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Social media marketing at Breast Cancer Care


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Leah Williams and Bertie Bosrédon, Breast Cancer Care

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Social media marketing at Breast Cancer Care

  1. 1. Social Media @BCCare
  2. 2. here for anyone affected by breast cancer
  3. 3. Information & Multimedia (Services) The Information & Multimedia team manages all of Breast Cancer Care information in all formats across all services, enabling us to achieve our aim of having integrated services and a „one stop shop‟ of information. We operate like an in-house agency for other departments Publishing Community &Library & Resources (Editorial, Digital, Social Media(Information Centre) Design & Production) Discussion forum Help with enquiries Concept / development Presence on Social Mediabooks and other resources Writing / proofing / editingCarry out literature searches Guidelines and advice Video editing … Layout / Print … … inform produce discuss refine
  4. 4. Getting to know our audience
  5. 5. +37% CEOTRUSTEE
  6. 6. 60,000 visitors / month1 post every 4 minutes1500+ active users / month8 hours of moderation / day
  7. 7. Response to coldmailing• Picked up on• Comment (add web link, thank & offer support)• Tweet it (better in their words & promotes their blog)• Builds relationship• Their readers see our response• Target wedding industry
  8. 8. Don’t discount celebs with smallerfollowings
  9. 9. Everyone’s a VIP!• Find: search “strawberry tea”• Engage: follow, like, comment, ask Q• Nudge and support• Thank>> gathering a pool of supporters>> keep motivated>> make them feel special>> customer service>> they tell their networks
  10. 10. Find ’em, engage ’em, thank ’em• @annknitsphere: Off to a strawberry tea at my son’s school• {@BCCare follows @annknitsphere}• @BCCare: Is that strawberry tea for Breast Cancer Care?• @annknitsphere: Yes it is. I knitted him some strawberries and a tea cup to take in!• {@annknitsphere follows @BCCare}• @BCCare: Oh, I know someone who‟s looking for a teacup pattern for her knitted strawberry tea @kittybawden.• @annknitsphere: @BCCare @kittybawden – here’s a picture of the knitted tea cup. I got the pattern from XXX• {@annknitsphere blogs about Strawberry Tea}• {@annknitsphere and @kittybawden follow each other and swap knitting tips}• @BCCare: Thank you! How did the strawberry tea go?• @annknitsphere: It raised £143.45. It was a lot of fun :)
  11. 11. what‟s next
  12. 12. Buy-in EmpowermentIntegration Top tips
  13. 13. Any questions?