A Multi-Cultural Social Media Case Study: webcitygirls//


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WebCityGirls is a social media brand and the 1st multi-cultural social press team covering corp events & red carpets from a Social Media POV! We spread goodness and positive thoughts and our Mission is to Empower, Educate and Inspire people through our social community. We also are advocates for 'Cyber-Anti-Bullying'.

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A Multi-Cultural Social Media Case Study: webcitygirls//

  1. 1. webcitygirls// Intro by founder Lynn Ponder What do you do when advances of technology and economic hard times challenge the way you make a living? How do you apply your past advertising experience, resources and understand that the digital world is completely different and that you have to re educate yourself and learn a new way of communicating with the world? In 2009 I decided to immerse myself in Social Media and started experimenting and understanding how to engage, listen and have a voice that focused on spreading goodness, inspiring and educating. webcitygirls// is a concept that was created as part of my reinvention. I was looking to apply all of my past experiences as a successful business owner of a commercial production company based in Miami with offices in Mexico. In November 2010, I officially launch webcitygirls// to the social community as a concept that would evolve and develop into a very active, fun, entertaining, educating social media brand with its own social media press coverage team.
  2. 2. About webcitygirls// webcitygirls// is a hip & active social brand connecting people with products / services / charities celebrities and new media through social networking in our online and offline social community. webcitygirls// is an original concept that includes its own video reality series and social media press coverage team. Mission: Educate, Empower and Inspire women between the ages of 21 50 to learn about new media, and about products or services that add value to their professional or personal lives.
  3. 3. Our Journey as a Social Media Brand Once upon a time there were three successful, creative and caring women that believed that webcitygirls// original idea and message could make our world a better place. webcitygirls// is a multi-cultural brand that was created from the heart with persistence and a lot of determination—Hard work combined with believing that dreams can come true. webcitygirls// initial idea was to launch a web show applying all past experience as a successful executive producer. Objective was to create a fun show where 3 Girls with 3 Stories + 3 Careers + 3 Dreams + Friends to spread goodness, inspire and help people understand how to use social media for personal or business needs in a fun/entertaining, positive way. webcitygirls// was born on Twitter, evolved onto Facebook, and further progressed onto YouTube with its own original content. It was our choice to create a fan base first through our social networks and then launch the webcitygirls// blog . webcitygirls// created brand awareness and recognition by creating fun social networking events for charities and small businesses as well as a constant presence on Twitter.
  4. 4. Our Journey as a Social Media Brand Less than a year later, webcitygirls// evolved into a social media brand that engages, listens and has a digital voice in social networks such as Twitter, Facebook, You Tube, Foursquare. It has gathered friends/fans that care and are true followers. webcitygirls// has been recognized by Telemundo, Univision, Sony Latin Music among others, as the first social media press team that covers red carpet events from a social media point of view. webcitygirls// social media press team made their debut at the red carpet of Telemundo’s 2011 Billboard Latin Music Awards where they first implemented its social media campaign #TwitterHellos. webcitygirls// following Premios Juventud 2011, in smashing #PinkStyle signature look appearance, elevating their status as personalities within the press arena. Their signature look made a long-lasting impression and their presence in the media room was evident when all artists, event the press and fans were fascinated by original fun style. webcitygirls// next red carpet appeareance will be at The Latin Grammy’s in Las Vegas November 10 with the help of a sponsor 
  5. 5. Our Social Media Approach Objectives: To help brands connect and engage throughout WCG social brand. To interact online and offline with consumers through WCG social brand. To develop an organic brand integration through and with the WCG social brand.
  6. 6. Our YouTube Channel [Upload Views 15,021+] WCG talks to three different women demographics.
  7. 7. Our Video Reality Series | 5 to 6 minute Videos WCG video series in Spanish, Bilingual and English. The storylines are about the new life we live through social media. Stories will cover bites from Girls real life experiences and will cover tips and tricks about social media online tools like: Facebook, Twitter, Foursquare, YouTube, and LinkedIn respectively for personal or professional purposes. WCG storylines will include organic brand integrations. WCG video segment starts with a brief introduction of the girls latest adventures, where we could also include brand integration.
  8. 8. Our Social Networking Events webcitygirls// Launch Party at Viceroy >> http://bit.ly/qBajKl Social Christmas Party Benefiting Children’s Home Society of Florida >> http://bit.ly/p1cj1m Pink Carpet Kick-Off Miami Beach International Fashion Week >> http://bit.ly/q61nED Valentine’s One Spa Event Showcase >> http://bit.ly/pf8Reo
  9. 9. Our Social Networking Events as Social Media Press Interview “Dyland y Lenny” Urban Latin >> http://bit.ly/lf3V8w Interview Suheil Martin Pop Latin Artist >> http://bit.ly/pqpaRg Venue Magazine Launch Party >> http://bit.ly/pQNBDA AHAA Hispanic Conference Coverage >> http://bit.ly/ni5uj2 Miami Music Winter Conference >> http://bit.ly/onPmv6 One Spa Yoga Event >> http://bit.ly/mSvZxX Miami International Fashion Week >> http://on.fb.me/nK7qsl Telemundo 2011 Latin Billboards >> http://bit.ly/jtJw0w Univision 2011 Premios Juventud >> http://bit.ly/rumQ8d
  10. 10. webcitygirls// Blog Blog will be launched end of September 2011 Highly respected Blog Guest Contributors Blog post will be in English and Spanish We will test and review products . 6 categories: •  Home •  About •  Social Living •  Fashion & Beauty •  World Traveling •  Mom’s Corner •  Eco-Healthy Our target audience is: •  30% Male •  70% Female •  Age ranges 18- 50+
  11. 11. Our Social Media Channels As of: July 2011 As of August 2011 27,061
  12. 12. # TwitterHellos Social Media Campaign webcitygirls// implemented a social media campaign during the Latin Billboards & Premios Juventud Red Carpet titled #TwitterHellos. Greetings from artists to their fans in real time to post on YouTube, Twitter, Facebook. Check-ins via Foursquare when we ran into artists is implemented. We also tweet the entire show while interacting with fans. Facebook Impressions #TwitterHellos Posts: 18,000 YouTube Views: 10,335+
  13. 13. # TwitterHellos - Videos Examples Shot with iPhone JenCarlos Canela Red Carpet Billboard Latin Music Awards 2011 http://bit.ly/ocRy6Y Antonio Banderas Media Room Premios Juventud 2011 http://bit.ly/qJt46w Prince Royce Red Carpet Billboard Latin Music Awards 2011 http://bit.ly/qTcuOU Gaby Espino Red Carpet Billboard Latin Music Awards 2011 http://bit.ly/p8Cjah Roxana Garcia Media Room Premios Juventud 2011 http://bit.ly/p0jLFx Chino y Nacho Media Room Premios Juventud 2011 http://bit.ly/ptlEVp Alejandro Chaban Red Carpet Premios Juventud 2011 http://bit.ly/n1p55O Beatriz Luengo Red Carpet Premios Juventud 2011 http://bit.ly/q7ABkq
  14. 14. TweetChatwebcitygirls// alsoimplemented a“TweetChat” with guestcelebrity make-up artistMarco Pena fresh offPeople en Español “50Mas Bellos” and not onlyinteracted with fans butwith artists like Karla SsSStorMonroig, Andrea Minski,Adamaris Lopez and IliaCalderon; “Discussing theImpact of Hairstyling inthe Red Carpet Fashion.”
  15. 15. 6,114 TWEETS WITH FANS: 2,393 2,346s0neea@webcitygirls Awww, q linda, gracias!! Sus tweets me alegran el dia,son muy positivas!!MszBeautifulz@webcitygirls omg when? let me know Chicas I love him@dynation :)!!!TuChicaCoqui@webcitygirls GRACIAS A USTEDES! ME ENCANTA SU MANERADE INTERACTUAR CON LOS ARTISTAS Y FANS!Akasha_Kemet@webcitygirls Buenos dias a mis "pelirosas" mas glamourosas de#Miami. Feliz y productivo Jueves!!!DysJrzGirl@dynation En la #alfombraAzul estaran las @webcitygirls chekealaspls!Dayngr@webcitygirls So sweet! Maybe Ill actually get to go and sport somepink hair too! #PinkHappyHourNatalyDY_Quiero estar ahiiiii RT @webcitygirls: Im at Miami Beach (Miami-Dade) http://4sq.com/qx647O
  16. 16. 6,114 TWEETS WITH CELEBRITIES: 2,393 2,346webcitygirlsRT @daddy_yankee: RT @LaFlacaDYMFC_NY: RT @webcitygirls:Me encanta q las fans de @Daddy_Yankee de distintos paises sehacen amigas via #Twitter (cont) http://t.co/JNs5YJf@enriquesantos: I LOVE PINK @webcitygirls!!!webcitygirlsUn gusto despertar contigo! Te ves preciosa reportando tempranitoxo RT @DominicciCarmen: Despiertate conmigo hoy en "Levantate"@TelemundoSie7emusic@webcitygirls Yeahhh!!! Mucha cosa buena!!webcitygirls@Calle13Oficial y @MercheOficial among the artists to announce@LatinGRAMMYs nominees on SEPT 14! #AyBendito que bueno vaestar esto #WEPA!webcitygirlsHooola @GOCHOMUSIC y Gracias por RT! See you#PremiosJuventud #AlfombraAZUL para #TwitterHellos! MuchaSuerte y Alegria!! #AyBendito@roxanagarciatv! Que divnas! Respondiendo tarde peroseguro.."@webcitygirls: Feliz semana a las super bonita
  17. 17. 6,114 TWEETS WITH BRAND INTEGRATION: 2,393 2,346Webcitygirls Perfect car for #webcitygirls = @Ford Evos, TheSocial-Networking Vehicle of the Future on.mash.to/pd9lJv@ScottMonty #LatismwebcitygirlsEntramos a curiosar y encontre un little black dress de #Theorysuper mega cute y en sale #WEPA (@Marshalls) 4sq.com/pPB3FCWebcitygirls Rest. Report Card for @McDonalds = Making all theright moves with healthier options: EggMcmuffin only 300 calories,Mcdoulbe 390 calories!Webcitygirls The #Kardashians bring GLAM to @MySearscollection which debuts on August 11th! Sneak peakhttp://bit.ly/qmbdoc via @Fashionista_comWebcitygirls OMG @Starbucks sells mallorcas y las calientan#AyBendito loving this new discovery :)))Webcitygirls Getting ready for a presentation :)) (@ Office Depot)http://4sq.com/nnzGwebcitygirls :TY @Macys for beautiful black bag gift fromHispana Leadership Summit #HLS! @LOGOSPR beautiful &powerful social networking event #Aplausos!
  18. 18. Exposure of webcitygirls// Tweets with fan/celebrities engagement
  19. 19. Exposure of webcitygirls// Tweets during Miss Universe 2011
  20. 20. Exposure of webcitygirls// Tweets after Premios Juventud 2011
  21. 21. Our Facebook Demographics: Gender & Age
  22. 22. webcitygirls// Social Media Credits 2011 Invited as Digital Influencer at Social @Telemundo Digital Influencers Event http://bit.ly/eoVB1I Blog post by largest organization of Latinos in Social Media - #LATISM http://bit.ly/pOox3L Invited as Social Media Press by Telemundo to cover Billboard Latin Music Awards 2011 http://bit.ly/nSpC7Y Recognized as Social Media Press by Sony Latin Music http://t.co/yeEJzvn Invited as Social Media Press by Univision to cover Premios Juventud 2011 http://bit.ly/pfGwMv Invited 140 Characters Conference 2011 NYC ‘The State of Now’ http://140conf.com/ Recognized as Social Media Press by The Dream Team Agency http://thedreamteamagency.com/ Recognized as Social Media Press by Nevarez Communications http://www.nevarezpr.com/ Recognized as Social Media Press by Warner Music http://www.wmg.com/ Recognized as Social Media Press by Miami Beach International Fashion Week http:// www.miamifashionweek.com/ Blog Guest Contributor on Social Media Marketing site Crowdshifter http://bit.ly/nBdwE4 Guest on The Tonya Hall Radio Social Media Show, June 27 http://www.TonyaHall.net/radio.htm Guest Speaker Social Media Panel at Empowered Women’s Success Summit http://bit.ly/reM2Qv MGM Latin America – Guest on Casa Club TVShow http://www.casaclubtv.com/ TV Interview Colombia Alcantara Telecentro Canal 13 Republica Dominicana http://colombiaalcantara.net/
  23. 23. Brand Integration & Location Marketing with Brands & Advertisers webcitygirls// platform gives brands the opportunity to interact through location marketing via: • Foursquare • SCVNGR • Where • Gowalla webcitygirls// can interact with and enhance the user experience on brand sites through our video reality series. Our platform goes beyond blogging or collaborating with other influential bloggers.
  24. 24. Other Brand Advertising Integration Licensing & Merchandising: WCG, a creative and active brand, will integrate its traditional and nontraditional public relations, advertising and marketing expertise to engage with WCG audience brand and/or service that are able to see the benefits of partnering with a product line associated with WCG brand. This type of efforts will bringing the brand a stronger relationship with its target audience. Online Store Linked to all WCG Social Channels = Brand association Unique Accessories = New business model/new revenue share Creative Line of products that relates to the brand and/or service = New revenue share Webcitygirls// Line of products = Partnerships / New business opportunity Special contests = Engagement with target audience Special editions = Engagement with target audience and brand
  25. 25. webcitygirls// #TwitterHellos RedCarpet Social Media Campaign at the Latin Music Billboards(Miami, FL May 3, 2011) Telemundo Communications Group, a leading producer of high quality content, tookthe initiative in integrating their Social@Telemundo campaign at this year’s Billboard LatinMusic Conference &Awards by hosting its first ever “Digital Influencers Event.” The launch of Social@Telemundo provides a newway to connect our audience and advertisers with social media, and our “Digital Influencers Event is the perfectway to kick0ff this very exciting initiative, “ said Peter Blacker, Executive Vice President, Digital Media andEmerging Business.webcitygirls// had the honor of attending and participating in this exclusive two-day event. During the first dayparticipants met with Telemundo executives, including a one –on-one conversation with inspirational andcharismatic, President of Telemundo, Don Browne, followed by lunch with Telemundo Talent during a Social Mediainteractive Q&A, a tour to award show rehearsals. To end the day, attendees enjoyed a VIP party for “RPM Miami”to air on mun2 produced by Telemundowebcitygirls// implemented their social media campaign #TwitterHellos at the red carpet of the 2011 BillboardLatin Music Awards as part of Telemundo’s “Digital Influencers Event.” The #TwitterHellos campaign began onYouTube followed tweeting on Twitter, and lastly sharing on Facebook. Additionally, they hosted a TweetChat, withVIP guest, Marco Peña, a celebrity hair & make-up stylist fresh off the People Magazine en Español 50 MostBeautiful issue,. The interactive TweetChat experience included artists such as Karla Monroig, and Andrea Minskias well as designers, and fans alike, discussing the impact of hairstyling in red carpet fashion.Next step for webcitygirls// social press team is to continue implementing social media campaigns at upcomingred carpet and pink carpet events in the United States and abroad.
  26. 26. webcitygirls// Social Media Press Team Covers Univision Premios Juventud 2011!(Miami, FL July 11, 2011) webcitygirls// social media press team will be expanding their outreach in theentertainment community covering Premios Juventud 2011 red carpet presented by Univision on July 21st at theBank United Center in Coral Gables.Coming fresh off this year’s Billboard Latin Music Awards where webcitygirls// first implemented their socialmedia campaign #TwitterHellos, the social press team will continue to implement innovative social mediastrategies at the red carpet of Premios Juventud 2011.The #TwitterHellos campaign began as a social media effort to connect artists with their fans via YouTube andTwitter. After the tremendous success of this campaign—which generated 18,000 Facebook impressions and over10,000 YouTube views—webcitygirls// firmly established themselves as a social press team dedicated toproviding their audience with a fresh social media perspective of all the events they cover.webcitygirls// will engage in a real-time dialogue on Twitter with artists attending Premios Juventud 2011 aspart of their social media coverage of the event. This interactive approach gives fans an all-access pass toanother way of experiencing Premios Juventud online as well as nurturing webcitygirls//’ loyal base of friends,followers and viewers.Bringing in their experience from participating at the 140Conference in New York City, the Empowered WomenSummit in Miami, and Colorado Springs radio interview with Tonya Hall webcitygirls// aims to continue theirinitiative and expand the brand beyond national borders. Premios Juventud 2011 is a perfect opportunity forwebcitygirls// to continue to reach out to a multicultural community.
  27. 27. Breaking News: webcitygirls// Social Press Team Crush It on The Red Carpet Premios Juventud(Miami, FL July 26, 2011) webcitygirls// social media press team consolidates their position as leaders in thesocial media category and make an impact as an exclusive social press team with their smashing and unique#PinkStyle appearance on the red carpet at Univision’s Premios Juventud 2011 on July 21st at the Bank UnitedCenter in Coral Gables.webcitygirls// social media press team consists of three successful creative women that exceed expectationsand do it all. With the recent debut of their #PinkStyle signature look at Premios Juventud 2011, the womenbehind webcitygirls// have become personalities within the press arena. Their signature look made a long-lastingimpression and their presence in the media room was evident when each artist had something to say aboutwebcitygirls//. TV personalities Roxana Garcia and Tanya Charry were among the many celebrities that lovedwebcitygirls// new signature look.The social media press team has evolved into a brand that is expanding their outreach in the entertainmentcommunity by drawing the connection between online consumers and artists through their unique #TwitterHellossocial media campaign.The #TwitterHellos campaign began as a social media effort to connect artists with their fans via YouTube andTwitter. After the tremendous success of this campaign—which generated 18,000 Facebook impressions and over10,000 YouTube views—webcitygirls// firmly established themselves as a social press team and brand dedicatedto providing their audience with a fresh social media perspective of all the events they cover.Fresh off the red carpet of Premios Juventud 2011, webcitygirls// extended their #TwitterHellos to the musicvideo set of Jerry Rivera—Grammy Award and Latin Grammy Award-nominated Puerto Rican artist.webcitygirls// aims to continue their social media initiative and plans to take on the 2011 Latin Grammy Awards.
  28. 28. Thank you for viewing our Story