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So, you think you are rational


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We think we are rational people driven by our mind and logical thinking. But we do many daily irrational decisions, play our emotional dramas, suppress our dark side... How it really stands? What does science say about our rational behavior, emotions and decision making?

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So, you think you are rational

  1. 1. So, you think you are rational?Come on!Human aspects in daily life anddecision making…
  2. 2. have you ever …
  3. 3. … bought 2 pieces of something you needed justone piece to get the third one for FREE?… bought an expensive new mobile phone modelalthough you needed just basic functions?… cheated with (meal, gas, …) vouchers but youwould never steal money?
  4. 4. sounds familiar?
  5. 5. The power ofword (FOR) FREE
  6. 6. Experiment1  piece  of  Swiss  chocolate    15  cents  1  piece  of  ordinary  chocolate    1  cent  
  7. 7. cost difference 14 cents …
  8. 8. what would you buy?
  9. 9. Experiment results73%  bought  Swiss  chocolate  27%  bought  ordinary  chocolate  
  10. 10. but then comes a slight change …
  11. 11. Experiment alternation1  piece  of  Swiss  chocolate    14  cents  1  piece  of  ordinary  chocolate    for  FREE  
  12. 12. still the same cost difference 14 cents …
  13. 13. what would you buy now?
  14. 14. Experimentalternationresultsonly  31%  bought  Swiss  chocolate  (73%  before)  69%  bought  ordinary  chocolate  (27%  before)  
  15. 15. why such a change?what happened?
  16. 16. We are irrational if wesee the word FREEWe buy somethingdifferent than weneeded because of FREEeffect (1+1 free)We lose 30mins of ourtime filling questionnaireto get something (wedon’t need) for FREE
  17. 17. The  power  of  emoFons  
  18. 18. We  think  we  know  and  can  control  ourselves  
  19. 19. even if we areunder the stresshungry and tiredfrightenedsexually aroused
  20. 20. Experimentuniversity students filling questionnaireduring university lessons …
  21. 21. … and at home when sexually aroused
  22. 22. sexually  sensiFve  quesFons  
  23. 23. what do you think?was there any variance between theanswers?
  24. 24. Experiment results (extract)Ques%on   In  rest  state  (%)  Aroused  (%)  Difference  (%)  Will  12  year  girl  raise  your  aLenFon?   23   46   100  Could  you  have  sex  with  60year  old  woman?   7   23   229  Would  you  request  sex  even  if  your  partner  says  “No”?   20   45   125  Would  you  subs%tute  drugs  to  the  girl  with  intenFon  to  have  sex  with  you?   5   26   420  (!)  Would  you  go  out  to  buy  condom  even  if  it  can  result  in  girl’s  departure?   86   60   -­‐30  
  25. 25. emotions change our normal behaviorthere is no consistent person(nice or nasty guy)context changes our behavior(nice guy can become nasty)
  26. 26. observe your behavior and reactions under thestress, when hungry, or frightenedlearn the lessons to predict your“non standard” reactions
  27. 27. THE  POWER  OF  CHEATING  
  28. 28. would you ever steal money?never?
  29. 29. and have you ever…taken company pen?cheated with business trip report?taken somebody’s cola or milk in shared fridge?
  30. 30.    experiment    simple  mathemaFcal  test:    find  2  numbers  giving  10                              3  different  groups          50  cents  for  the  right  answer  
  31. 31. group 1: results checked by assistantand money paid by himgroup 2: participant only need to say result loudly, noproof requestedmoney paid directly by assistantgroup 3: results also only verballyno proof neededassistant pays plastic chipexchanged for money outside(indirect money)
  32. 32. would you cheatif being in group 2 or 3?
  33. 33. guess the results …
  34. 34. group 1 (control group): 3.5 solutions found inaveragegroup 2 (direct money, no proof): 6.2 solutions foundreported (participants stated without any proof ;)) in averagegroup 3 (indirect money: chip, no proof): 9.4 solutionsreported by participants in average
  35. 35. will Enron managers or big bank bankers steal yourwallet? probably not, but they did it with indirect (orelectronic) moneycheating is easier when money are indirect (we would notsteal 10 USD but take coke 6 pack from the fridge)260% difference in experiment!!!
  36. 36. we logically justify moral aspects if stolenmoney are indirect
  37. 37. Why  all  these  things  happen?  
  38. 38. … and itsstructurethe cause isour brain …
  39. 39. brain stem (unconscious bodyfunctions like breathing; “run orfight” reflex)
  40. 40. limbic system(other instincts,emotions, learningabilities, parentaltendency,decisionmaking)
  41. 41. neocortex (logicalthinking, concepts,analysis, planning,language,emotionsadjustment)
  42. 42. neural systemsignals goes inthis direction
  43. 43. this is why “run or fight” reflex, instincts,feelings and emotions are touched and activatedfirst, only then can comes rational thinking…… but still decision making is doneby limbic system
  44. 44. this is why we feel we need something although welogically don’tor why logical arguments do notconvince us to buy
  45. 45. you still think you arerational?
  46. 46. is it only our mind and logical thinking guiding ourdecisions and lives?what about feelings, emotions,visions bigger than us?
  47. 47. some takeaways …observe your behavior,emotions and reactionsobserve your reactions if you see somethingfor FREE (do you really need it?)accept the whole life, it means also your shadows,your “nasty” side; you are notonly funny, happy, smart, but also mean,sad, fearful, …
  48. 48. usedsourcesSimon Sinek TED talk: “peopledon’t buy what you do …”