Customer oriented aiesec


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Customer oriented aiesec

  1. 1. Customer Oriented AIESEC UoM Thessaloniki
  2. 2. Customer experience management Customers? 1. EPs 2. Interns 3. Members Experience 1. Eps→ From the moment we take the contact until the EP returns 2. Interns→ From the moment we receive or show interest until we leave him/her at the airport 3. Members → From the moment we take the contact or they show interest until they leave AIESEC Management? CO – delivery With other LCs and our Customers
  3. 3. Why emphasize on it? Because that’s what Leaders do WE CARE We cant talk about big numbers but not about quality experiences!
  4. 4. I am living an amazing experience and I want to ensure that others will do too
  5. 5. How will we ensure that? NPS→ the data(not the strategy) CEM→ How we transform the data into action Costumer Loyalty→ what we want to achieve
  6. 6. Net Promoters Score • Increasing response rate • Firefighting • Top reasons for promoters and detractors for each stage. Stages EPs & interns: Match, realize, complete Members: every 6 months
  7. 7. We need to ask ourselves , how can I make your XP better? Globally 1/4 people tell us that GCDP--> there was no alignment to the TN form (what was promised) 1/5 tell us that GCDP/GIP--> they did not get logistical support(pickup, phone, home) 1/06 tell us that GCDP--> they had a bad XP (detractor)
  8. 8. Locally 1.03-5.09 Total NPS Score %of promoters Complete Response rate on complete Match Realize Complete
  9. 9. iGCDP (put promoters and detractors stories for all 4 sectors and TMP/TLP)
  10. 10. MOST IMPORTANTLY the first thing we need to Listen to our costumers and not judge
  11. 11. CEM Engage >engage more of our customers through conversation >engage more of our members to understanding why should we be a costumer oriented AIESEC Respond >respond to customer feedback by improving our processes >respond to customer by better engagement in being home and host entity Promote > platform for costumers to showcase and share their XP (teach them how)
  12. 12. Creating a CEM culture • Taking action according to the feedback we are given on NPS from our Customers. • Create a CEM culture in our Teams. Everything we do will be evaluated by our costumers. • NPS reports in team meetings, in newsletters, in LC meetings • Showcase the stories of Loyal Costumers
  13. 13. Costumer experience management is not something you only do once, it is a daily effort. If we say, yes we are costumer centric and we stop trying to be , then we will stop being
  14. 14. What is our promise? One AIESEC Deliver our promise to our costumers, deliver high quality XPs everyday, everywhere
  15. 15. And how will keep our promise? Listen to our costumers and not judge