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How 2 months of Social Media transformed Ampa Skywalk Mall's Facebook page!


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How 2 months of Social Media engagement transformed Ampa Skywalk Mall's Facebook page!

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How 2 months of Social Media transformed Ampa Skywalk Mall's Facebook page!

  1. 1. Country: India | Sector: Mall Marketing Ampa Skywalk Mall Case Study How 2 months of Social Media engagement transformed Ampa Skywalk Mall’s Facebook page! Ampa Skywalk Mall is one of the largest Shopping Malls in Chennai, India. December 2011 Bangalore, India1
  2. 2. 6 Country: India | Sector: Mall MarketingIn a period of days Fans by more than 1,100% from approximately Increased 720 likes to over 8,900 likes engagement regular content amazing apps & more! posts views post feedback & manifold2
  3. 3. Country: India | Sector: Educational Services Mall MarketingAbout Spread over an area of about 3 lakh sq. ft, Ampa Skywalk is Chennais most popular destination mall where shopping & leisure is at its best! Previously largely banked on traditional marketing. They decided to use social platforms in Aug-Sept 2011.Objectives Drive footfalls and to drive sale for in mall brands. To extend the mall engagement online. Strengthening relationship with frequent mall visitors. Attract new customers To build up a community of Skywalk lovers. Use social media and Facebook’s features to communicate about stores, movie schedules, etc.3
  4. 4. Educational Services Country: India | Sector: Mall MarketingActivities Done Welcome tab:- By Default Fans would land on the Welcome Tab, for a overview of what Ampa Skywalk mallis all about. The Landing page changes based on any new communication Store Locator:- We created “Store Locator” tab to help fans locate stores on Facebook. It saves them fromthe pain of going from floor to floor to locate a particular store. PVR Schedule:- A “PVR Schedule” tab will help them to check out all the recent flicks at Ampa PVR. Contest Tab:-“Contest Tab” was developed to have a higher engagement with the user base. Other:- Regular Press releases were also shared on the Facebook page.- Poll and questions to know customers preferences, their likes etc.- Frequent updates were made to generate healthy response to our content.- Queries were resolved. 4
  5. 5. Country: India | Sector: Educational Services Mall MarketingWelcome The welcome tab is the first thing any fan would see when they visit the page. The welcome tab is a static page with a simple like us text that clearly talks about the mall and a line which speaks about the brand.5
  6. 6. Mall Marketing Country: India | Sector: Educational ServicesStore Locator This idea was purely out of insight. A mall is a very big place and looking out for a particular store in a 4 storied mall is mighty task To tackle this issue, we came up with this simple tab to let the fans know about a particular store’s location Selecting the floor from the drop-down menu will display all the stores in that particular floor.6
  7. 7. Country: India | Sector: Mall MarketingPVR Schedule This tab lets user check out movies lined up every week at Ampa’s PVR. They don’t have to flick through pages of a paper or Google to find out about movie updates.7
  8. 8. Country: India | Sector: Mall MarketingDiwali Contest Tab This contest was created having in mind the need for a special engagement program with the fans, and incentivizing them for their contribution to the page.8
  9. 9. Country: India | Sector: Mall MarketingFans show their love on AmpaSkywalk Mall’s Facebook page9
  10. 10. Country: India | Sector: Mall MarketingRegular updates by Ampa Skywalk10
  11. 11. Country: India | Sector: Mall MarketingTargeted Advertising on Facebook We executed targeted Facebook ads for Ampa Skywalk. The Ad campaign were targeted to registered Facebook users in Chennai between the age of 17 and 35, hence reaching the right audience The ad campaign was hugely successful as we over shot our targets and added over 8,000 likes in about 2 months.11
  12. 12. Country: India | Sector: Mall MarketingNo. of Fans/Likes on Facebook 1st Dec 1st Nov 1st Oct 4,128 8,966 72112
  13. 13. Country: India | Sector: Mall MarketingNo. of new likes added in the monthsof October & November new new 3,501 4,978 October 1st - November 1st November 1st - December 1st13
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