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Pre Project Questionnaire


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This is a pre-project questionnaire that I created and that I'm proposing for distribution to students preceding especially major projects that account for significant percentages of students' grades. It is designed to determine project reasonability, if projects are grade or age appropriate for designated students, and if time allotments for completion and/or the length of projects are fair. It is additionally designed to determine if students are familiar with presentation methodology (i.e. PowerPoint presentations, brochures, and other templates, etc.), and if students have access to needed resources to complete any given projects. Essentially, it is designed as a means of determining which students are in need of assistance, as with supplies and other resources required for project completion, for the purpose of provision by respective schools or delegating instructors, as such would curtail student failure of projects due to a lack of resources or familiarity with presentation methods.

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Pre Project Questionnaire

  1. 1. Pre-Project QuestionnaireSchool Name: Location:Students Name:Grade/Section: Project Name:This questionnaire is designed to ascertain the reasonability of student projects, to determine if such projects are grade or ageappropriate for designated students, and if the time allotment and/or length of projects is fair. It is further designed to determineif students are familiar with presentation methodology, and if students have access to needed resources to complete assignedprojects.1. Are you knowledgeable of the required presentation methodology? Yes NoComments:2. Do you have sufficient access to a computer and the required software for completion of this project at yourschool, at home, or at a public library? Yes NoComments:3. Is transportation to or from school (after hours) or a public library for use of a computer an issue for you? Yes NoComments:4. Are you able to purchase the required supplies for this project? Yes NoComments:5. Do you feel that this project is reasonable/ appropriate for your grade or age group? Yes NoComments:
  2. 2. Pre-project Questionnaire Cont.6. Do you feel that you have been allotted an appropriate length of time to complete this project? Yes NoComments:7. Do you feel that this project is excessively laborious or too much to be completed as a single project or byany lone student, or do you feel that this should be a group project? Yes NoComments:8. Additional student comments: For office use only (Students: Please do not write below this area) ****Instructor feedback1. Are the resources available at school for the student to complete this project if he or she is not otherwiseprivileged them? Yes NoComments:2. Why do you feel that this project is reasonable and grade/age appropriate for the designated student(s)?3. Additional instructor comments: