CBTE Microsoft Excel OnlineOrientation


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Brief Welcome and Orientation

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CBTE Microsoft Excel OnlineOrientation

  1. 1. Student Orientation and Welcome
  2. 2. Welcome to Class The purpose of this presentation is to help you understand more about your CBTE course. Use the information in this presentation to help you fill out the orientation questionnaire.
  3. 3. Computer Lab Hours: MONDAY 4 p.m. – 8 p.m. TUESDAY – THURSDAY 10 a.m. – 8 p.m. FRIDAY & SATURDAY CLOSED Classrooms available: K405 and K402
  4. 4. What is an OE/OE course? In this course you will…  Work when your schedule permits  Work at your own speed  Acquire important computer skills  Apply time management and independent learning skills  Adhere to Distant Learning policies  Finish your class by: ○ Completing all assignments/tests listed on syllabus
  5. 5. Managing Your Time: The Key to Your Success  Refer to the Hours Conversion Sheet  Shows minimum number of hours per week . COURSE Week 1 Week 8 Week 141 unit = 27 hours 1.7 Hours 3 Hours 9 Hours2 units = 54 hours 3.4 Hours 6 Hours 18 Hours3 units = 90 hours 5.6 Hours 10 Hours 30 Hours
  6. 6. Which class are you taking? Take a moment to write down:  I am taking the CBTE ____ class(es).  My class is _____ units.  My class requires ______ total hours over the semester.  I should be putting a minimum of ____ hours every week.
  7. 7. Important Dates to Remember Last day to turn in work: May 17, 2012 Last day to withdraw: March 30, 2012 To avoid being withdrawn, log in before: March 30, 2012 Last day to turn in work for May 4, 2012 redo:
  8. 8. Course Specifics: Refer to your course document and syllabus for specific instructions regarding:  turning in assignments electronically  taking exams  options to redo tests or assignments  how to earn participation points
  9. 9. Getting Started: Login Instructions  Individual username & password Textbook  Listed in your course syllabus Data Disk for Storage  USB at least 2 GB if you plan on completing work away from your home computer
  10. 10. MYITLAB I recommended that you purchase your book through the Mesa Bookstore, the access code comes with the book and is more cost effective than buying them separately. You only need one code for all MyItLab classes.
  11. 11. HOW TO BE SUCCESSFUL  Start Now  Pace yourself through out the semester.  Use a calendar to help you schedule your time. DO NOT WAIT UNTIL THE LAST WEEKS OF THE SEMESTER TO START YOUR COURSE.
  12. 12. I hope you have a successful semester and remember I’m are here to help you through your course. Wanda Rosella Latimer