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Dunkin donuts social media k raskopf jgioglio 2013

  1. 1. Social Media: Brave New World? OrNothing New?Karen Raskopf, Chief Communications OfficerJessica Gioglio, PR/Social Media Manager @savvybostonian
  2. 2. So Many Platforms, So Little Time.
  3. 3. Social Media Brave New World? Or Nothing New?3
  4. 4. SEC and Social Media“An increasing number of public companies areusing social media to communicate with theirshareholders and the investing public,” the SECreport said. “We appreciate the value andprevalence of social media channels incontemporary market communications, and thecommission supports companies seeking newways to communicate. Security and ExchangeCommission.4
  5. 5. Here to StaySocial Media is no longer the a la carte offering – the creativelittle dish on the side – Social Media is part of the main course5
  6. 6. Be Part of the Conversation“The conversation is going on allaround you. Your brand is beingevangelized, dismissed, measuredand documented in real time online.If you haven’t already done so, thenit’s time to join the conversation andshow your company or client cares.”Brain Solis and Deirdre Breakenridge,co-authors of “Putting the Public Backin Public Relations”6
  7. 7. Good Conversation Skills = Good Social Media• Listen• Engage• Don’t monopolize• Be authentic• Encourage other voices• Have something to say• Funny & entertaining but neverinappropriate7
  8. 8. Who Leads the Social Media Conversation in Organization?PR professionals uniquely qualified to lead8
  9. 9. Public Relations and Social Media: Same Skill SetWe are the arbiters…the people who relate between ourbrands… our companies…our organizations and the manypublics we serve. We put the public in public relations. We putthe social in social media9
  10. 10. Nothing New Under the Sun“Doing social media right is more than finding the next Twitter orFoursquare. It’s about bringing structure, focus and strategy tothe idea of social media.”Sarah Evans, president of Sevans Strategy, founder of#journchat10
  11. 11. 11How Does Dunkin’ Keep Its Social Media Program Running?
  12. 12. We’re A BranDD Built For Social…
  13. 13. …And We’ve Got Quite a Following• 8.7MM+•Facebook Fans• 2,700+ YouTubesubscribers• 1.2MM video viewsBehind The Beans:The DD Blog• ~230,000 TwitterFollowers
  14. 14. …And We’re Always Evaluating New Platforms• ~9,000+ Google+followers• ~4,000 Pinterestfollowers• 42,000+ Instagramfollowers
  15. 15. Fun Stuff. But, How DDo You Create The Business Case?• Cultivate a highly engaged onlinecommunity of DD fans• Promote two-way dialogue to helpguests feel more connected to Dunkin’• Support “go-local” needs of businessin U.S. and abroad• Support brand growth & awareness innew markets
  16. 16. Public Relations& Customer ServiceA Cross-Functional Approach to SocialPromotions, Email,Loyalty, MobileAdvertising andStrategic ParnetshipsContent & CommunityManagementInteractive Marketing MediaLegalOverall ProgramCounsel
  17. 17. Lesson #1 Celebrate Your Fans:DD’s Facebook Fan Of The Week (FotW)
  18. 18. Lesson #2: EDDutain Fans With Engaging Content“Grab the sphere of life andaim it, and you’ll be guidedby Edutainment.”- KRS-One• 10,000+ “Likes”•200+ Comments• Be fan centric, not sales centric• Listen first before engaging• Keep it short, sweet &highly visual• It’s not AP Style, it’s DD Style!
  19. 19. EDDutain Fans: Examples of Successful Content• Products, cravings, fun, holiDDays• 63,000+ “Likes”• 5,600+ Shares• 5,000+ Comments• 18,000+“Likes”• 800+ Shares• 500+Comments
  20. 20. Lesson #3: Empower Local BranDD Ambassadors toEngage with Key AudiencesInside the DD Mothership• Passion, social media savvy, enthusiasmand knowledge of brand touch points• Willingness to take on the timecommitment required.In the Field• 50+ Regional & International Twitteraccounts and growing.• Support “go local” goal with geo-targetedFacebook posts byDMA, city, state, country, language.• Leverage knowledgeable agency partnerson the ground.
  21. 21. Examples of U.S. Local Engagement30+ U.S. Local Twitter AccountsLocal Facebook Messaging & Programs
  22. 22. Lesson #4: Surprise & DDelight Fans withFun Contests, Promotions, Integrations• #upgraDDe Your Sandwich Twitter Sweeps• Tweet us your sad homemade sandwiches, weary wraps &lonely lunchmeat for a chance to win an #upgraDDe from Dunkin’!• Generated millions of earned media impressions, with presscoverage on Fox Business, About.com, Boston.com, and more.
  23. 23. #DresseDD Halloween Twitter & InstagramContest• Inspired by fan behavior• Highly creative, share-worthy user-generated content• Fun and irreverent, yet puts the branDD front and center• Supports brand shift into highly visual social mediacontent
  24. 24. The Sims Social & SimCity• Partner at launch – game accumulatedover 30 million monthly active userswithin one month• Dunkin’ earned 3.7 billion+impressions in less than 6 months• Acquired 1 million new Facebook fansdirectly attributable to the game• Gifted more than 50 million virtualcoffees, donuts, breakfast productsand more.
  25. 25. Lesson #5: Be There for Your GuestsWhen They NeeDD You
  26. 26. Key Takeaways1. Celebrate your fans2. Edutain your fans –keep it real, fresh &fun3. Take care of yourfans & they will takecare of you
  27. 27. Thank You & Questions