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Making the most of the long tail of content affiliates


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A 2016 Affiliate Huddle presentation on how to get value from the long tail of your content publishers. Included in it is a quick discussion on what "value" is in affiliate marketing and where you can find long tail affiliates before moving on to 10 quick tips.

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Making the most of the long tail of content affiliates

  1. 1. Making the most of the long tail of content affiliates
  2. 2. Who the heck am I? • Digital marketing geek » (agency side) • Affiliate & Blogger • #3 on the someone’s “Affiliate Power” scale » (which is rubbish)
  3. 3. The purpose of affiliate marketing Out of Reach Protect
  4. 4. Different types of long tailAudienceSize Affiliate Activity Yay!
  5. 5. Are they helping?
  6. 6. Firebox wanted active affiliates
  7. 7. Don’t kill the long tail “Unfortunately this means they will no longer be working with affiliates who have driven particularly low traffic and/or revenue levels for the past 6 months, ”
  8. 8. 10 quick fire tips! Think about blog design for your creatives. 125x125 square are still common.
  9. 9. New product alerts Don’t wait until affiliates discover your new range. Tell them about it. Have a new products RSS and help affiliates use it. Or, at least, a new products page.
  10. 10. Upgrade Affiliate Activity Find out which affiliates are generating sales/traffic through third parties. Contact them directly.
  11. 11. Grow Affiliate Audience Use your reach, your social media accounts, to promote affiliate produced content. Bloody great content, only.
  12. 12. AWin’s opportunity hub Get in contact with affiliates; strike a deal. Skimlinks has canvassed publishers for native content pricing.
  13. 13. Include affiliates in outreach You’re probably paying agencies to find publishers interested in your content already. Affiliates will be interested in infographics, stunts, celeb sign-ups, marketing campaigns, etc…
  14. 14. Convert bloggers looking for cash There’s a cash for blogging bubble. The next time a blogger wants cash to write about you (SEO and PR departments know these guys) offer them an affiliate deal.
  15. 15. Suggest content ideas Where would you like to be but don’t have the budget to reach? Tell your affiliates.
  16. 16. Encourage blogger collaboration Introduce content affiliates to one another. Help arrange; – Mutual co-promotion – Bloglovin’ loving – Blog tours – Blog carnivals
  17. 17. Native Ads Provide rich media ads that work like native ads. They’re the same thing!
  18. 18. It works – Proviz case study • Tineal @ Navigate Digital
  19. 19. Silo busting
  20. 20. Hey, networks… • Data is valuable; provide a free adserver with your merchant ads as default • Fix those content units; cash in on native advertising • Where are you with video overlays?
  21. 21. Thank you!