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Six Social Media Sacred Cows Worth Slaughtering


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Six Social Media Sacred Cows Worth Slaughtering

  1. 1. Social Media Sacred Cows Worth Slaughtering
  2. 2. Why questionassumptions?
  3. 3. Jessica Hagy
  4. 4. Social Media Assumptions • Where people share • What networks deserve our investment/attention • The strength of ties • Who “influences” • That content is king • That size doesn’t matter
  5. 5. There’s only one place that reallymatters for content sharing, and that place is...
  6. 6. Source: AOL/Nielsen Study “Content is the Fuel of the Social Web 2011
  7. 7. Ugh, Pinterest. AndGoogle +? Who uses that?
  8. 8. Pinterest is Sticky Pinterest is retaining and engaging users as much as 2-3times as efficiently as Twitter was at a similar time in their history. Read more:
  9. 9. Google+• Gmail is used by over 350 million people. Over 5,000 new businesses and educational establishments sign up for Gmail every day.• A Gmail account = a G+ Account• A well maintained G+ presence offers an extra edge in search• G+ is already integrated with a host of other feature-rich services like YouTube• 63% of Google+ users are male• Two of the biggest user groups on Google+ are college students and software developers• Google+ is expected to attract 400 million users by the end of 2012
  10. 10. Our Facebook fansloooooove us. They see every update!
  11. 11. Per a study of 50 brand pages of with 500K-1 million fans conducted by app developer Napkin Lab, only 6% of fansengage via likes, shares, polls and comments.
  12. 12. What you need to know• You don’t own your fans; don’t take them for granted.• If you want more interaction, create better content.
  13. 13. Ya gotta find someinfluencers to Tweet that for ya.
  14. 14. Don’t look for people with bullhorns“[In a study of Buzzfeed’s top 50 stories], the median ratio of Facebook views to shares was merely 9-to-1.The median for Twitter was even lower, at 5- to-1.” Jack Krawczyk, Jon Steinberg, AdAge
  15. 15. The “micro-net” theory of social
  16. 16. Craft Your Own Micro-Nets• Don’t go after the big fish.• Instead, think about affinity groups that already exist• Serve those niche audiences something they crave.
  17. 17. Content is KING!
  18. 18. What really is king (the facetious answer)• Money• Being good-looking• Connections• Having a staff• Money
  19. 19. What really is king (the genuine answer)• Understanding your competition• Understanding who your content serves• Going to where the traffic already is• Working overtime
  20. 20. It’s not the size of thesocial media following, it’s its quality.
  21. 21. How not to fall victim to sacred cows
  22. 22. Develop a “hacker mentality”• Build experiences your audience craves• Work collaboratively• Create a space for experimentation, mistakes and learning• “Lean startup” - Build, measure, learn
  23. 23. Thanks!Visit me at jellybeanboom.comTwitter: