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Strategic marketing for competitive advantage


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Strategic marketing for competitive advantage

  1. 1. Gain deeper insight into your competitors, customers and your technology capabilities Benefits include understanding of market needs, targeted selling to desirable customer segments, and strategic R&D to close technology gaps By Yekemi Otaru, Founder and Principal Strategist, YO! MarketingTM
  2. 2. Why do it? ◉ Company Alpha has a small sales team operating globally ◉ The team try to go after every lead without deep understanding of their customer segments ◉ Assume they get a map that shows them how to approach different customer groups ◉ They know how and who to chase and where to conserve resources ◉ They can lower costs and increase profitability with targeted selling Note: Company Alpha is a fictional company used for illustration purposes only.
  3. 3. The Big Idea Combine your understanding of customers, competitors and your technology capabilities to create the ultimate competitive advantage for your organisation
  4. 4. Comprehensive market strategyCustomer segmentation Technology capabilities Competitor analysis Content development strategy © YO! Marketing Limited, 2016
  5. 5. Comprehensive market strategy ◉Targeted customer value propositions ◉Market growth opportunities ◉Strategic R&D planning ◉Targeted sales efforts ◉Efficient utilisation of sales resources ◉Content aligned with market goals
  6. 6. How We Help We deliver relevant marketing insights for competitive advantage
  7. 7. Case studies Company X ◉ Increased profitability by focusing on customers with higher lifetime value and fewer support needs ◉ Added new revenue streams by identifying other adjacent services required already loyal customers Company Y ◉ Identified technology gaps in current capability ◉ Determined that technology gaps was worth several millions if closed ◉ Revised R&D plans to support revenue aspirations over three years More info on YO! Marketing’s full range of services Contact details or telephone +44 1224 605 977 or follow on Twitter @SmartSceptic to learn more