Case Study: Facebook campaign for Reliance Trends Independence Day Offer


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How AliveNow helped promote & spread the word about the famous 1947 for 1947 offer from Reliance Trends.

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Case Study: Facebook campaign for Reliance Trends Independence Day Offer

  1. 1. Case Study: Facebook campaign for Reliance Trends Independence Day OfferHow AliveNow helped promote & spread the word about the famous 1947 for 1947 offer from Reliance Trends.
  2. 2. Objectives Fashion at Great Value - That is what Reliance Trends stands for as a Brand. • Every year during Independence Day, Reliance Trends rolls out the 1947 offer, where a customer can buy merchandise worth Rs. 1947 and get Rs. 1947 merchandise free! Our objective was to increase the awareness of the brand, promote the Independence Day Offer and connect with the target audience. • “Independence Day Quiz” campaign on Facebook prior to Independence Day celebration. Promote the offer and the campaign using Facebook as a platform. • We built an Application on Facebook promoting the Independence Day offer of buy for Rs.1,947 and get merchandise worth Rs.1,947 free.02 Country: India | Sector: Retail
  3. 3. Independence Day Quiz - Application • When a New Fan landed on the application, they had to “Like” the Page to take the Independence Day Quiz and win Rs. 500/- vouchers from Reliance Trends. • The Campaign was run for 9 days from 10th to 19th August.03 Country: India | Sector: Retail
  4. 4. Independence Day Quiz - Application • After liking the Page, Instructions were given about the quiz. • After allowing the app, they have to answer 5 questions related to the Indian Independence movement and complete a slogan as to why they would like to shop during the offer period. • The Fan had to then submit his/her details after taking part.04 Country: India | Sector: Retail
  5. 5. Frequent Updates & Queries05 Country: India | Sector: Retail
  6. 6. Independence Day Quiz - Results + Feedback • We promoted the Campaign with regular updates and with Facebook Ads. • Initially we had decided on announcing 10 winners, however as the response to the campaign was amazing, we announced 20 Winners. Each won Rs. 500/- vouchers!• After the campaign we wanted feedback from customers on their experience of the Independence Day Offer. So we created a Feedback Application asking the fans to spare 2 minutes of their time to give their valuable Feedback.06 Country: India | Sector: Retail
  7. 7. Independence Day Quiz - Results • The contest was a fantastic success! Thousands from across the country learnt about the amazing 1947 offer at Reliance Trends. • We announced 20 winners at the end of the contest. • Many fans even shared their photo’s as they shopped during the offer period. Given below are some nice comments/posts by fans!07 Country: India | Sector: Retail
  8. 8. Independence Day Quiz - Results • The campaign was live on the page for a period of 10 Days. • During the 10 day period, the response was overwhelming, on all parameters, the campaign was a success. Few important numbers are given below. Details of the same are given in the next few slides. Parameter Time period Number No. of New 10,483 NEW Likes in 10 days. 10 Days LIKES From 12,313 to 22,549 likes in 10 Days No. of entries 10 Days We received 1,955 entries in all. to the contest No. of Winners NA 20 winners got Gift Vouchers Worth Rs.500.08 Country: India | Sector: Retail
  9. 9. 10K NEW likes in 10 Days Likes on the Facebook Page 25000 22549 20000 15000 12313 10000 5000 0 Aug 9th Aug 19th *In a Span on 10 Days we added more than 10,000+ New Likes on the Facebook Page.09 Country: India | Sector: Retail
  10. 10. More Numbers - Reliance Trends Application • Total Engaged Users on Reliance Trends Page during the Campaign Period – 1,18,663 • Logged in Page Views during the campaign period – 1,42,692 • Total Reach i.e., number of people who have seen any content during the campaign time on the Page – 31,76,957 • Total Impressions – Number of people who saw any update/story about Reliance Trends on Facebook during the campaign – 1,25,51,34510 Country: India | Sector: Retail
  11. 11. Thank You! For more details regarding the Reliance Trends Case study, write to us at with your queries. Visit us at to learn more.11