Case Study – Kaati Zone on Facebook a Social Media report from Jan – June 2011!


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How Kaati Zone built its brand on facebook, engaged with its fans, created a buzz about its products and service, built a personal relationship with customer and increased footfalls to the outlets? How AliveNow helped leverage Facebook optimally for Kaati Zone in this case study!

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Case Study – Kaati Zone on Facebook a Social Media report from Jan – June 2011!

  1. 1. Kaati Zone on FacebookKaati Zone Social Media Report - Jan to June 2011
  2. 2. Objectives of social media engagement for the Kaati Zone brand• Build the brand’s presence on Facebook and create a recognizable identity for Kaati Zone’s products and services• Engaging with customers of Kaati Zone on any issue required.• Create a buzz about the products and get the word going around by creating more online conversations.• Keep a track of all the online conversations happening and attend to any problems, if needed.• Spread word of mouth - Customers need to be assured about the product before they try it.• On Facebook, they hear from the people who are customers and they share their experiences and feedback resulting in a higher probability of purchase.
  3. 3. • Build a more personal relationship with the customer. Here we talk to the customer as a brand so their queries are solved their complaints are taken care of, so they would be positive about the brand. Its like taking feedback and accordingly improving the services. It makes the brand more accessible to the customer.• Having various campaigns and driving more footfalls to the outlets• You can communicate directly to your specific market.• A great mode of communication - delivering information about latest happenings and news.• Keep making regular posts in order to keep the customers updated and giving them a reminder about the brand.• It’s a way where communication happens between business and many potential customers.• Find out what your customers want - Listen to them.• Give a chance to let your customers play an active role in the business. Let them give suggestions and share what they like and what they don’t. It might even give birth to new ideas and suggestions.
  4. 4. Activities Done (Introduction)• Default landing page, the new fans will land up on this page which welcomes them and asks them to like us.• A separate menu application to view the complete menu on Facebook.• Location tab to share comprehensive information about various Kaati Zone locations.• Various campaigns like the Roll N Score Offer.• Press releases about new eats and dishes.• Regular posts about different products and updates to keep reminding the fans of Kaati Zone, capturing the mind space.• Poll and questions to know customers preferences, their likes etc.
  5. 5. Menu• Posting the Menu on the Facebook page.• Giving all customers the ability to browse the menu on Facebook.• As Kaati Zone does home delivery it gives the customers an option to see the menu on Facebook• The Menu is up and live and the link to it posted on the wall when uploaded.• Even now whenever there are some posts related to the food available, information about the variety etc the link to the menu is posted when we respond to queries.
  6. 6. Communication about new store openings • Announcing the store opening at Hyderabad. • Posting the details about the store. • Created a new tab and posted the creative.• Updates about the store moving.• Posting the details about where its opening• Posting the creative of the new store in Indiranagar.
  7. 7. Facebook Campaigns• Roll N Score offer – The offer was launched during the World Cup, integrating the on ground Roll N Score campaign. – The fans had to fill in a simple form that would add 4 runs to their score. – If they wanted 4 more runs then they had to answer some world cup related questions, i.e Predict the teams for Semi-finals, finals, World Cup winner and Man of the tournament. – Two tabs were made for the two rounds on Facebook to score runs i.e Roll N Score tab and World Cup tab. – The Roll N Score tab was set as a default landing page. – The offer details were mentioned in a different note. The note link was mentioned below the both the offer tabs. – These entries were then combined at the end of the World Cup Tournament and the scores were added to the participants scores that they made by ordering the food from Kaati Zone.
  8. 8. Roll N Score Tab - 1• This tab was set as a default landing page. It would appear whenever a person lands up on the page.• For the non-fans the default landing page was a creative with the offer info and said “like us to participate. So they have to like to participate which would lead to fan increase.• Then the fans just had to fill in a form to get 4 runs added to their account.• The link to score 4 more runs was given below the form.• The detailed contest info note link was also mentioned below.• The entries received via the forms resulted more database.
  9. 9. World Cup Quiz Tab - 2• The second part of the offer required fans to guess the winning teams for the QFs, Semi-Finals, Finals and the winner.• The fans who had filled in their details in the form where compared to the comments received on the questions and then given 4 more runs.• There were approx 15 comments received on all the questions.• There were approx 11 people who had entered their details in the first tab.
  10. 10. Communications - Press Releases • Posted various press releases on a regular basis. • To integrate information being shared in the offline media with online media. • To communicate to people by posting a third party reviews. • Posted the press releases with a catchy sentence to grab the audience’s attention and make them read it.
  11. 11. Location Tab • The location tab has four buttons. • The buttons are of the 4 cities i.e Bangalore, Chennai, Mumbai and Hyderabad where Kaati Zone outlets are. • The addresses of all the outlets are given to help customers to find the nearest store. • The header says “How about a quick bite?” to entice customers for a quick grab and it even helps in positioning the brand as a fast food joint or a quick service restaurant (QSR).
  12. 12. Online Ordering Application• We built an amazing application to give fans the ability to order Kaati Rolls right from Facebook!• We embedded the online ordering application from to Kaati Zone Facebook page• We created a tab from where the fan can enter the application. ( Tab picture given on the right)• The application image is given below.• The backend process of the order reaching the customer is handled by only
  13. 13. Completelook & feel of the online ordering application Application can be accessed
  14. 14. Roll of the Day (ROTD) Offer • We promoted the on ground marketing campaign “Roll of the Day” on the page. • We created a separate tab for the ROTD creative and added comment box for the fans who want to comment on the offer. • For the first week of the offer we announced the name of everyday’s roll. The tone initially was informational and promotional in nature. • After a week we started to post more inviting messages Eg. Have you have today’s roll?? Or why don’t you try this roll its available at a special Roll of the Day price!
  15. 15. Offer Updates
  16. 16. Feedback Form• We created a tab with a feedback form.• The customer can fill in this form and it goes directly to the marketing heads of Kaati Zone.• The feedback form was designed and created considering the customers have less time.
  17. 17. Frequent Updates
  18. 18. Kaati Zone Facebook Ads• We began the Facebook Ad campaign for Kaati Zone in the month of June.• The total budget given was Rs. 10,000/- as this was just a trial period.• The number of fans before ads was 566 and after the ads it shot up to over 1,600 in the month of June and will eventually reach about 1,800 - 1,900.
  19. 19. The total number of people who have liked the Page from January to June 20111800 16571600 The rise in number of1400 total number of fans is due to Kaati Zone Ads12001000800 533 556 566600 446 479400200 0 Jan Feb Mar April May June
  20. 20. No. of new likes every month from January - June 20111200 11111000 The rise in number of new fans is due to Kaati Zone Ads800600400200 146 39 61 24 14 0 Jan Feb March April May June
  21. 21. Daily Page Views from users logged into Facebook from January to June 20112000 19091800 The rise in number of1600 Page Views is due to Kaati Zone Ads140012001000800 695 639 528600 374400 298200 0 Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun
  22. 22. Daily The number of likes and comments made on News Feed stories posted on the Page from January to June 2011300 266250 The rise in number of200 likes and comments is due to Kaati Zone Ads150100 47 4450 31 16 11 0 Jan Feb Mar Apr May June
  23. 23. Fan’s love!!(Posted on Kaati Zone’s wall)