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15 Nonprofits #CrushingIt on Social Media

  1. How Powerful Is Social Media? Social media has come to define the way modern relationships are formed and maintained. In the nonprofit world, social media is an invaluable tool for organizations to foster meaningful connections by engaging supporters and igniting participation.
  2. The number of social media platforms is constantly growing...
  3. Whether your organization is small, large, or somewhere in between, learn a few tips & tricks from these 15 nonprofits...
  4. Boys & Girls Clubs of America #GreatFuturesMoment Featured directly on the Boys & Girls Clubs’ homepage, this nonprofit celebrates the academic achievements of the thousands of children’s lives it impacts under the hashtag #GreatFuturesMoment. With submissions from the nonprofit’s many branches—as well as from individual supporters—this social media initiative unites all those involved with the Boys & Girls Clubs from every corner of the nation. Key Takeaway: Make social media a priority. Supporters will understand and appreciate how much you value their communication and participation over these platforms from the get-go. via
  5. The Bubble Foundation #WearYellowForSeth On March 27, 2015, the whole world came together to support a young boy, Seth, in his fight against Severe Combined Immunodeficiency by wearing his favorite color, yellow. Sparked by his YouTube video (now with 20 million+ views), the social media campaign not only rallied support for Seth, but also for others with his condition as part of the small UK nonprofit known as the Bubble Foundation. Key Takeaway: One share can lead to millions of hits! Even small nonprofits can spark global awareness with the power of social media and its collaborative community. via via
  6. charity : water $10k on 10/1 It’s 10/1/13. The mission? Raise $10k+ for clean water in Orissa, India. Through a series of Google Hangouts hosted by thought leaders and entrepreneurs, people participated by purchasing seats in the hangouts and posting to social media over a 24-hour period. The result? Success. Key Takeaway: Shorter social media campaigns can pack a bigger punch than longer ones. Build a sense of urgency around your nonprofit’s event to get people excited and involved quickly. via
  7. Citizen Schools Daily Twitter Themes With over 10k followers, Citizen Schools has some major Twitter game. How did they get there? With their active social media presence. A successful tactic of theirs is posting highlights and anecdotes using the hashtags #MotivationMonday, #GivingTuesday, #WisdomWednesday, and the classic #tbt (Throwback Thursday). Key Takeaway: Creative methods, such as daily themed hashtags, can help you focus your content and keep your supporters engaged on a day-to-day basis. via
  8. City of Hope #LastChemo A leading nonprofit cancer research center, City of Hope features profiles on brave individuals who have conquered cancer. They’ve brought these stories to social media with the hashtag #LastChemo, showcasing the inspiring obstacles and triumphs of these patients and reflecting the impact that City of Hope continues to have on the lives of these individuals. Key Takeaway: Go beyond the numbers. Heartfelt, personal stories are greater reflections of your nonprofit’s work than any percentage could ever encompass. images via
  9. The Dana Farber Institute #DiscoverCareBelieve Ranked #4 on the Nurse Journal’s top 100 social media friendly hospitals in 2014, Dana Farber is a leader in leveraging social media to support their fight against cancer. Not only do they have profiles on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube, Google+, and even Vine, they encourage supporters to download one of their signs to post their own message of “how, why, or what you #DiscoverCareBelieve.” Key Takeaway: Embrace social media wholeheartedly and use it to discover exactly what supporters love about your organization. images via
  10. The Field Museum @SUEtheTrex Among their many other social media accounts, the Field Museum has created a Twitter account personifying SUE, the largest, most complete, and best preserved T. Rex in history. With nearly 10,000 followers and engaging daily content, SUE’s Twitter account doesn’t seem to be going extinct anytime soon. Key Takeaway: People often go to social media for a good laugh. Bring some lighthearted fun to your social media initiatives to brighten the day of your supporters and bring personality to your nonprofit’s brand. via
  11. The Home for Little Wanderers #WhoAmI At their 11th Annual Voices & Visions fundraiser, The Home for Little Wanderers encouraged attendees to post on social media using the hashtag #WhoAmI in support of the event’s theme. Not only did it bring attention to the night’s festivities, but it also raised awareness for The Home’s work in child welfare, as they featured the inspiring artwork of the children in their care. Key Takeaway: Make your next fundraising event multidimensional by introducing a virtual experience. Drive attendance and awareness by encouraging guests to post, tweet, and Instagram throughout the night. via
  12. “As an organization that embraced social media early on, today The Home for Little Wanderers uses multiple platforms—including Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and LinkedIn—to stay engaged with donors, alumni, staff, and supporters of all ages. Events like our annual Voices & Visions gala and Generous Masters Golf Marathon provide us with a great opportunity for supporters to connect with others and show their generous philanthropy using social media.” - Meredith Bryan, Vice President for Development and Communications, The Home for Little Wanderers.
  13. It Gets Better Project YouTube & Beyond With the goal of preventing suicide among LGBT young adults, this Internet-based nonprofit uses social media to convey inspiring messages. The website showcases YouTube videos of LGBT adults telling their stories and encouraging youth to stay strong throughout their struggles. With over 50 million views, this video project has seen incredible growth since 2010. Key Takeaway: YouTube and other video sharing platforms are great channels to spread your nonprofit’s message. Encouraging individuals to actively participate by speaking out about their experiences brings a face to your mission. via
  14. The Joe Niekro Foundation #SurvivorSelfie A nonprofit dedicated to supporting the research and treatment of brain aneurysms, AVMs, and hemorrhagic strokes, the Joe Niekro Foundation supplements their efforts with social media activity on several platforms. Their #SurvivorSelfie campaign is a great example of igniting strength within a community bravely fighting for a cure. Key Takeaway: Selfies have swept the nation—and nonprofits are starting to jump on board. Showcase the fearless individuals whom your nonprofit is fighting for and raise awareness about your group’s cause. via
  15. The Northeast Animal Shelter Animal Features Who can resist an adorable dog or cat photo? One of New England’s largest nonprofit, no-kill animal shelters has brought irresistible cuteness to Facebook by featuring shelter pups and cats looking for homes. With nearly 300,000 likes on their page and hundreds of shares on these pet features, NEAS’s social media presence has helped the team gain a strong, loyal following. Key Takeaway: For shelters, animal features via social media are a great way to reach a broader audience and catch the attention of those who have yet to visit the shelter or may have never considered adopting. via
  16. Operation Smile Smile Steward A volunteer medical service organization, Operation Smile has developed a program called Smile Steward to spread awareness about the deformity of the cleft lip and cleft palate. The program encourages students to share their knowledge of the condition over social media—even providing sample tweets for easy sharing. Operation Smile leads the way in using social media as an educational tool. Key Takeaway: Today’s youth understands the power of social media. Even if they aren’t ready to give, encourage them to get involved with your nonprofit as social media stewards to ensure the future of your organization. via
  17. Peabody Essex Museum #HistoricHouseCrush As one of the oldest continuously operating museums in America, PEM extends its celebration of art and culture by asking visitors to share their PEM experience on social media. Visitors can post photos and use the hashtag #HistoricHouseCrush while visiting one of PEM’s several reconstructed historical houses around the North Shore area of Massachusetts. Key Takeaway: Let your fans do the promoting! People love to show off their latest adventures and excursions on social media; tap into that behavior to score some free publicity for your organization or institution. via
  18. Project Aware #DiveAgainstDebris A growing team of divers working to protect the precious ocean ecosystems, Project Aware highlights the work of its volunteer divers with captivating videos and images of the divers in action. Educating viewers about the pressing threats that the world’s marine life faces, Project Aware brings visual attention to a global movement for sustainability. Key Takeaway: Volunteers are the heart and soul of your nonprofit. Make sure to feature their work over social media to show appreciation for their commitment to your cause! via
  19. UNICEF Ami Musa Pinterest is often used to create wish lists for expensive items, from designer clothing to fancy furniture. UNICEF flipped the script by creating a fictional Pinterest profile for a 13- year-old girl named Ami Musa, whose Pinterest board featured basic necessities such as food, clean water, and soap. Each pin then led to a giving page. UNICEF’s use of social media surely made us all stop and think about how we could contribute. Key Takeaway: Challenge the status quo and don’t be afraid to be provocative in your nonprofit’s approach to social media. via
  20. About EverTrue Since 2010, EverTrue has been empowering fundraising teams with intuitive web and mobile software. Today, 300+ nonprofit institutions, with a combined $17 billion of giving data (and counting!), rely on EverTrue to identify, prioritize, and manage their prospects. With EverTrue, fundraisers spend less time and effort getting the answers they need. We surface insights from your database as well as from our powerful integrations with Google Maps, LinkedIn, Facebook, Zillow, and more. And instead of waiting days for information and reports, fundraisers equipped with EverTrue can find prospects in milliseconds, whether for portfolio-building, moves management, trips, campaigns, or events - all in one intuitive platform. EverTrue is headquartered in Boston, MA and is a Bain Capital Ventures-backed company.