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How to start and leverage your Giving Day


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hjc and Kimbia presents their 2nd webinar on Giving Days. Learn best practice and proven methods in starting a Giving Day.

Published in: Government & Nonprofit
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How to start and leverage your Giving Day

  2. 2. For an enhanced experience, close all your tabs! Got questions? Ask us any time by typing them into the CHAT window within GoToWebinar and pressing SEND House Keeping
  3. 3. Introductions NAME: Michael Johnston FROM: Toronto FOUNDER OF HEWITT AND JOHNSTON CONSULTANTS (HJC) Interactive, Integrated & Digital for 27+ Years; • Author of 4 books on technology and integrated marketing and fundraising • Comic Book Nerd • Hockey Fan, Coach and Cheerleader • Blackbaud Global Solution Provider of the Year 2014 and 2015 • Raised over $2 billion in 20+ countries
  4. 4. Introductions NAME: Mike Mostransky FROM: New York City National Sales Manager at KIMBIA Interactive, Integrated & Digital for 12+ Years; • Technologist & Fundraiser • Photographer • Product Manager & Consultant • Comic Book Nerd • Basketball, Baseball & Soccer Coach… to 4 kids
  5. 5. Giving Days – Why do they work? • A time-limited online fundraising competition o in most cases 12-24 hours • Bringing together your communities o donors, participants, advocates, alumni, corporate partners, etc. • Raising money for your community, nonprofits, programs, institutions • A single online donation campaign • Driven by a sense of urgency around matching funds and/or prizes
  6. 6. Why do they work? • Increase revenue from a new revenue stream (across channels) -- it’s not just online • Attract new donors and appeal to more hands-on fundraising demographic • Generate buzz and excitement in the community, with sponsors, and on social media • The long-tail effect: successful days may inspire major donors to give matches, endow future programs, etc. • Increase lapsed participant, donor, alumni participation- new exciting way to engage
  8. 8. Key Pillars of Giving Day Success Value Proposition Why Us & Why Right Now Sense of Urgency Limited Opportunity Incentive Added Value Sense of Competition Marching Toward a Goal
  9. 9. Planning: Selecting Dates When is the idea time to: • Hold the event? • Begin promotion to internal staff? • Launch the Giving Day site? • Start public promotion via each channel?
  10. 10. Event Dates You probably already have one: • Coat Tail on Giving Tuesday • Look for something tied to your mission • Hundreds of days a year! • October 16: Day of the Girl
  11. 11. Event Dates
  12. 12. Planning: Project Planning • Assign a Project Manager • Document all tasks • Assign each task to someone • Set completion dates
  13. 13. Most Nonprofits… Planning: Choose a Model Chapter/ Affiliate Project/ Fund Single Mission
  14. 14. Planning: Define your Target Audience Active: Strong offer for active donors Lapsed: Great reactivation tool for lapsed donors New: 20 – 30% of responses come from new donors Middle: Many donors upgrade to mid-level giving Major: Great opportunity to engage major donors for matching funds Corporate: Engagement on multiple levels: event sponsorship, employee giving, matching funds
  15. 15. Planning Phase: Choose a Compelling Value Proposition • How you solve a problem • Why you show impact • Utilize the voice and images of your supporters and beneficiaries
  16. 16. Planning Phase: Strategic Promotion Your plan should include: • Target audience • Best channels to reach audience • Messages that resonate • Target number of impressions • Monitor and measure • Two-way communications
  17. 17. Promotion via Social Media Social Media is KEY before, during and after Giving Days!
  18. 18. UC Berkeley Big Give
  19. 19. Big Give SA
  20. 20. Give Local America
  21. 21. Leveraging celebrities if you can..
  22. 22. Leveraging celebrities if you can..
  23. 23. Leveraging celebrities if you can.. • Get them to make a gift – matching or truly generous involvement. And you can mention it or leverage it! • Get them to keep involved over time e.g. Mike Holmes for SOS Children’s Villages • Allow you to leverage their social networks • Allow you to leverage their HNTW networks
  24. 24. • What is your overall fundraising goal? • Are those goals realistic and attainable? • Are they relevant to your event? • Can you set goals for specific times of the day? Planning: Set SMART Goals
  25. 25. • Who: your biggest fans, your vocal supporters • Consider board members, staff, volunteers, partners • Emphasize the importance of their impact • Large Social media component • Schedule workshop-style training Planning: Recruit Online Ambassadors
  26. 26. • Matching funds secured from sponsors and major donors • Influences why donors would choose this day to give – their gift is multiplied! • Helps amplify message and create awareness Planning: Secure Matching Funds & Corporate Sponsors
  27. 27. Planning: Create Incentive Structure Incentives and Prizes can be applied in following ways: • Based upon donor and organization/program behavior • Allocate funds % based on fundraising totals
  28. 28. Planning: Create Incentive Structure Incentives and prizes can be offered before, during, and after the event Prize examples include: • Pre-event video or social media challenge • First project/ program to reach their goal • Most unique donors in a particular timeframe • Most referrals from a sponsor • Hourly prizes to donors, to keep excitement going, particularly during overnight hours • Chapter with most social media buzz
  29. 29. Technology: Website Criteria for choosing a platform  Protects your brand  Provides you with your donor data  Features real-time donation totals and leaderboards  Makes donation forms easy to share  Provides Peer-to-Peer fundraising functionality  Is mobile-responsive  Assures scalability  Includes multi-currency, multi-language and multi-country settlement
  30. 30. Kimbia Giving Day Experience Supports high transaction volume Multi-org or multi- department gifts Matching Gifts & Prizes Customizable Leaderboards
  31. 31. Multi-Org/ Affiliates > Multi-Give! Each organization gets own page Donor can give to multiple orgs at one time
  32. 32. Advanced Giving Feature Advanced Giving Allows donors to give in advance of event & gifts process day of event
  33. 33. Integrate with media partners & sponsors Embed giving forms directly into media sponsor web pages. All donations are treated as if they were donated directly on your page. &
  34. 34. Objects can be shared & syndicated o corporate sponsors o P2P participants Syndicated Donations Example Secure, no matter where form lives PCI v3 Level 1 and SSAE16
  35. 35. Event Day • Event Day HQ o Sufficient Staff to field questions o Community Outreach o Real-time Communications • Leverage Social Media • Provide Real-Time Updates • Host In-Person Events
  36. 36. Post-Event • Say Thanks! • Enable post-event giving • Celebrate.. & include donors! o Importance of closing the loop o Plan to transition donors
  37. 37. Stewardship is Key • To understand how you will take care of each donor, you want to ‘map’ the donor journey for important constituent groups: single, monthly, corporate, middle and major donors • GIVING DAY MAPPING
  38. 38. Oracle . CX Journey Mapping Workshop . Giving Day Journey Mapping Process Create Initial Map Evaluate Explore Design New Experience Brainstorm Persona, Brand Attributes, Key Trends Behavior Line On Stage Experience Back Stage Support RESERVATION SYSTEM Prioritize Focus “Moment that Matters” Determine Impact Evaluate Attitudes Readout “We focused here, because…” Clarify Needs & Drivers Examine Capabilities (Roles & Processes) Desired Transformation INCREASE REFERAL RATE Build CX Design Canvas Brainstorm Innovation Redesign Experience Reality Check Build Giving Day CX Hypothesis Attitudes & Emotions Useable effortless Meaningful emotional Useful functional
  39. 39. Giving Day Mapping • Cross functional participation • Internal and External Stakeholders • Choose the journeys that are the most important
  40. 40. Plan next year’s event! • Give your self time! Typically 6 months! • Pick a day that is important to your cause • Are you a global organization? Choose the right platform that supports multi-currency/ multi- language • Know your audience • Get sponsors • Be social • Leverage Celebrities • Steward your new Donors!
  41. 41. THANK YOU!! Mike Johnston Founder of hjc Got more questions? Email me! Mike Mostransky National Sales Manager of Kimbia Got more questions? Email me!