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Flip the pitch afp 2012_x

  1. 1. Flip the PitchTurning Volunteering into a Real Opportunity Beth S. Brodovsky President Iris Creative Group, Inc.
  2. 2. Photo Credit: Dana Berry, Flickr
  3. 3. Re-Define Volunteer JobsTypical Volunteer Titles•  Chapter President•  Board Chair Big roles with big•  Committee Member time commitments•  Sponsorship Liaison•  Ambassador
  4. 4. Re-Define Volunteer JobsConsider micro-volunteers •  Stamp envelopes•  An hour or two at most •  Check-in event attendees•  An hour a month •  Stuff gift bags•  A day a month •  Make directional signs•  Weekly work •  Lead a workshop•  Short term project
  5. 5. Sample from anassociationmember portal.Technologyprovides an easyway for sorting andfinding what youwant. The Alert Mefeature sends infoso members don’teven have to comehunting for it.
  6. 6. The detail pageprovides “you”focused information.Clear descriptions ofthe work, specificson where and whenin-person meetingshappen, interestarea, and how muchhelp is needed areall spelled out in amember-focusedmanner.
  7. 7. Why Volunteer?Learn What Motivates your VolunteersDuty – because its neededDesire – because it brings joyDrive – because it supports a personal goal
  8. 8. DUTY PROFILEBecause its needed•  Sense of responsibility•  Part of something important•  It’s the right thing to do•  Like to be needed•  Personal connection
  9. 9. DESIRE PROFILEBecause it Brings Joy•  Passionate about the activity•  Share specific skills, talent and knowledge•  Enjoys the people•  Finds participating fun
  10. 10. DRIVE PROFILEBecause it Supports a Personal Goal•  Gain experience•  Build a resume•  Like to be in charge
  11. 11. Motivation is Complicated•  People can have more than one profile – at the same time•  People can change profiles over time•  People can have different motivations for different volunteer activities
  12. 12. Take Note•  Keep an eye on who is showing up to do what•  Become curious, ask about interests•  Know what you need and what motivations are likely to want to provide that service
  13. 13. Build Better VolunteersLook at volunteering as a chain that draws members in closerand identifies the best candidates for critical positions.•  Create job “levels”•  Develop a volunteer training program•  Teach current volunteers to find new volunteers
  14. 14. A re-designedwebsite helped oneof our clients growtheir volunteer base.By creating smallerjobs, local projectsand “virtual”opportunities, peoplewho were interestedbut didn’t think theycould help are nowable to get involved.
  15. 15. Lead with TransparencyAvoid the closed circle•  The same people in the same or rotating jobs•  Current volunteers keep to themselves•  Communication near the end or after selection•  Hard to find or hard to decipher information•  No easy way to ask for information
  16. 16. Lead with Transparency…Too vague, too general and too ambiguous.
  17. 17. Connect Connect ConnectOnsite, online, in print, email, social…Provide a variety of ways for prospective volunteers to learnabout how their skills and interests could be put to use in yourorganization.
  18. 18. Make your websitesocial…Big numbers.Simple navigation.Personal stories.More to see and read.Easy to share.
  19. 19. Make your socialtrack-able.New Timeline featuresallow for biggerstorytellingAt least half the time,link to content on yoursite
  20. 20. I volunteerand you can too!Make the most of in-person connectionsUse QR codes to send people to specific web pagesCreate a mobile site, app or simplify a landing page
  21. 21. Change Your FocusFlipping the pitch to what’s in it for the volunteer:•  Releases you from begging•  Breaks up big jobs to ease the load on your board•  Allows you to draw the more members closer to the center of your organization•  Develops more satisfied volunteers who attract others
  22. 22. Beth S. Brodovsky, PresidentIris Creative Group, IncCommunications Build Community610-567-2799Connect at:beth@iriscreative.comwww.iriscreative.comwww.linkedin.com/in/bethbrodovskywww.twitter.com/bethbrodovskywww.facebook.com/iriscreative