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Cr ux brief sept 17th18th

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Cr ux brief sept 17th18th

  1. 1. cruxnoun /krəәks/  /kro͝oks/ cruces, plural; cruxes, plural1.  The decisive or most important point at issue2.  A particular point of difficultyThe crux of good website design is …
  2. 2. WelcomeThank you for volunteering your time and skills thisweekend!The following slides serve as a brief introduction tocrUX, our non-profit beneficiary, and the weekendobjectives.If you have any questions please feel free to drop usa message on FB.
  3. 3. About crUXcrUX brings together UX designers and webdevelopers to learn, share and apply their knowledgeto build a website for a good cause.After the weekend, you will leave with thesatisfaction of doing good, and our adopted charitywill receive a new website that you can proudly sayyou contributed to.
  4. 4. About TWC2TWC2 has promoted the rights and welfare of migrantworkers in Singapore since it was launched in 2003. It isa registered society that relies heavily on its members,volunteers and well-wishers to carry on its work.TWC2 acts through advocacy (including publiceducation), research and direct services.
  5. 5.•  Difficult to update•  Overpowered CMS (Drupal)•  Not addressing target audience•  Disparate content
  6. 6. TWC2 Blog•  Separate entity from website•  Different design•  Should be integrated with the main site
  7. 7. Redesign Objectives•  Increase awareness of the seriousness and scale of problems faced by migrant workers in Singapore•  Foster empathy for workers’ plight and generate support for TWC2s mission•  Develop awareness for TWC2’s services.•  Encourage donations•  Encourage volunteeringAction: think about some ways these objectives could be presentedvisually
  8. 8. Target Audience•  Primary: English-speaking Singaporeans and middle/upper strata foreigners in Singapore.•  Secondary: researchers, tertiary students, foreign diplomats and experts from NGOs who want to obtain specific information about some aspect of migrant worker issues.
  9. 9. Proposed Site ContentThe Cause Contact us Media releases•  Migrant workers in SG •  Contact form •  Press release 533 •  Google map •  Press release 529, etcWho we are•  Vision and mission Whats new Volunteers•  The organisation •  Newsflash post 143 •  Storypost 626•  The Executive Committee •  Newsflash post 139, etc. •  Storypost 622, etc•  Regular Staff•  Annual Reports Stories and features (Additional links) •  Storypost 259What we do •  Storypost 258, etc Donate (external link to Sg Gives)•  Our work•  Advocacy Research Paypal (external link)•  Research •  Research post 316•  Direct services •  Research post 312, etc Volunteer (internal link to static•  The Care Fund page Volunteer with us)•  Cuff Road Project International•  Where your dollars go •  Foreign news 431 Facebook (external link)•  Volunteer with us •  Foreign news 427, etc
  10. 10. Methods to Achieve Objectives•  The primary means will be through telling human-interest stories. Each story gives an in-depth look at some facet of a problem faced by a real worker. Each story must be engaging, accompanied by photos (or video), and thus achieve emotional connect with the reader.•  The supporting means will be through feature articles or research summaries that give a more "helicopter" view of the problem, e.g. statistical trends, economic analysis, comparative studies across different countries or different time-periods.•  There should be a section for stories that recognise the work of volunteers, and encourage others to follow in their footsteps. We cannot reward volunteerism with money, but we can reward with public acknowledgment. Likewise, recognition of donors.
  11. 11. Additional Requirements•  The masthead/logo should stretch across full width, because current branding is very poor and needs to be strengthened.•  There should be strong visuals occupying the centre of front page, with overlaid text that give in a nutshell what the cause is about and what TWC2 does. Since one visual and 2 sentences wont be able to tell readers enough, it is proposed to have up to eight rotating visuals illustrating different facets of the issue and our work.•  There should be a search box to search internally•  The blog-style sets should preferably include a tag-cloud•  Donate, Paypal and Volunteer buttons should appear on every page (because of side-door entry).Action: are these client provided requirements the *best* way tofulfill the underlying need? Can you think of any alternatives?
  12. 12. Useful Resources• organization-websites/• with-wordpress/• Action: Look through the links if you have time for some inspiration and tips on designing for non-profits