GIP Monthly Meeting May 2014


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GIP Monthly Meeting May 2014

  1. 1. GIP Monthly Meeting May 2014
  2. 2. How are you doing??
  3. 3. Agenda Performance Updates Consultancy Output Matching Updates! Operations & Transition Quality for GIP Fruit Peak changes
  4. 4. Indicator Last 90 days (completed) NPS 44 (38) RR 42% (30%) % Promoters 59% (58%) Cases Open/Total Cases 51/83 Promoters Detractors Communication by the Host LC (4%) Support by the host entity during the experience (8%) Objectives of the Program (4%) Integration into the local chapter (5%) The Selection Interview (4%) Accommodation (5%) Net Promoter Score
  5. 5. Top oGIP Ma Q2 Top iGIP Ma Q2
  6. 6. Global Realisation Forecast
  7. 7. iGIP Consultancy Output How can we stop iGIP members from dropping out so quickly? How can we get our LCPs more committed to growing iGIP in their LCs? How can we increase the sales intensity of our LCs? How can we increase the sales intensity of our LCs? How do we know if we need to improve our talent capacity to grow in iGIP?
  8. 8. What do the following images have in common? GIP Golden Forms Guaranteed responses. Faster Matching.
  9. 9. GIP Golden Forms  A google spreadsheet with top forms in marketing and teaching from the top 8 TN suppliers for Summer 2014  Brazil, MoC, Colombia, Czech Republic, Germany, India, Mexico, Turkey  All EPs and EP Managers are welcome  How will this be faster? Everything is in one place, and we have rules to speed up communication and matching!!
  10. 10. GIP Golden Forms Rules for EPs and EP Managers 1. CC the MC of the iGIP entity on every email and the EP application 2. Apply only to TNs for which you meet the requirements 3. Respond to all TN Manager emails within 48 hours 4. Attend all interviews for TNs you apply to, unless you have been matched 5. You can have a maximum of 10 ongoing applications If an EP breaks a rule, their EP form will be put on hold
  11. 11. GIP Golden Forms Rules for TN Managers 1. Respond to all EP emails and EP applications within 48 hours 2. When an EP applies for a TN, they must be given an interview with time and date or a rejection within 7 days If a TN Manager doesn’t follow these rules, their TN will be kicked out of the Golden Forms
  12. 12. GIP Golden Forms If everyone is qualified for the TNs they are applying for . . . And everyone is communicating with each other quickly . . . And the interviews happen as soon as possible . . . There’s no reason we can’t match our Marketing and Teaching forms for Summer Peak!!
  13. 13. GIP Golden Forms  Start using the Golden Forms today to match your EPs!  If you have any questions or suggestions email  If anyone breaks a rule email  Even if you don’t have TNs on Golden Forms, you should start enforcing these rules in your entity
  14. 14. Brazil  TN Managers have to respond to EPs within 48 hours (tracked by NST)  If TN Managers don’t respond to EPs within 48 hours or if the company or EPs complain about the TN Manager, then . . .  First time they get a warning  Second time their LC loses points in Brazil’s challenge  Third time the TN gets rejected and the LC can’t raise TNs until they solve the issues
  15. 15. Matching Updates! Golden Forms! Matching Mania Teaching S&D Knowledge GCP: Greece & Ukraine GCP: Brazi
  16. 16. Matching Mania Teaching
  17. 17. • Bring TN and EP forms with start date of July or August • Ensure ALL LCs that are doing the Teaching sub product (Specifically 3 month and 6 month English teaching) are at the MATCHING MANIA • iGIP Entities can bring promotion booklet for their teaching TNs and upload them here - Promotion Booklets for Teaching TNs • iGIP MCs and LCs can upload their reception information/toolkits here - Reception information • oGIP LCs can have EP Managers and EPs on the chat space as well • Be aware of Product, duration, start and end date and language requirements while bringing TN forms, EP forms/EPs Preparation for Matching Mania!
  18. 18. How will the space run? We will showcase top TN forms across each teaching product Email LCs clear action steps on how to match faster Track matches of LCs attending matching mania
  19. 19. What will be the follow up by AI? Email MCs a list of LCs that attended Email LCs clear action steps on how to match faster Track matches of LCs attending matching mania
  20. 20. S&D Knowledge S&D for Global Product is updated! Fill out your search tool and find others! AFT Updated! (Live and Offline ones) Match Wiki for continuous updates
  21. 21. Matching in Partnerships Classify your current supply in products. Use AFT Classify the products in your LC’s Classify your partners supply in products Connect your & your partner entity’s LC’s Track the matches in LC’s Communicate with your partner (MC VP or NST)
  22. 22.  Greece raised a large marketing contract with a hotel chain for Ukrainian EPs—there was no partnership before, so they had to make one fast!  Greece contacted LCs in Ukraine and gave very specific EP profiles for them to raise  Communication between the LCs was daily, with Skype meetings and emails  The LCs in Ukraine started visa paperwork in advance so that delivery would be easy Three Tips for Matching from Greece: 1) Clear product – TN requirements and EP profiles 2) Daily communication 3) Clarify visa processes and requirements at the very beginning Greece – Ukraine Partnership: 40 GIP Matches in 2014
  23. 23. Quality for GIP
  24. 24. What Are We Trying to Achieve? NPS = 48
  25. 25. Integration What’s Keeping Us from NPS of 48? Our NPS for GIP is 38 16% of our passive and detractors recommend we improve integration JD Clarity Accommodatio n 15% of our passive and detractors recommend we improve JD clarity 12% of our passive and detractors recommend we improve accommodatio n
  26. 26. If we eliminate these three issues, our NPS will be 48 2015 NPS Goal Achieved!!
  27. 27. How Can We Improve Integration?  Understand the EP’s integration expectations between match and realization  Make an integration plan with each EP upon reception of what activities they’d like to do and be involved with  On the EP’s first day, run a 1-day integration agenda with the TN-taker, the EP Manager, and the EP  EP buddies with clear JD, training, and tracking
  28. 28. How Can We Improve JD Clarity?  Ensure a professional working environment for the EP with a clear MoS for the EP  Ensure the company provides training and support for the EP to do their JD  Give a suggested working agenda to the TN-taker for the first two weeks  Make sure the salary payment process is clear and always followed
  29. 29. How Can We Improve Accommodation?  Before realization, clarify with every EP the plan for their accommodation  Set accommodation standards with your LCs  Only have EPs housed in safe neighborhoods
  30. 30. Quality for GIP  If you have more suggestions or materials for these detractor issues, email  Stay tuned for the Quality Wiki to have more content on these issues in the next week!  Address these issues with your VPs now!
  31. 31. Operations management & transition
  32. 32. Who has already started MC transition?
  33. 33. Which of you has your elects running most operations?
  34. 34. Add your MC VPs 1415 to the Global MC VP Contact List!!
  35. 35. Have working time to make it happen! Be clear when your successor is taking over and make sure he/she is directly driving it! Plan key activities to support from MC level until end of your term Have a clear direction and mandate for LC level, starting with knowing your RE for Q3! What to do to keep running operations?
  36. 36. Changes
  37. 37. What is happening during making a match? Match! Upload TN and EP ILs & ANs Adjust Field of Work to 1 primary and 1 secondary in for TN and 2&2 for EP forms
  38. 38. What information can I access?
  39. 39. How does it work? Capacity indicators
  40. 40. How does it work? Capacity indicators • You can check % of people in functions – Both exchange and exchange support • You can check % of people by process – In Raise, Match, Delivery, Re- integration, Re-raising • You can check % of people by process for ALL teams or for teams in SPECIFIC FUNCTION
  41. 41. How does it work? Productivity
  42. 42. How does it work? • You can check the formula used everywhere by clicking on the i (for information) tab • To be able to have accurate information around productivity and capacity indicators ALL TEAMS being created starting TODAY will have to assign exchange process and exchange function • There is also a small modification while doing role assignment so that for every member in a team we can assign specific exchange processes
  43. 43. Work with the MCVP TM to ensure ALL GIP teams are on You can choose to modify roles of existing teams if you want the data to be more accurate Start tracking your focus LCs in GIPs productivity, number of members and % supporting exchange process through Educate LCs on how to use these changes Track your talent planning and manage talent pipeline using capacity indicators
  44. 44. Golden Forms: dzil1Q/edit S&D: N0phRS05a3NWeVE&usp=drive_web#gid=9 Live AFT: Offline AFT: Match GIP Wiki: Global 1415 Contact List: UQkNkWC1FX1E&usp=docslist_api#gid=1 Global Realization Forecast: Yk3hUI/edit#gid=0 Links