How to Leverage Social Media to Grow Your Business


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Want to know how to leverage social media to grow your business. Here is a presentation Ja-Nae Duane did for the Internet Bootcamp in Boston on how a small business can build out its strategy.

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  • Technology really has come a long way.
  • As well as how we interact with it
  • Before you had this
  • Now, you have this
  • And this
  • Creating ROI measurements tops the list of internal social strategy objectives for 2011, with 48.3% of respondents highlighting that goal. Internal education and setting up an organizational model for social strategy are also top priorities.
  • The Trick is to Always be Asking, And Then What?” What is the next step in escalating a prospect through the sales process? User sees a search ad or banner and clicksUser lands on relevant page with coupon offerUsers fills out form for coupon and opts-in to email list for future deals and offersGoogle Analytics and retargeting cookies set on users browserUser is presented with couponUser is asked if they wish to let their friends know about coupon via Facebook like, Twitter Tweet and other share buttonsUser is then presented with option to engage further with the brandView a “How To” videoEnter a contestUser is encouraged to become a Facebook fanAuto-reply email is sent to user with:Coupon and thank you noteLink to Facebook page to encourage Fan signup
  • success in social media is often realized via search...
  • Tell us that we are not alone.
  • GPYW-Search Encourages Social Activity
  • Take advantage from the statistics to determine which type of content, distribution techniques and timing drives most likely probably the most leads and engagement. In order to accomplish that you must have a skill to produce a content strategy that might be constantly tweaked to operate at the optimum level.First you should be aware of it from the clients and influencers to begin getting a perception of the type of information they are trying to find online. You need to then overlap the data with content distribution platforms: blogs, Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, Google + User Forums, etc. Within the first 3 weeks from the content execution you need to produce several types of content: text, audio and video and distribute them at different channels at different occasions.
  • Before you do anything, identify your target personas. What is their role? What are their goals? What do they care about? What is stopping them? Where do they hang out?
  • Just as at a cocktail party, listen to the conversation before joining it to make sure it is the right place for you.
  • Create a methodology. Weave your message with the customer need to create valuable engagement.
  • Message alignment +engagement = sales conversion
  • Once you have segmented your connections, Create an editorial calendar that is visual heavy based on those circles and the type of content they would like to engage with. we all know Google loves fresh content. Updating your Google+ profile with new content daily is necessary to sustain and increase your profile’s visibility in the search engine rankings. In order to stay connected and front-of-mind, we recommend posting 2 to 3 times a day to each group.
  • Match capabilities to needs in order to find effective solutions for your potential customers
  • ) Who will be engaging in Social Media?2) Which tasks will this person take on?3) How many hours a week will be allocated to engagement?
  • How to Leverage Social Media to Grow Your Business

    1. 1. How to Leverage Social Media to Grow Your Business By Ja-Nae Duane
    2. 2. About Instructor• Ja-Nae Duane• @TheSunQueen• Director of Social Media, Overdrive Interactive• Author: “How to Start Your Business with $100” & “How to Create a Revolution: a Step-By-Step Guide from History’s Social Influencers”
    3. 3. Quick Overview
    4. 4. Technology Has Come a Long Way
    5. 5. As Well As How We Interact With It
    6. 6. Before
    7. 7. Now
    8. 8. 1 Out of Every 8 Minutes is Spent on Social
    9. 9. Source:
    10. 10. CHART OF THE DAY:Facebook’s Unbelievable Effect on The Rest of the Web (June 24, 2011)
    11. 11. Measuring ROI form Social is #1 Challenge
    12. 12. Problem: Marketing is fragmented Econsultancy 2010
    13. 13. Integrated Digital Strategy Search Engine Optimization Analytics Paid Search Management DigitalEmail, Marketin Strategy Online Media g Automation Creative, Website Social Media Development
    14. 14. “And Then What?”
    15. 15. Overdrive Marketing Infrastructure Your BrandDrive Capture ConvertList all the ways you List your offers, List all of your postintend to drive site calls to action and data capture actionstraffic (banners, conversion points of (triggered events,SEM, SEO, etc): contact (house ads, email, phone calls, tweets, status landing pages, micro updates, thank you sites, Facebook tabs, page offers, etc.). etc.): How are you continuing the engagement or relationship? Optimize What are you measuring? (Clicks, actions, leads, cost per lead, sales, cost per sale, etc.):
    16. 16. Problem: Recommendations lack staying powerProblem: Recommendations lack staying power
    17. 17. RecommendationsInfluence Purchases71% 84% Say reviews from Use online sourcesfamily members or when deciding what friends influence to buypurchase decisions Harris Interactive 2010 Google research study 2011
    18. 18. Social = Core Human Behavior
    19. 19. You Are Not Alone
    20. 20. Connect Like-Minded Individuals
    21. 21. Social Sharing is the GlueSite Badges:Content Specific:
    22. 22. Personalized Search Results4,000
    23. 23. Problem: Recommendations lack staying powerProblem: Not Enough Resources
    24. 24. Source & Push Valuable Content Content StreamSources•Company•Employees•Customers•News/Media Social Platform•Blogs •Tips/Best Practices•Social •Data/Research•Vendors •News/Announcements •Offers/Promotions•Marketing •Products/Features Social/Viral Distribution•Advertising •Tweets/Updates/Posts •Posts/Comments•Government •Blogs/Chatter •Photos/Videos •Search Engine Results•Events •PDFs/Presentations •Media Pickup
    25. 25. Creating Light Weight ContentImportance: What fast, light weight, valuable assets that can youcreate that are easily shared and distributed?• Establish points of value – Document things your target audience cares about that are related to what you do – Create content that are actually useful• Brainstorm ideas - think useful and easy – Infographics, checklists, guides, powerpoint decks, etc. – Sketch something out• Map out placement and promotion – Document how will you promote the asset socially
    26. 26. Automate What You C
    27. 27. Begin Creating a Strategy
    28. 28. Take it Step by Step
    29. 29. Create Your Sales Funnel
    30. 30. Identify Target Personas
    31. 31. Listen
    32. 32. Weave Your Message
    33. 33. Make Your Message Clear
    34. 34. Create Light Weight Content
    35. 35. Have an Editorial Calendar
    36. 36. Where Opportunity Lies Buyer Needs Your Capabilities
    37. 37. Everyone is Different
    38. 38. Time Management
    39. 39. Eliminate Waste /
    40. 40. Simplify Tasks
    41. 41. Focus on Priorities
    42. 42. Things We Value Take Time to Build
    43. 43. Measure Success
    44. 44. Start Small and Test Often
    45. 45. /TheSunQueen /OverdriveInteractive @TheSunQueen @Ovrdrv /GoogleJaNaeLet’s Connect!