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Vocabulary review organelles


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Vocabulary review organelles

  1. 1. Vocabulary Review Organelles
  2. 2. Contains the cell’sgenetic material and controls the cell’s activities nucleus
  3. 3. Supports & protects the plant cell Cell wall
  4. 4. Make ribosomes nucleolus
  5. 5. Filled with enzymesthat allow it to break down food intoparticles that the cell can use lysosome
  6. 6. Synthesizes proteins using coded instructions that come from the nucleus ribosome
  7. 7. Converts food into compounds that thecell uses for growth, development, & movement and releases energy mitochondrion
  8. 8. Name two organelles that help provide cells with energy. Mitochondrion & chloroplast
  9. 9. Regulates whichmaterials enter & leave the cell Cell membrane
  10. 10. Stores water, salts, proteins & carbohydrates for the cell vacuole
  11. 11. Assembles lipids &modifies proteins Endoplasmic reticulum
  12. 12. Allows materials tocome in and go out of the nucleus Nuclear envelope
  13. 13. Uses enzymes toattach carbohydrates& lipids to proteins & sends them to their final destination in vesicles Golgi apparatus
  14. 14. Thread-like structures that passon genetic information from one generation to the next chromosomes
  15. 15. Helps cells maintain shape and also involved in cellmovement (made of microtubules & microfilaments) cytoskeleton
  16. 16. Uses energy fromsunlight to produce energy-rich food molecules (photosynthesis) chloroplast