - the art of getting people involved in your campaigns.

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How to earn Engagement

  1. 1. Goals1) Links & other Signals2) … that matter3) ... that are safe
  2. 2. Can you fake it? Or even “build” it?
  3. 3. Engaging with bloggers
  4. 4. Competitions1) Theirs – not yours2) Attention worthy prizes3) Low barriers to entry
  5. 5. TimelyInvolvementPersonalisedShareability
  6. 6. Timely
  7. 7. Involvement
  8. 8. Personalised
  9. 9. Shareability
  10. 10. A chance to bethe expert at:#linkchat
  11. 11. Metrics
  12. 12. 1)Don’t take the piss2)Be useful3)Be human
  13. 13. Media Innovations Director, LBi Group Global (from Edinburgh) E: S: AndrewGirdwood @ Twitter, Google+, PinterestFlickr Credits