Osceola County Tech Training June 2014


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Presentation given by Courtland Consulting and 834 Design & Marketing for use with MI Connect to expand opportunities with technology and business development in Osceola County.

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  • Other examples of using Pinterest includes:

    Community Board - "FedEx Community Involvement" board displaying activity on various projects

    Campaign Board - Use one of your boards to feature one of your latest marketing campaigns. For example, DoubleTree hotels "Little Things Project Tour" campaign, which travels the country to bring the guests of its hotels little things that make a big difference when traveling.
    Video board – some of the nonprofits I work with have public service announcements, pro bono videos taken by the media, event videos (these are both taken by staff, volunteers and attendees) and healthcare lectures on latest research breakthroughs on medical procedures or medications
    Personal Stories board that can also be User-Generated - you can allow other users to contribute their own pins to your hosted pinboards on a user by user basis, this opens up a great opportunity to involve fans and target market in your marketing.
    Behind the Scenes board for one of your events that features the best photos and video footage of the annual event you host to help you generate buzz and promote the next one.
  • The Content Marketing Institute Content Mix Pyramid
  • Social Media Marketing tips include:

    Spend time to increase your following

    Be engaging with your followers
    When you post a message, photo, or link, be sure to ask your subscribers to share your content with their connections.

    Keep your account regularly updated

    Share lots of photos and videos
    Photos and videos are very important for social networking. Think about your organization and marketing visually. Which images and videos can you share to engage conversations and increase the viral spread of your content?

    Encourage people to share your posts

    Promote your social media sites on your website using the graphic icons
    To get real business value from you social media efforts, you have to have a community of people there to consume and engage with your content.
    In order to get people to add your social media channels, you need to promote the sites in places where you are already attracting visitors, such as your homepage, blog side bar, or other social media accounts. Cross-promotion is key to building a strong community.

    To get the most out your social media marketing follow these tips

    Utilize social media tools to help centrally maintain your updates across social media sites
    Social feeds updates your website with current posts
    Use a blog to push updates out everywhere using RSS feeds
    Use a social media management dashboard (such as HootSuite.com)
    Maximize the customization of your social media profiles
    Link back to your website
    Create ads and custom pages

    Know how your visitors are accessing your website
    top pages / files accessed on your site
    Keywords / phrases being used to access your site
    mobile devices – top phones are usually android or iphone and ipad
    web browsers
    Analyze traffic and leads
    look at the traffic and leads that have been driven from your social networking sites to help you see where your referral traffic is coming from.
    And what is extra special about today is you’ll be reviewing Google Analytics with Google staff later this morning and they can show you exactly where those stats can be found
  • Your online reputation matters! 70% of consumers trust the opinions about a brand that others post online (The Nielsen Company)

    Reviews can truly help or hurt our businesses. It may seem like you can’t do much to control what’s posted, but here are some tips on growing your positive reviews and handling the negative ones:

    Don’t wait around for the one unhappy client to write a nasty review - be proactive and protect your reputation by getting good customers to tell the world why you’re the best.

    Request those reviews from good customers. Some ways to do this include: sending an email marketing piece, getting your staff to ask their customers at the appropriate time, using social media sites like Facebook or Twitter, and placing an in-store sign in an obvious place.

    Establish a presence on review sites. Whether it’s Google+ or Yelp, set up a presence that makes sense for your business. For Google+, claim ownership or your local business page. After this, get to work by populating it with great reviews.

    Respond to negative reviews. My advice is to sleep on it first and take all the emotion out – respond strategically and diplomatically. Try to make the situation better and turn the critic into a champion. People respect a business that makes an effort in customer satisfaction.
  • Osceola County Tech Training June 2014

    1. 1. Welcome to Osceola County Technology Training For Small Businesses, Governments and Nonprofits Event Sponsored by:
    2. 2. Mobile, Internet and Social Media Statistics / Trends
    3. 3. Reference: "2013 Internet Trends Report", Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers, www.kpcb.com/insights/2013-internet-trends 116 million US Consumers use smartphones 150 times per day mobile phone users checks their devices 3x iPad growth rate compared to iPhone
    4. 4. Reference: "It's Time to Transform Your Marketing", Hubspot www.hubspot.com 78% Internet users do online product research 40% US smartphone owners compare prices while in-store, shopping 78% business people use their mobile device to check email
    5. 5. Speak Up National Initiative of Project Tomorrow
    6. 6. Top Social Media Sites & Tips on How to Use Them
    7. 7. Paradigm Shift
    8. 8. Reach People You Don’t Even Know
    9. 9. 3 Things 1. Each platform has a distinct personality 2. Many different platforms for different purposes 3. Platforms may change, good communication does not
    10. 10. 4/25/2014
    11. 11. Monthly Visits
    12. 12. Modified Support Model
    13. 13. Where The Digital Users Are
    14. 14. Creating & Sticking To A Social Plan
    15. 15. Photos & Video Drive the Most Engagement
    16. 16. Voice of a Friend – a place to share stories
    17. 17. Use photos
    18. 18. Mike LeFeve @MikeLeFeve Just received a letter from @mhumane saying that the money I raised on my Bday was sent to the field. Boy, does that feel super! Tweeting links @ your charity’s donation landing page for every donation
    19. 19. • Twitter’s sorting mechanism • Add relevance to your message • Create a filter for your followers and the public • Tweetchats are organized around # • Great place to “lurk” and see how things work
    20. 20. • Join or create industry and local LinkedIn groups • Join or create a LinkedIn event • Create forums within groups or events • Expand your LinkedIn reach with Twitter • Posting/finding jobs • Community outreach • Recruiting/Vetting team members
    21. 21. LinkedIn Group
    22. 22. LinkedIn Group
    23. 23. • Join or create industry and local LinkedIn groups • Join or create a LinkedIn event to share • Create forums within groups or events • Expand your LinkedIn reach with Twitter • Posting/finding jobs • Communicate opportunities/fundraising • Recruiting/Vetting board members or employees
    24. 24. • Ways that Google+ can change the way you connect with your audience: – Video conference other Google+ users with Hangouts – Segment your partners & connections into various Circles – Add and invite people to Google+ Events – Increase SEO/SEM – how Google searches for things
    25. 25. Human focus with a message that evokes emotion Call to action 1 to 5 minutes Greener Grads youtube.com/watch?v=Y1h7pQ-cyXo Melling Engine Parts youutube.com/watch?v=rhfGkUDrk2I Peanut Barrel youtube.com/watch?v=PZKKu8Rgfcs
    26. 26. Feature your visual content
    27. 27. Pinterest
    28. 28. Frequency of Posts
    29. 29. Social Media Tips • Spend time on social media – Set a timer and/or make an appointment to get into the groove • Interact with your followers • Update your account frequently – Best practices can easily be found • Share videos & photos • Ask people to share • Promote on your website • Analyze analytics for ideas and failures
    30. 30. Customer Reviews: Get You Found Get You Customers
    31. 31. Tips on Business Review Websites • Don’t wait around for the unhappy client to write a nasty review • Request reviews from good customers • Establish a presence on review sites • Respond to negative reviews
    32. 32. Sales & Marketing Tools to Grow and Support Your Business
    33. 33. The Library of Michigan offers free online resources that the State of Michigan pays for at no cost to Michigan residents and businesses • Create FREE business sales lists • size up your market • research your competition
    34. 34. What are QR Codes? How can I capitalize on using them for marketing?
    35. 35. Reference: ComScore QR Codes 50% of smartphone users have scanned a Quick Response (QR) Code 60% of QR Codes scanning audience is male 37% of QR Code audience is aged 18 to 34 years old
    36. 36. Create a QR Code 1. Go to www.qr-code-generator.com 2. Enter URL content 3. Click generate code 4. Download the QR Code graphic 5. Add graphic to your print materials
    37. 37. Email Marketing
    38. 38. Email Marketing Tips • Mobile or Bust • Keep Design Simple & Share • Like This • Expert Advice • Make Email Sign Up Easy • Permission Only
    39. 39. Connect With Us Michelle LeFeve (@michellelefeve) Executive Director, Courtland Consulting, Strudell Studios Creative Division linkedin.com/in/michellelefeve /Courtland Consulting Adrienne Wallace (@adriwall) Project & Digital Director, 834 Design & Marketing linkedin.com/in/adriwall /834 Design
    40. 40. Credits: • 50.nitrogr.am • 911branding.com • 834 Design & Marketing • blog.linkedin.com • blog.twitter.com • Copyblogger.com • Courtland Consulting • DeVries Blog • Digital Information • inkthemes.com • instagram.com/press/ • Ipsos OTX and Ipsos Global @dvisor • mashable.com • nytimes.com • quantcast.com/linkedin.com • Socialmediaexaminer.com • statisticbrain.com • The Content Marketing Institute • twitter.com • Wildfire