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ERE Conference 2016 - Scott Weaver


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Looking at Candidate Experience in a different way. Through respecting people, recruiting efficiency, recruitment marketing, employment brand, and data. Candidate Experience isn't an obligation... it's an opportunity.

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ERE Conference 2016 - Scott Weaver

  1. 1. Imagine if you could… Matt Jeffrey …be one of the originators of employment brand. …have a mobile strategy in 2011. Mike Bailen …figure out how to hire 100% of your applicants through a candidate nurturing strategy.
  2. 2. What do you think of Tim? Tim Huang Experience Senior Account Executive at Recruiting Vendor 2015 - Present Public Relations Manager at Mobile Video Provider 2014 - 2015 Scientific Recruiter II at Staffing Company 2012 - 2014 Marketing Intern at Public Relations Agency 2011 Education National Taiwan University B.S., Biochemical Technology Languages: Chinese, English
  3. 3. Scott Weaver wrote: If one of you sing well, you can do a bit for me during my presentation. ;) Tim Huang wrote: I don't know how serious you are, but I am pretty serious. Use Somebody Cover Scott Weaver wrote: Get the hell out of here! You’re in! I am serious. Do you like Tim more now? Tim’s an amazing singer
  4. 4. Process Efficiency Internal Mobility Employment Brand Pipelines Marketing Sourcing Mobile Candidate Experience Technology/ATS/CRM Employee Referrals Talent Community University Executive Diversity Imagine what you will do to solve your recruiting dilemmas.
  5. 5. But you’re not measured on… OR
  6. 6. You’re measured on… + = happy boss
  7. 7. It started with process efficiency. Applicant Flow with 26 total statuses Unscreened Career Center Submission Recruiter Submission Referral Submission Candidate Withdrew None – automated ***5 day promise*** Workflow:a:Unscreened-Recruiter Submission Workflow:b:Unscreened-Referral Submission Workflow:c:Unscreened-Candidate Withdrew Screened Rejected In Review Follow-Up Recruiter Left Message Recruiter Interview Completed Out of Area Rejected After Recruiter Screen Workflow:d:Screened-Rejected (2-day delay) Workflow:e:Screened-In Review ***5 day promise*** Workflow:f:Screened-Follow-Up ***5 day promise*** Workflow:g:Screened-Recruiter Left Message Workflow:h:Screened-Recruiter Interview Completed Workflow:i:Screened-Out of Area Workflow:j:Screened-Rejected After Recruiter Phone Screen (2-day delay) Sent to Hiring Manager Submitted 1st Interview 2nd Interview 3rd Interview Candidate Withdrew Not Selected Workflow:k:Sent to Hiring Manager-Submitted Workflow:l:Sent to Hiring Manager-1st Interview (application) Workflow:m:Sent to Hiring Manager-Candidate Withdrew Workflow:n:Sent to Hiring Manager-Not Selected (2-day delay) Offer Process Background/Reference Check Initiated; Background/Reference Check Completed; Offer Extended; Offer Rescinded; Offer Declined; Offer Accepted Hired Hired; Send to Onboarding; Send to ADP
  8. 8. Here’s the process when we mess up. We apologize. Hi Lisa, Somehow this email got lost in the mix and I was terrible at following up with you. For that, I apologize. We brag about our “candidate experience” and then I mess up something like this… I’m truly sorry. Best, Scott
  9. 9. Then transparency.
  10. 10. Then transparency.
  11. 11. Auto-reply message to candidates after apply: Thank you for your interest in Cumming Corporation and taking the time to apply for the Director of Business Development career opportunity in London. Our goal as an organization is to provide a transparent, communicative, and respectful hiring process. To learn more about our process and what to expect, please click here. We look at every resume that comes in during the sourcing period of an open job within one business week from the day you apply – usually faster than that. As part of our process, you will receive a notification every time we move you into a new stage of the recruiting process and aim to be as up front as possible with you regarding your candidacy. The next step in our process is to determine if your background is a good match for our Director of Business Development opportunity. We will notify you within five business days either way. Standing by our commitment to provide a transparent hiring process, please feel free to check out our Glassdoor page and take a second to write about your amazing or… not-so-amazing experience in the interview section. Then transparency.
  12. 12. After that, we measured it a little. Time-to-fill Submitted to Interview Ratio Interview to Hire Ratio Before 37 50% 10% After 30 75% 33% Then we measured it a lot. Recruiter Career Center Submission Recruiter Submission In Review Follow-Up Out of State Rejected Recruiter Interview Complete Rejected After Recruiter Phone Screen Submitted 1st Interview Not Selected Recruiter 1 TOTAL FOR EACH STATUS: 1639 177 274 225 140 1252 211 48 167 41 65 AVERAGE FOR EACH STATUS: 46 5 8 6 4 35 6 1 5 1 2 HOW MANY UPDATES PER CANDIDATE? 1 9 6 7 12 1 8 34 10 40 25 Updates Per Candidate: 11 Accepted Offers: 98% Recruiter 2 TOTAL FOR EACH STATUS: 597 46 104 8 0 513 9 3 43 6 0 AVERAGE FOR EACH STATUS: 20 2 3 0 0 17 0 0 1 0 0 HOW MANY UPDATES PER CANDIDATE? 1 13 6 75 0 1 66 199 14 100 0 Updates Per Candidate: 1 Accepted Offers: 89% Recruiter Activity Data Every single recruiting KPI improved. Recruiter 1 Updates Per Candidate:11 Accepted Offers: 99% Recruiter 2 Updates Per Candidate: 1 Accepted Offers: 89%
  13. 13. So this guy says to me, “Now you have to do everything else.” Gerry Crispin
  14. 14. What is Candidate Experience? Meet the candidates where they are… THEN make it great.
  15. 15. *Data and graph from 2015 Talent Board North American Candidate Experience Research Report Over 130,000 candidates surveyed
  16. 16. Planning a vacation is exciting, but still a pain. Searching for a new job can be exciting, but still a pain. How do we make the job search experience as easy and exciting as possible while still impacting recruiting efficiency?
  17. 17. Our candidate journey… Topic Step 1 Step 2 Step 3 Step 4 Step 5 Step 6 Step 7 Step 8 Step 9 Step 10 Step 11 Step 12 Step 13 Step 14 Step 15 Planning a vacation process Talk to family/ friends Research destinations/ vacation spots Discuss more: type of vacation, cost, dates, cars, easiest way to buy Start looking to purchase Purchase Plan Itinerary: boat, hike, shop, etc. Confirmation email/ reminders/ up-sells Shopping, organizing, gym, tan, etc. Vacation starts: Travel to destination Problems at start of vacation: vouchers, etc. "Would I do this again?" Problems with planned activities: What do they do for you? Travel home You need vacation from your vacation Unpack Need to get ready for daily routine again Searching for a job process Talk to family/ friends Research job: Where are they looking to research a job more? Discuss more: What am I looking for in my new job? Need to capture attention the FIRST time. Apply to job. If I get this job, what will I do? Is there an alternative? Recruiting Process: Are we different? Yes. Are we memorable? Probably not. Candidate prepares for interview, we should prepare too. 1st Interview Did the interview suck? How did we balance and make up for a bad experience? Job Offer: End of process, but much more to be done. Getting a new job is a taxing process… Here are some more docs to fill out! Time to get ready to go back to work… at my new job. Its tough to get back in the swing of things at a new firm. Considerations I don't like my job, I want more challenge, I don’t like my boss, etc. Google, Indeed, Glassdoor, LI, Corporate site, Industry sites, friends salary, relo, date, JD, commute, culture, benefits, easy process Brand/ message compelling enough per source and per job reason Easy to apply, confirmation message, how is the apply memorable? They applied - now what? We should have more details. More branding. Transparent, communication, lasting memory, branding. 1 interview 'concierge'. Directions, schedule, bio's. Interview gift, consistent interviews. We need to know what happened. Follow-up and information. Why? Who? Talk to HM. Appoint senior leader. Apologize. Ask for criticism. Do we give them something?? Is our offer exciting? Does it encompass everything we've sold thus far? EASY AS POSSIBLE. 1 CONTACT. Reassurance throughout. We should be communicating during the dead period of offer and start. How? Make 1st day & next 90 the best they've ever had. How can we improve? We need help here. We need help with a better, more consistent brand message that compels people to apply. Less headhunting is necessary to scale at the rate we're currently growing. Better design/brand on main sources that speak to the reasons people are looking in the first place. We do this well… potentially "best-in-class". Recently re-branded email messaging. Is there anything we can add that won't be overkill? We're in the process of improving this. Lisa will be concierge for applicant communication post submission. Putting together branded directions/office instructions per location. Putting together Hiring Mgr bio's for candidates who interview. Creating interview gift box - sleek, simple gift, and a "take home" packet of info w/ benefits, culture, history, BU's/services, etc. Creating 1st day gift with branded supplies. Created "best-in-class" document for HM's and new hires. Still need to vastly improve interview communication and set interviewing and communication standards. Pre-apply period Application & TA Workflow Interview, Offer, Onboarding
  18. 18. Our candidate journey… Topic Step 1 Step 8 Planning a vacation process Talk to family/ friends Shopping, organizing, gym, tan, etc. Searching for a job process Talk to family/ friends Candidate prepares for interview, we should prepare too. Considerations I don't like my job, I want more challenge, I don’t like my boss, etc. 1 interview 'concierge'. Directions, schedule, bio's.
  19. 19. Based on the candidate journey roadmap, we decided to focus on the pre-apply period. • Why are candidates looking and market to those needs/wants. • Where are candidates looking and market in those channels. • What is most important to candidates in a new job/company. Market to those items. • Compelling, branded content that is truthful & transparent. • Content should inspire the consumer to take action. • Need to consider ROI, and measure impact of brand versus applies only. • Primary goal: enhanced digital presence and more organic applies (decrease headhunting). WE WANT TO CONSIDER AND REACT TO WHAT THE CANDIDATE IS SEEING, FEELING, AND "EXPERIENCING" FROM THE TIME THEY START THINKING ABOUT A NEW JOB... OR BEFORE.
  20. 20. But we’re too small/big! There goes that excuse! Applicant Flow - process Interview box/guide Video Dedicated CX Leader researches candidate lifecycle - process Send product to candidates Candidate Tour Recruiters focused on candidate touchpoints - process Coordinators travel Interview suites / Candidate lounges
  21. 21. But we don’t have a budget for that! There goes that excuse too! Cumming’s overall cost per candidate was $25.58 in 2015. Top 3 Sources at Cumming Corporation Cost Per Candidate Per Source Cost Per Quality Candidate Per Source Cost Per Candidate Interviewed Per Source Source #1 $3 $47 $171 Source #2 $21 $81 $600 Source #3 $12 $77 $667 You spend $100’s to get them in the door… and then… nothing?
  22. 22. Start your own journey Work with your recruiting team to develop an efficient applicant flow process where no stone is unturned. Map the candidate journey and apply your own strategy to it. Then execute. Tell your business what you’re doing. Remember that caring is not enough. Operational efficiency is key if you want to impact change. I promise…
  23. 23. Imagine what you will do to solve your recruiting dilemmas. Applicant Flow/Process Internal Mobility Employment Brand Pipelines Marketing Sourcing Mobile Candidate Experience Technology/ATS/CRM Employee Referrals Talent Community University Executive Diversity
  24. 24. Imagine what you will do to solve your recruiting dilemmas. The Candidate
  25. 25. Questions? Scott Weaver Cumming Corporation Director, Talent Acquisition & Development LinkedIn: Twitter: @IAmScottWeaver Applicant flow found at