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  1. 1. Welcome to MossmanElementary!5 thGrade Parent Night September 6, 2012
  2. 2. Who Are We?Language Arts Science/ Social Math Studies Ms. Daleo Mrs. Schulz Mrs. Rooker 2 Free powerpoint template:
  3. 3. Contact Information• Mrs. Rooker –• Mrs. Schulz –• Ms. Daleo – 3 Free powerpoint template:
  4. 4. Lunch Time• Mrs. Schulz – Lunch 11:53- 12:23 – Recess 12:30- 12:45• Ms. Daleo – Lunch 11:56- 12:26 – Recess 12:30- 12:45• Mrs. Rooker – Lunch 11:59- 12:29 – Recess 12:30- 12:45 4 Free powerpoint template:
  5. 5. Our GoalsHelp each child be successful by:• Providing a fun and safe learning environment.• Meeting individual needs.• Creating partnerships with parents.• Instilling a vision to excel. 5 Free powerpoint template:
  6. 6.
  7. 7. S.T.A.A.R.• Math: April 2, 2013• Reading: April 3, 2013• Science: April 24, 2013 7 Free powerpoint template:
  8. 8. Science• Lab investigations and learning experiences in the areas of: – Scientific Processes – Earth/Space – Physical – Botany• Science Fair (No longer required by CCISD)• Living Materials Center (LMC)• Science Lab help needed – see Mrs. Schulz 8 Free powerpoint template:
  9. 9. MathGoal: Create mathematical problem solvers who communicate mathematically using appropriate vocabulary and justify their thinking orally and in writing.• Problem Solving• Place Value• Multiplication• Division• Fractions• Geometry 9 Free powerpoint template:
  10. 10. Language Arts• Students will be taught comprehension strategies to understand what they are reading in different genres.• Writing will be taught as its own subject daily and implemented throughout all content areas. 10 Free powerpoint template:
  11. 11. Social Studies Alive• American History• If you would like to purchase and donate a Social Studies Alive book for Mossman Elementary please go to: - TCI Store - SS Alive America’s Past - SS Alive America’s Past Student Edition - Checkout Thank you ! 11 Free powerpoint template:
  12. 12. Homework• Reading: Students are expected to read 30 minutes at home each night and log their reading on• Math: Daily homework consisting of fact fluency, problem solving, and computations.• Please check your child’s planner daily for additional assignments. 12 Free powerpoint template:
  13. 13. How will I know how my child is doing?• Graded papers will go home each Tuesday.• Parent Self Serve:• Progress reports every 4 ½ weeks.• Report cards every 9 weeks.• Weekly Behavior Expectation Cards (Need to be signed)• Parent/teacher communication via conference, phone call, e-mail, or notes home when necessary. 13 Free powerpoint template:
  14. 14. Grading PoliciesLate Work• -10 pts. Per day• Zero will be given after 3 days• To receive 50%, missing assignments must be turned in prior to the end of the grading period.Correct and Redo• 70 is highest grade recorded for re-evaluations. Students are encouraged to correct and return any assignments scored below a 70. 14 Free powerpoint template:
  15. 15. Birthdays!Birthday treats are welcome! They will be shared with the class at 2:45 pm. Please be sure to include napkins and plates if necessary! 15 Free powerpoint template:
  16. 16. Lunch with your Child• You are welcome to come eat lunch with your child. We ask that you sit at the round tables along the perimeter of the cafeteria with your child only. 16 Free powerpoint template:
  17. 17. Dismissal Procedures• Car riders will be dismissed from the circle drive side of the building. Please use your car tag.• Please wait patiently in line. Students will not be released to parents who walk up to the porch.• For the safety of the children, students will also not be allowed to walk across traffic to parents parked in the parking lot.• The faculty parking side of the building is only for school buses and day care buses.• Please notify us in writing of any changes in transportation or call the front office. E-mail notification cannot be accepted.• Students cannot be picked up early after 2:30 pm.• Plan ahead on what to do in inclement weather. 17 Free powerpoint template:
  18. 18. Nurse Information• All medication must be brought to the nurse by a parent with a doctor note and medication form.• Free from fever and vomiting for 24 hours before returning to school after illness.• If your child cannot participate in physical activities, a note must be provided. 18 Free powerpoint template:
  19. 19. Absences• Bring a note to the office within 3 days of returning to school. (Please remember to include the child’s full name, the teacher’s name, and the dates and reason of absences.)• A doctor’s note is required for 3 consecutive absences.• Make-up Work (1 day for each day absent.) 19 Free powerpoint template:
  20. 20. Communication• Student Planners• E-mail• Phone Call• Conference time 9:00- 9:30 am 20 Free powerpoint template:
  21. 21. 5th Grade Blog 21 Free powerpoint template:
  22. 22. Volunteers NeededFor the safety of our children, all volunteers MUSTREGISTER on the CCISD web-site. This includesvolunteering to assist with parties and field trips.Until this occurs you will not be allowed to volunteer in any capacity on a CCISD campus. 22 Free powerpoint template:
  23. 23. We’re are looking forward to a fantastic year! Thank you for your support. 23 Free powerpoint template: