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Social Media Case Study: IRIS Home Fragrances


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Social Media Case Study on IRIS Home Fragrances. How AliveNow launched the IRIS Home Fragrances facebook page and engaged with the audience with Campaigns and applications.

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Social Media Case Study: IRIS Home Fragrances

  1. 1. Case Study: IRIS Home Fragrances on FacebookHow AliveNow launched the IRIS Fragrances page on Facebook and engaged with the audience.
  2. 2. Background• Ripple Fragrances is the spatial fragrance division of the NR group which was established in 1948 and is the market leader in incense sticks with its flagship brand “Cycle”.• IRIS Home Fragrances is the leader in the Indian Home fragrances market. Their mission is to provide “complete sensory delight through fragrances and forms which complements one’s lifestyle.”• They decided to use social platforms to take the Age Old power of Fragrances to every home. Make IRIS Home Fragrances the one stop solution for all Home Décor needs and Wellness.
  3. 3. Objectives• Increase the awareness of the brand among the modern consumer and connect with the target audience.• Make IRIS the one stop solution for all home fragrance related queries, wellness and home decor.• Share tips and wellness advice with fans and impart the age old knowledge of fragrances and well being.• Engage fans on a daily basis on the page, with regular updates, engagement modules etc.• To build up a community where fans can share their experience with home décor, wellness & fragrances.
  4. 4. Activities Done (Introduction) Regular status updates and content We made regular Updates on the page, driving engagement on the Page and to share information and Tips on Home Décor, Wellness and Fragrant stories. Welcome Page for IRIS Home Fragrances We designed and developed a welcome page for IRIS Home Fragrances, which would showcase the different categories of Fragrance Products from IRIS . Outlet Locator app This was to help fans locate stores from Facebook. We further divided the functionality to stores and virtual Stores. Users has the ability to view stores across states in India and also see the various online stores. Products app We created a IRIS Home Fragrances Products application, where we showcased the different products from IRIS.
  5. 5. Campaigns and Contests (Overview)Fragrance Day Contestwe celebrated Fragrance Day by asking the Fans to decide for them whatfragrance best defined their personality!Mother’s Day Campaignwe did a campaign giving the Fan’s to express their Love for their Mom onMother’s Day. We also announced Winners and created Certificates.Father’s Day Campaigncelebrated Father’s Day by asking fans why their father is the “Worlds BestFather” and select a product that they would like to gift their father on thespecial day!
  6. 6. Application’s and Tabs
  7. 7. Welcome Tab • The welcome tab is the first thing any fan would see when they land on page. • On the Welcome Page we showcased the different products categories from IRIS Home Fragrances in an automated slideshow format, the fan had the ability to like or comment on the application.
  8. 8. Products Application • We designed and developed a comprehensive products application. • We showcased the different Products available from IRIS Home Fragrances, with a description of the product, Product code and the different fragrances the product was available in. • The fan had the ability to select the product category he wished to see more information on in a drop down menu, as showcased in the image.
  9. 9. Products Application• We made this an automated slideshow, the Fan also had the ability to navigate between the products manually as well.• The Fans also had the ability to leave a comment on the Application and post it to their Facebook Profile. Link to the Application on Facebook: m/iris.home.fragrances/ap p_122251714566493
  10. 10. Outlet Locator • We created a application on Facebook, from where the Fan has the ability to locate outlets across all states in India. • When ever a Fan hovers over a state and clicks on the map all the outlet address from that where fans can get IRIS Home Fragrance products is displayed. • We also incorporated the various Virtual stores.
  11. 11. Outlet Locator • When a Fan selects a Virtual Store from where he/she is looking to buy the product, it takes them to that Virtual Shops page where the products are displayed. • The Fan also has the ability to comment and ask queries on Link to the Application on Facebook: the application. 626011
  12. 12. Campaign’s & Contests
  13. 13. Fragrance Day Campaign • We came up with a campaign to celebrate Fragrance Day. • We asked Facebook Fans to wish their friends on Fragrance Day by selecting a fragrance that resembled their friend the most. • The Fan had to select the Fragrance and the Friend, a message was auto posted on the participants and the friends wall, wishing them a happy Fragrance day and the fragrance they associated their friend with.
  14. 14. Fragrance Day Campaign• The contest went Viral and the Fan base grew quiet exceptionally.• We announced 25 lucky winners at the end of the contest.• The winner’s shared their feedback on our products after receiving the gift. Below some of the messages we received from Fans who took part in the contest!
  15. 15. Mother’s Day Campaign • We celebrated Mother’s Day by asking the Fans to surprise their moms by sending across their wish for Mother’s Day. • We created a Certificate for each entry we received and published the same on Facebook. • At the end of the contest we selected 10 Lucky Winners and mailed them a Gift for their Mom!
  16. 16. Mother’s Day Campaign • The concept was simple leave a message for your mother and Win a Gift for Her from IRIS Home Fragrances. • Messages from Fans started pouring, we created a certificate for every participant. • The Winners of the Contest expressed their Joy in having won a Gift from IRIS Home Fragrances for their mother!
  17. 17. Father’s Day Campaign • We celebrated Father’s Day Campaign by inviting Fans to select the Product that they would like to Gift their Dad on Father’s Day! • The user had to select a Product that they would love to gift their Father and share a message with us, telling us why their Father is the Worlds Best Father! • We added many New Fans as the campaign went Viral and lot of buzz and conversation was generated on the Page. • At the end of the Campaign we selected 15 lucky winners who took part in the contest and mailed them the Gift they had selected for their Father!
  18. 18. Father’s Day Campaign • We announced the Winners on our Facebook Page after the campaign ended! • Fans shared their delight in Winning a Gift From IRIS Home Fragrances! The participants where sportive and congratulated the winners!
  19. 19. Updates & Queries on the Page!
  20. 20. Frequent Updates & Queries
  21. 21. Frequent Updates & Queries
  22. 22. Facebook Analytics
  23. 23. Total Likes on IRIS Home Fragrances Facebook Page Likes on Facebook Page 10000 9,039 9000 8000 7000 6,483 6000 5000 4000 3000 2,379 2,434 2000 1000 246 0 February March April May June (20th) *All data are from 1st February, 2012 to 20th June, 2012.
  24. 24. Level of Engagement on IRIS Home Fragrances Facebook Page Engagement Level 180000 1,56,640 160000 140000 120000 100000 90,145 80000 63,235 60000 38,401 40000 20000 214 0 February March April May June (20th) *All data are from 1st February, 2012 to 20th June, 2012.
  25. 25. Reach of IRIS Home Fragrances Facebook Page Reach 6000000 54,17,220 51,65,098 5000000 4000000 31,05,953 3000000 2000000 15,83,971 1000000 3549 0 February March April May June (20th) *All data are from 1st February, 2012 to 20th June, 2012.
  26. 26. Impression’s on IRIS Home Fragrances Facebook Page Impression 2,50,00,000 2,07,15,178 2,00,00,000 1,53,57,076 1,50,00,000 1,20,72,406 1,00,00,000 54,42,414 50,00,000 12,687 0 February March April May June (20th) *All data are from 1st February, 2012 to 20th June, 2012.
  27. 27. Thank You!For more details regarding the IRIS Home Fragrances Case study, write to us at with your queries.Visit us at to learn more.