artificial intelligence infection control trends hand hygiene biosafety in the hospital biosafety in causality departm hospital associated infections research process by dr.t.v.rao md education on infection control need for accreditat hospital associated infections research process surgical site infections specimen management in diagnostic microbiology telemedicine our vision to future antibiotic education teaching infection to medical students introduction to immunology hand washing changing trends in the medical examinations infections in pregnant women gram staining bacterial meningitis drug resistant gram-negative bacteria what is a good lecture? by dr antibioticpolicylecture- neuroparasitic infections by d opportunistic parasitic infect specimen diagnos artificial intelligence in con reportingresults-in microbiolo ventilator associated infectio hospital infection control bacteriology. laboratory organ artificial intilligence in med -screening-for-mrsa-by-dr-t-v- sterilization and disinfection antimicrobial stewardship.pptx cephalosporins teaching basics understanding the hiv treatmen coxsackieviruses dr.t.v.rao md enterobacteriaceae by dr.t.v antibiotics success and failur serology principles and inter coombs test principles and pra bordetella pertussis whooping biochemical tests esbl producing bacteria therap group a stre environmental biosafety in hos documentation in medicine b world rabies day cephalosporins teaching basics drug resistant tuberculosis em drug resistant gram-negative b biosafety in surgical dressing infection control committee disinfection in hospitals donovania granulomatis antiviral drugs mechanism of a need for a laboratory skills in introduction to medical micro biosafety in covid 19 infected and consumer legal ethical revisiting malaria 2023 environmental biosafety covid 19 new variants legal ethical medical influenza current updates intensive care unit (icu) associated infections d sterilization practices from past to future needs sterilization and disinfection in health care pr biosafety in the hospitals and clinics by dr.t.v.r zika viral infection by dr.t.v.rao md covid 19 and mucor mycosis covid 19 associated infectionsemerging challenges nano technology in medicine by dr.t.v.rao md antibiotics success and failures what is our role urinary catheter care skills & asepsis dr.t.v.rao caring prevention infections in intensive care units detection safe practices caring covid 19 patients nursing informatics in infectious diseases covid 1 how technology is changing our health care contact precautions in corona virus 2019 ( covid 2 biosafety in covid 2019 corona virus infections prevention and control of covid 2019 carona infect world tuberculosis day 2020 it's time to end tb! countering coronavirus infection in pandemic shingles vaccination update 2020 by dr.t.v.rao md choosing the right antibiotic ? need for antibioti biosafety in collecting laboratory specimens in re public health concerns in wuhan coronavirus(2019-ncov) by emerging challenges in diagnostic microbiology bes concerns and prevention 2020 wuhan coronavirus (2019-ncov) facts managment of multidrug resstiant infections new generation cephalosporins 5th generation carbapenamases. facts detection and concerns by dr urinary catheter skills and safe practices in hea safe practices caring infectious patients basic nipah viral infections update 2019 by dr.t.v.rao m needle stick injuries concerns and prevention b medical microbiologyrevisiting the history e –learning solutionsin medicine infection control@ our hospitals plan bacteriology of water basics by dr.t.v.rao md antibiotic stewardship principles and practice by and wash hands with sincerity the hospitals shal if every health care worker in hospitals and commu antibiotic stewardship current updates artificial intelligence role in health care india dr t v rao is also a content provider on med amh journals uk publishes sterilisation of opera biosafety of operation theatresprinciples in redu epidemiology of infections and quality concepts education on infection controlneed for accrediati h1 n1 current diagnostic and prevention trends infection control trends newsletter biosafety in dental care by dr.t.v.rao md basics in preventing how medical students learn in future? by dr.t.v.ra biosafety in surgical dressing rooms biosafety in hospital environment by dr.t.v.rao m why we misuse antibiotics diagnosis and prevention zika viral infections current concerns artificial intelligence in in super bugs - what everybody should know? ayushman bharat yojana national health protectio news letter infection control trends principles of life can makes us better by dr.t. medical ethics why we need it by dr.t.v.rao md hand hygiene practices artificial intelligence in infectious diseases professionalism basics for culturing and antimicrobial sensitivity improving public perceptions on antibiotic use ant training nurses in caring the patients in ep safe care in infectious diseases how the hand washing save the lives public health concerns in epidemics and pandemics surveillance and practice infection control in modern hospitals definitions viral epidemics pandemics concerns and preventio our vison to train and control infectious diseas bio safety in prevention and control of epidemic a human safety dealing with nipah infections nipah virus (niv) basics concer infection and challenges ahead by dr.t.v.rao md happy work reporting in diagnostic microbiology by dr.t. infection challenges ahead? by dr.t.v.rao md hand wash save lives you are invited to register for foundation course role of nursing in tuberculosis patients laboratory safety working with tuberculosis operating theatre management newer technologies diagnostic microbiology world tb day 2018 by dr.t.v.rao md clostridium difficile by dr.t.v.rao md robiotics current trends bio-safety in emergency care by dr.t.v.rao md universal health precautions enterobacteriaceae for students in microbiology by enteric fever salmonella infection arthropod-borne viral infections identification of bacteria parasitology identfication methods intensive care units role of nursing care health care associated infections teaching infection dr.t.v.rao md antibiotic policy introduction infection control nurse reporting microbiology reports most dangerous antibiotic resistant bacteria antibiotics facts acinetobacter baumannii antibiotic stewardship program teaching hand hygiene best things in life how to change our life ebola 2017 somnath temple better choices in life live simpler and better nfection control measures in tuberculosis hospital infections power of today paramahansa yogananda by dr.t.v.rao md how to spread happiness hinduism basic principles panduranga vittala sri ramakrishna paramhansa antibiotics and superbugs teachings of bhagavad-gita how to live everyday world hand hygiene day 5th may bio safety & monitoring central sterile supply de urinary catheter care how to deal with a mrsa colonized health care work vaginal hygiene what every women should know collecting blood for culturing superbugs are expensive to life xpert- mtb / rif ultra wound culturing in bacteriology floor disinfection in health care current trends in sterilization of o t mrsa screening diagnostic value of medical microbiology mrsa infections challenges in diagnostic microbiology emerging challenges in diagnostic microbiology hospital antibiograms surgical operation theater standards role and responsibilities of post graduates medical ethics in research proposals why microbiologists to be competent pysical care in intensive care units zika viral infection why worry ? trends in operation theater suveillance and safety mdr _ tb emerging methods in diagnosis fall out of neet on indian medical edcuation need for clinical microbiologists by dr.t.v.rao md emerging trends in sterilization of ot who is killing modern medicine in india hand hygeine andprevention of infections in icu metagenomics and microbes interpretation of antibiograms trends of change newer technologies in diagnosis of tuberculosis operation theatre surveillance by dr.t.v.rao md norovirus - norwalk agent documentation of antibiograms with whonet culturing on petri dish conventional microbiological techniques surgical gloves in health care blood culturing using automation skills to be practised by medical microbiologists automation is diagnostic microbiology emerging crisis in medical microbiology hospital acquired infections for every one dangerous medicine what next why parasitology wins the nobel prize by dr.t.v.ra to make our knowledge live better? by dr.t.v.rao m infection and aging why we should invest in dia microbiology and clinical interaction scientific utility of antibiograms practice and legal challenges by dr.t.v.rao md nformed consent principles ethics in laboratory medicine – need of the hour hand washing to prevent infections by dr.t.v.rao m filariasis dirofilariasis presenting as abscess presented by infectious diseases aetiology pathogenesis & cons why our medical colleges need digital resources an l i v e t o d a y t h a n l a t e r beat the age with technology be a living teacher in medicine by dr.t.v.rao md simpler ways to teach medical students tetanus teaching basics malaria teaching basics petri dish in diagnostic microbiology basics in di why doctors should write by dr.t.v.rao md do medical teachers need accountability a time t how to live everyday? by dr.t.v.rao md why medical students turning to digital learning? be a true achiever? antibiotic sensitivity testing for bacterial isola stop superbugs with antibiotic stewardship be a successful medical student? living longer as a teacher? by dr.t.v.rao md are we killing antibiotics? bacteriology of water and analysis - basics surgical theater safety - check list is life a business robin sharma 's 30 insights for a life of acute br collecting blood for culturing - point care protoc are intensive care units (icu’s) a threat to lif clinical utility of antibiograms challenges to medical teachers? role of humanity and spirituality in medicine stop spreading infections through mops in hospital hospital associated infections role of resident d introduction to medical microbiology basics why i want to be a writer? specimen management in diagnostic microbiology traditional learning to e-learning molluscum contagiosum small pox a dead disease who takes care of our life - is euthanasia a solut are the medical laboratories a risk to our lives? virus x host interactions miscellaneous bacteria mind your business – the best way to succeed are teachers born or made? research and fraud science improving diagnostic microbiology mutidrug resistant tuberculosis establishing mycobacteriology laboratory services smart phones in medicine world tb day 2015 better ways to train our medical students international day of happiness handling of bio - hazardous clinical specimens in how to train medical students to write answers why the laboratories need quality control and stan future of teaching by dr t.v.rao md purpose of our knowledge functioning of infection control committee why we teachers to be artistic? bugs to super bugs emerging challenges in health why teachers to be passionate to profession? can the books change our destiny? why the doctors are unhappy with profession ? icu acquired infections - documentation and analys are the teachers responsible for students failur antibiotic policy role of diagnostic microbiology finding happiness in life what the new year teaches me? are we trading medical profession? are the antibiotics killing the patients? merging challenges in student management infection and law microbes kissing neuroparasitic infections basis diagnosis and limitations do we need teachers simple ideas can change teachers innovating our lives be futuristic? 10 essential skills learning to be innovative teaching with vision knowledge management in medicine parasitic infections (why we need better diagnost we thinking? or searching information? try develop adult immunization 2014 update medical negligence sharing our knowledge living with purpose organ transplantation & infection prevention purpose of a diagnostic laboratory what is a good hospital? why medical students need better training? the p infections in organ transplant patients essential antimicrobial chemotherapy and antibiotic sensi care of the intravenous catheters hippocratic oath as taken at tmc kollam kerala infection challenges ahead to junior residents dr. swachh bharat abhiyan india's vision to future communicating with students why young doctors should think different? why we need medical education reforms? ebola an update clostridium difficile an emerging infection nobel prize and child labour how teachers can be different hygiene and sanitation impact of technology in education sanitation a challenge to human society? - india why technology rules medical profession? opportunistic parasitic infections crisis in indian medical education privacy of our patients in digital era autoimmunity try a joyful life living with happiness in the unhappy world? the joy of being a teacher future of training and learning medicine buildi what is success life means thinking something new – falling standards in medical microbiology do you love your duty connecting knowledge with social media changing role of nursing in modern health care what is abc of good teaching? how computers influence our consciousness ? epstein-barr virus diagnostic microbiology in antibiotic policy disinfection in health care how microbes rule the world? how technology changed our life diagnosis of tuberculosis an update how i made it on world wide web world health day 2014 infection control by simple approaches are you writing a scientific paper? caring the infectious patients plague collecting urine specimens for culturing organsing the teaching on infection and antibiotic learning from aids pandemic diagnosis of typhoid fever change you wisdom to learning medicine dr.t.v.rao should think of new ideas? make the world a bett intensive care units role of nursing primary skills in patient care enteric fever bio safety in operation theaters emerging diagnostic challenges in microbiology making the simple powerpoint presentations cheating and plagiarism – in science and medicin why medical teachers need skills? how internet changed my life why the antibiotics are dangerous to our life? turning from experience to achievements what is real success in life science of immunity an episode from the antibiotic era a time to act reading of a gram stain in diagnostic microbiology disinfection by chemicals basics why our patients need human touch ? role of clinical examination in patient care overcoming challenges in life with skills collection of blood for culturing trends in vaccination for herpes zoster (chickenpo improving our career in medicine praying god the hindu way nfection basics on transmission and prevention penicillin's & cephalosporins basics essence of hindu dharma as per mahabharata essence of hindu dharma as per mahabharata winning life with confidence challenges in teaching tuberculosis teaching basics crisis in indian medical education time to verify surgical site infections role of diagnostic microb surgical site infections prevention and care d viral hepatitis b hinduism- the future of humanity infection control audit what great think bhagavad-gita white collar ( cheaters ) teachers basic role of nursing in infection prevention arbovirus part 2 septic shock pathophysiology rationalism of antibiotic therapy urinary tract infections - essential approach writing the medical examinations save antibiotics pyrexia of unknown origin challenges of a medical student introduction to immunity bacterial genetics. basics parasitic infections diagnosis of parasitic infec what is infection ? deep fungal infections sterilization physical methods world aids day 2012 streptococcus pneumoniae anaerobic bacteriology superficial fungal ntroduction to mycology how to study medicine antiviral drugs medical studetns microbiology for medical graduates propagation of lyophilised bacteria making of better doctors widal test - why we still do it ? hepatitis e infection arthropod borne viruses part teaching 1 dengue fever update wound swabs basics bhagavat gita he power of creativity in medical professio why we believe in karma ? time management for medical students krishna consciousness
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