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420 final presentation


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420 final presentation

  1. 1. J. CrewStrategy Claire Wixted
  2. 2. Primary Target Audience•Young men and women•Educated•Median age of 28•Annual income around $60,000
  3. 3. Secondary Target Audiences • Men and women with families as well as their children • Children 2-12 years of age
  4. 4. Key Performance IndicatorsThe biggest performance Indicator will be shown through our social media websites• Favorites and Retweets• Likes and Shares J. Crew currently doesn’t have• Pins and Repins a large following on social media sites, so bringing the business into this world a little farther will help us bridge the gap and produce the numbers we plan on.
  5. 5. Big Idea• Make J. Crew extremely interactive!• Want customers taking pictures on themselves wearing their J. Crew outfits, bags, jewelry, shoes, etc.• Want them to upload the pictures to any or all of their social media websitesand tag J. Crew in their posts.
  6. 6. Big Idea Continued • Everyday we’ll choose a winner to win a gift card of different amounts, an article of clothing, accessory, etc. • This gives people the incentive to post pictures and shows J. Crew is interested in their customer’s lives. • Have customers “check in” on Facebook or Foursquare at J. Crew when shopping for a small discount
  7. 7. Mobile Strategy• Create an app where users can check for any sales or new items• Users would be able to scan the barcode of a product to see what other J. Crew items would mesh well together
  8. 8. Tools and Tactics• Plan to use Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, and mobile application• Need to make sure a tone for these websites is created and followed between every platform
  9. 9. Budget• A smart budget would be about 6% of sales which comes out to $30 million
  10. 10. Summary • Primary target audience is 28 year old men and women • Make J. Crew interactive with pictures and contests • Create a mobile application • Create an overall tone for J. Crew and all of their social media platforms.