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Describes the elements of art that undergird all art and design. Time and motion are mentioned but not illustrated.

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Elements of Art - nf

  1. 1. The Elements of Art :LineShapeForm/shapeSpaceValueTextureColorTime and Motion (unofficially)
  2. 2. LineLine is mathematically defined as a moving point or a series of points.As you can see there is a “gestural” type of line as seen in the gesturedrawing on the left ( so named for capturing the gesture of the posewith a few gestures of the hand on the paper.The drawing on the right is probably a designer’s drawing for seatingfor a plane or train. The line is clean and clear.
  3. 3. Implied LineImplied line means that a number of shapes or forms are in close enoughproximity to each other that our eye and our brain see the suggestion of aline. On the left the artist Andy Goldsworthy as created a meandering stonewall that ends in the water. The line of people is obvious- we even use theword line to describe what we are seeing.
  4. 4. ShapePainter, Elizabeth Murray,made paintings out of Painter Chuck Close, who hasseparate shaped canvases. So limited use of his hands, usesa number of shapes come shapes of color ( see them intogether to make a whole progress at the bottom) topainting. develop photorealistic paintings.
  5. 5. Form – Three dimensional shapeThese are both examples of form. The Ancient Egyptian King and Queen area sculpture made of stone. They exist in real space. Glass artist Dale Chihulyhas made a wall of blown glass forms that occupy space with interestingforms.
  6. 6. Texture- the actual feel of the surface of an artwork AnishKapoor’s sculpture has a glass-Jeff Koons dog is covered like mirror smooth texture.-with live flowering plants .This probably gives it a soft,bumpy, texture.
  7. 7. Visual Texture appears to be bumpy or smooth or soft, etc but is in fact smooth when touched.The photograph of cactus Vincent Van Goghs painting shows ais in fact smooth when very wavy textured surface but it istouched but the image has smoother than it appears to be.a prickly visual texture.
  8. 8. Value - light and dark aspects of color, shadows, bright light, etcPart of a drawing by artist This painting by FrenchKehinde Wiley shows shades of Impressionist painter , Claudegray. This is actually referred to Monet, shows different values ofas a black and white drawing. colors. Look at how many shades of green there are.
  9. 9. Color !!- unlimited palette
  10. 10. Color– limited palette
  11. 11. Space