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Case Study: UniverCell Mahesh Guarantee


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Case Study: UniverCell Mahesh Guarantee

Online and Offline integration of the UniverCell Mahesh Gaurantee campaign and the successful use of Facebook to promote, inform and engage the audience.

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Case Study: UniverCell Mahesh Guarantee

  1. 1. Case Study: UniverCell Mahesh GuaranteeOnline and Offline integration of the UniverCell Mahesh Gaurantee campaign and the successful use of Facebook to promote, inform and engage the audience.
  2. 2. Objectives • Wanted to sell Samsung range of mobiles and came up with Mahesh Babu Guarantee contest. • Wanted their loyal base of customers to make use of this contest by UniverCell. • Wanted the highest level of interaction and also to know how they used mobiles and their perception about mobiles. • To spread the word about UniverCell through social media. • They wanted to have a reach of at least 10,000 fans in a month’s time.
  3. 3. Strategy • Everyone who purchases a Samsung Mobile from UniverCell gets something from Super Star Mahesh Babu. • Facebook was chosen as the right platform to communicate the message to the target audience. • Anyone who took part in the contest can choose their own gift from the list. • To have the TA get involved, we created a cool looking app where a person can choose their dream Samsung smart phone and then share it with their friends. They will also be rewarded with Mahesh Babu Goodies like Mug, T- Shirt or a poster.
  4. 4. Mahesh Guarantee App - Landing PageThe Fans will land onthis page and they willbe asked to like thePage in order toparticipate in thecontest.Once they hit‘Like’, they will beshown the app wherethey can choose theirdesired Samsungsmart phone.
  5. 5. Mahesh Guarantee App - Smart phonesThe Fans can select theirdesired Samsung Mobile and inthe next step they can fill inthe form and get a chance tomeet Mahesh directly or winMahesh Babu goodies.They can also ask theirfriends to participate in thiscontest and they too can getlucky!
  6. 6. Mahesh Guarantee App - Contact Form1. Their details like Name, E- mail, Mobile Numbers were collected.2. Various other questions were asked about mobile phones.3. Finally, once they click ‘Submit’, they were eligible either to meet Mahesh or Win loads of goodies of Mahesh!
  7. 7. Mahesh Guarantee App - InfoFans were alsoinstructed throughthe Info app aboutthe offline activities.They get to knowthe details of thecontest and thegoodies to be won.
  8. 8. Fan Submissions & Active ParticipationThere was a huge response from the fans andthey actively participated in the contest.This activity happened across all the outletsof UniverCell in Andhra Pradesh.Some pictures ofthe fans whoparticipated in theMaheshGuaranteeContest that weresubmitted onFacebook.
  9. 9. Fan Submissions & Active ParticipationThe fans whoparticipated were fromall across AndhraPradesh and they wereinquisitive to knowabout thedevelopments of thecontest.There were instanceswhere many fanscame in with theirfriends and took picsat the outlet andthen posted it on ourwall.
  10. 10. Regular Updates/Engagement with the AudienceApart from facebookapplications, the UniverCell pagehad regular updates where therewas a huge response even onweekdays!A sample update where therewere 72 likes and a whooping 18shares! This is also a sample ofthe kind of posts we made forUniverCell: They wererelevant, interesting, engagingand creative.
  11. 11. Regular Updates/Engagement with the AudienceA sample question thatgot a huge responsewhere 1496 fans votedand had a total reachof over 14,000.The virality was 7.5%which is a good thingfor a brand likeUniverCell.Also, we mixed thestatus updates withquestions, did youknows, promos, etc.
  12. 12. Regular Updates/Engagement with the AudienceSome more sampleupdates on the page
  13. 13. Targeted Facebook AdsUniverCell wanted a fan base of 10,000 in just 2 weeks and we achieved thesethrough highly targeted Facebook ads. The ads were shown ONLY to residentsof Andhra Pradesh ONLY in cities where the UniverCell Mahesh Guaranteeoffer was going on. We achieved and exceeded the target and got 10,000+relevant and accurate fans in a 2 week period.
  14. 14. Increase in Fans/Likes during the campaign UniverCell Facebook Page Likes1200010000 8000 6000 10079 8439 4000 5062 2000 0 566 0 April 2nd April 9th April 16th April 23rd April 30th