alka devi preeti shrivastava #ssmv botany# ssmv usha ssmv# dr. archana jha economics #ssmv ks# structure of market consumer equilibrium rural credit archana jha figure of speech properties classification #ssmv b.ed 3 sem# #ssmv b.ed 1 sem# coordination chemistry elasticity of demand bioremediation protein functions proteins structure carbohydrates lipid metabolism adam smith malthusian theory ethics environment depth interviews motivation research #b.ed-3 #b.ed. micromanipulator method capillary pipette method serial dilution spreading streaking #b.ed. ssmv# #b.ed.ssmv# equilibrium of firm market clearing disequilibrium equilibrium indifference curve utility new economic reform iso product curve malnutrition demand theory land reform methodology of economics monopoly towards a market economy return of scale green revolution planning exersice in india infrastructer development mudra yojna planing in india through different five year plan twelth fifth year plan consumer surplus defination of economics giffin goods population meaning and definition of association introduction of association yeshpal properties physical and chemical structure funtion definition introduction to aminoacids precis writing shri shankaracharya college pallavan #bio sc.ssmv# #b.ed-3sem fc-lesson 3 i year unit-2 forms of english literature english writing letter classifictaion functions amino acids with their structure economics importance of algae pramchand kafan kahani consequent antecedent percentage पल्लवन #ssmv bed 1 sem# #ssmv b.ed 1sem# # bacteriophage ssmv# #virus ssmv# e.coli insulin genetic engineering gene therepy nitrogen fixation disease soil fertility decomposition bacteria soil microbiology industrial microbiology medical microbiology and immunolog water microbiology food microbiology sewage microbiology louis pasteur robert koch microbiology history of microbiology #unit5 #m.com4thsem #ssmv #fringebenefit #personnelmanagement dr. mahendra kumar sharma intensity of light monochrometer photometer spectrum lamberts law beers law spectrophotometer estimation_of_hybridization concepts_of_hybridization hybridization principles of modern_periodic_table development_of_periodic_table periodic_table modern_periodic_table dna_&_rna nucleic_acids nmr_spectroscopy nuclear_magnetic_resonance principle_of_nmr nmr medical_application_of_nmr magnetic_resonance_imaging mri types_of_magnetic_properties magnetic_properties magnetism principle_of_spectrophotometry colorimetry spectrophotometry beer_lambert_law coordination_complexes characteristics_of_coordination_compounds biomolecules hydrogen_bonding bonding_in_liquids periodic_properties periodicity complex_compound_bonding coordination_chemistry covalent_molecules_polar_nature fajan's_rule polarisibility cft #unit1 m.com4thsem# #strategicmanagement #businessenvironment #bailment b.com1styear #indiancontractact alka pree history of centrifugation application of centrifugation types of rotar ultracentrifugation types of centrifuge sevdberg unit sendimentation coefficient centifuge आदिकाल या वीरगाथा काल की परिस्थितियाँ हिंदी साहित्य का इतिहास #bcom #gstcompositionscheme application of partition chromatography rf value gas -liquid chromatography liquid-liquid chromatography chromatogram paper chromatography partition chromatography chromatography संज्ञा तथा संज्ञा के भेद हिंदी व्याकरण dr. archanajha hindi grammar sangya price taker price maker flouid mosaic model sodium potassium pump exocytosis endocytosis pinocytosis phagocytosis faciliitate diffusion active transport passive transport unit membrane bacteriophage plasmid azospirillum azotobacter siderophores phosphate solubilizing microorganism nitrogen fixing microorganism trichoderma pseudomonas bacillus thuriengiances biochemical pesticide plant incorporated pesticide microbial pesticide lactophenol cottan blue staining endospore staining flagella staining acid fast staining gram staining rhizobium bacteria nif gene nitrogenaes enzyme asymbiotic nitrogen fixation symbiotic nitrogen fixation monopoly perfect competition high concentration low concentration market relatively inelastic elastic inelastic factors affecting elasticity price elasticity micro economics scarcity law of demand determinant of demand protein trafficking protein transport protein targetting biodegradation hydrocarbon enthalpy entropy thermodynamice magnification types of microscopy microscopy dna copying dna replication purification method dna seperation agarose gel electrophoresis dna repair deletion insertion mutation nucleosome dna packaging preferential statistics ordinal data descriptive statistics median mode average mean central tendency population explosion overpopulation introduction to biochemistry hypersenstivity monoclonal antibodies hybridoma technology cells & organs of immune system biological membrane and transport antigen & antibody proteins culture characteristic of bacteria fatty acid metabolism lipid biosynthesis biosynthesis of lipids lipid notes fatty acid note biochemistry notes biochemistry young politicians young minds in governance gender sensitisation society responsibility youth motivation
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