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Kim Heras - So, You've Got an Idea


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From an idea to a business is a long hard road. So you want to start off headed in the right direction. In this session, three successful entrepreneurs talk about starting out. Do you head out and look for funding from Angels, VCs, or crowdfund it via kickstarter? Do you need to throw in your day job, or your clients, or build something on the side? Is an incubator the right approach for you? Hear from those who’ve trod the path, and get the chance to ask them questions to help clarify which approach is best for you.

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Kim Heras - So, You've Got an Idea

  1. 1. SO  YOU’VE  GOT  AN  IDEA…     STARTUPS   Kim  Heras   Co-­‐founder  PushStart   @kimheras  
  2. 2. CAVEAT  • Nothing  DefiniKve    • Just  some  broad  rules  of  thumb  I  use  
  3. 3. WHAT  IS  A  STARTUP?  WHAT  IS  A  STARTUP?   A  company  designed  to  grow  fast   –   Paul  Graham,  founder  YCombinator  
  4. 4. HOW  DO  YOU  GROW  FAST?  • Understand  your  users    • Understand  the  market  
  5. 5. • Understand  your  user  assumpKons   –   Is  it  a  real  problem  for  them?   –   What’s  the  soluKon  you’re  proposing?   –   Do  they  see  value  in  that  soluKon?    • Understand  your  market  assumpKons     –   CompeKtors   –   Market  dynamics   –   The  “How  do  I  make  a  million  bucks”  test  
  6. 6. THE  SECRET…  •   Test  your  assumpKons     –   CHEAPLY!   –   QUICKLY!    
  7. 7. REMEMBER!   Most  startups  fail  because  they  run  out  of  money   before  they  reach  Product  /  Market  Fit    
  8. 8. ADMISSION  • I  didn’t  invent  this  stuff  • Check  out     –   The  Lean  Startup  by  Eric  Ries   –   4  Steps  to  the  Epiphany  by  Steve  Blank   –   Lean  Launch  Lab  tool  
  9. 9. THE  PROBLEM  •  Successfully  tesKng  assumpKons  quickly  /  cheaply  requires   –   Commitment   –   Focus   –   Experience  •  Can  you  do/get  that  on  the  side?  
  10. 10. ACCELERATORS  Remove  Roadblocks  to  Startup  Success    •  Investment  •  Advice/  Guidance  •  Co-­‐working  space  with  peers  •  Business  Services  •  Industry  connecKons  •  Investor  networks    
  12. 12. AAAO  
  13. 13. ABILITY  
  14. 14. AUTHENTICITY  
  15. 15. ACTION  
  16. 16. DO,  DOING,  DONE  
  17. 17. OPPORTUNITY  
  18. 18.   AAAO  +   TEST  ASSUMPTIONS  QUICKLY  &  CHEAPLY  +  (GET  STARTED  AS  SOON  AS  YOU  LEAVE  HERE)                =     BETTER  CHANCE  OF  SUCCESS        
  19. 19. THANKYOU