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Customer experience & mobile for circulation


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How mobile research can improve understanding of the customer experience and journey through innovative methodologies, missions, and real time analysis

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Customer experience & mobile for circulation

  1. 1. Richard Owen, Founder & CEO, CrowdLab November 2015 Customer Experience and Mobile Musings and Applications
  2. 2. The more things change, the more they stay the same Making mobile matter in market research Using mobile to measure CX Your App is Your CX Improving your internal CX
  3. 3. Rising Up 3.77 8.39 2014 2019 The value of the CX Management Market in $ billions Source:
  4. 4. Mobile devices in popularity shock
  5. 5. Advertisers get it
  6. 6. But is mobile market research smart or dumb?
  7. 7. Smart mobile research is not online research on a phone
  8. 8. Smart mobile research is people centric We design projects to mirror people’s lives and the way they behave so we can immerse ourselves in them We allow participants and researchers to seamlessly weave between different devices and methodologies within the same project We call this approach “All Channels Open”
  9. 9. Think like a developer, not a researcher Content begets content Slice it up Be prepared to stop Only show what’s relevant Menus & Loops Touch me
  10. 10. The power of visceral QL to allow people to tell stories in any manner they like The power of complex QT to allow routing, piping, conditions, structure and data Individual Ethnographic & Diary Activities Moderator Led Discussion Boards/Live Chats Quantitative Questions People can move between methods within one project (all methods at all times) Think about the third way
  11. 11. There’s magic in the moments People 17 Moments 250
  12. 12. Quant research involves real people too 20% 24% 29% 30% 36% 35% 38% 40% 44% 45% 48% 61% 62%Unusual Entertains Grabs your attention Love to see again Made me laugh Advertising I’d talk about Encourages you to search for more info Confusing Better than other advertising Good enough to share Talking to people like me Tells me something useful Annoying Top 3 Box Ad diagnostics
  13. 13. 1. Taking people out of context Tackling the problems of traditional research
  14. 14. 2. Over relying on memory Tackling the problems of traditional research “I don’t shop there” Thursday Night Focus Group Tuesday Real Life
  15. 15. Evaluating CX: The Live Event UEFA Champions League Final Attendees record expectations, give in-situ feedback on the festival and match, and post match attitudes/reflections on the festival overall. Pre on the Friday, live from Munich on the Saturday, Post on the Sunday, Client Data on the Monday
  16. 16. Evaluating CX: The Mission
  17. 17. Evaluating CX: The Journey Single “Warm Up” Tasks (ALL): Introduce yourself Role of devices Device Research Preference Role of device in online shopping Role of device to new car purchase Daily Repeatable Tasks (ALL): New vehicle mindset Actions to new vehicle purchase New vehicle mood Single Missions (ALL): Research activity Build ideal new car Review video or photo content Visit manufacturer website Review 3rd party content Social media site visit Single Mission Tasks (EXPLORE) Moment of Inspiration Compare vehicles Single Mission Task (RESEARCH) Find the best deal Single Mission Task (PURCHASE) Contact a dealer Visit a dealer
  19. 19. Insight without questions Magic moments Integrated understanding Turning media into data Real time decision making The 24 hours later debrief
  20. 20. Overview
  21. 21. Insight without questions 42% 58% made up of
  22. 22. Magic Moments 61%17% 8% 7% 4% 4% Recorded a drink Entered a no drink day Set/Updated a goal Just playing around/ checking things Received a notification Did a daily mission Reasons used app on that occasion
  23. 23. Integrated Understanding 4 5 3 10 8 3 8 5 88 92 89 85 0" 20" 40" 60" 80" 100" Ease of overall set up process Easy to navigate Attractive design Clear on what to do Disagree (1-2) Neither/Nor (3) Agree (4-5) 63% liked it in general 41% found it easy and straightforward 29% liked a specific feature (calorie counter, drinks tracker) 27% liked the visual design 20% thought it would be supportive/ reassuring/helpful 17% thought it was going to be interesting to track their drinks 15% found it hard to find the right drink choices 10% found “typical week” confusing
  24. 24. Turning media into data
  25. 25. Real time decisions making
  26. 26. The 24 hours later debrief
  27. 27. Shortlisted for the MRS/AURA Insight Management Award 2014 for developing an EE insight app to deliver research findings throughout the organization anytime, anyplace, anywhere
  28. 28. +44 (0) 7590 462342 Thanks from the Lab